Okay, Once Upon a Time is my absolute favorite show, but I haven't been able to come up with a good fic idea until now. That was the BEST FINALE EVER! Did anyone else bawl like a baby when Belle and Rumpelstiltskin saw each other again? I mean...IT WAS SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL! I want to write a chapter fic about what happens following the finale. Since we're gonna have to wait until fall to see the next season, I feel that I should provide you guys with some awesomeness.


"I...I don't understand..." Belle whispered as a cloud of violet rose out of the well. What had Rumpelstiltskin done?

"We're in a land without magic, Belle." He explained, moving close and wrapping a possessive arm around her. "And I'm bringing it. Magic...is coming." Rumpelstiltskin's face was bright with hunger as he gazed at the rising, evil-colored smoke.

"But, why?" Belle blinked, her voice trembling as she looked at the gleam in his eye.

"Why?" Rumpelstiltskin repeated, his voice momentarily shaking with barely-suppressed glee and anticipation. "Because magic..." He turned toward her, as if to whisper a cherished secret. "...is power!" He turned away again to admire the effects of his deed.

Belle stared fearfully at the enraptured face of Rumpelstiltskin as the strange smog billowed around their ankles. Her skin tingled in a way that was almost painful as wave after wave of magic passed over them, through them, around them.

Had he really changed so little? Was he still nothing more than a sad, cowardly man who lusted for power?

'No!' Belle reminded herself as her beloved's calloused hand gave her arm a gentle squeeze. She thought back to how his teary eyes had desperately devoured her form when she had first entered that shop. She still felt the warmth of the hug they had shared. The Rumpelstiltskin of before never would have been so open. 'No. He's changed...a little, at least.' She silently affirmed.

"You're frightened." His silky voice murmured. Belle hadn't noticed him shift his attention from the rapidly-expanding cloud to her face. His eyes took on a slight hint of that old, confused fear that they had so often carried.

"A little." Belle admitted, regardless of Rumpelstiltskin wounded look. "What are your intentions?"

Rumpelstiltskin swallowed slightly, his gaze turning slightly frantic, though he tried to hide it. "I'm making this world better." His previously-steady smile turned shaky as another wave passed over. "The curse is broken, so there's nothing keeping the magic away!"

"Alright." His heartbreaking worry caused Belle to withdraw the other questions that plagued her mind. She could ask him later. They had time. Smiling, she placed a tender hand on his cheek and gazed earnestly at his face. "Just promise me that you won't be afraid to love anymore. Do that, and I'll gladly follow you anywhere, no matter what you decide to do. I want to know everything that has happened, but you don't have to tell me now. Right now, just promise me that you'll let me love you this time."

"Belle..." His voice was rich and deep, a stark contrast to the high-pitched, hysterical sound that Belle had grown to love. "I will never leave your side again. You have my word." A slight smile came to his face. "Why don't we make a deal?"

Belle blinked. "A deal?" She shivered as another cloud passed through her. It felt so strange: warm, chilly, and filled with electricity.

"Yes." Rumpelstiltskin knelt on the ground in front of her, sighing as misty tendrils caressed his shoulders and neck. "I will never question your love again. In exchange, I hope that you will forgive me for what I did to you." He blinked rapidly, fighting back tears.

"Rumpel-" Belle started to speak.

"I don't ask that you forgive me now!" He added hastily. "Just say that you will someday."

"Rumpelstiltskin!" Belle said firmly. The kneeling man stopped and blinked up at her. She smiled and knelt down so that they were at eye level again. "I forgave you the moment I remembered."

Rumpelstiltskin's eyes widened with disbelief. A tear succeeded in trickling down his cheek and he choked on a sob. "Oh, Belle..." He drew her close and nestled his face into the crook of her neck. "Thank you."

The desperate love, gratitude, and lingering self-hatred in his voice erased whatever remained of Belle's doubts. Whatever would come, she would face it at Rumpelstiltskin's side. She was ready for anything at that moment, even the final rush of magical energy, which nearly toppled her over.

Rumpelstiltskin held her tightly as a gust of wind whistled through the trees. The two looked upward as the spreading violet cloud began to dissipate in the wind. It grew thinner and thinner before vanishing entirely.

Belle looked at her true love just in time to see a red spark light up in his moistened eyes. He returned her gaze and grinned, his face taking on a familiarly maniacal overtone. "It is done. This world is now a land of magic!"



"You okay?" Emma stood up and walked over to the nurse, who had suddenly dropped her clipboard and was now staring out the window with a strangely blank expression on her face.

It was immediately evident why: Rising over the trees, rushing toward them rapidly, was a rumbling wave of purple smoke.

Emma's mouth fell open as her limbs froze. She stared fixedly at the approaching cloud. "What is that?" If anyone knew, Henry would.

His response did little to alleviate her fear: "Something bad." His young voice trembled and his face was growing pale.

Instinctively, Emma put a hand on her son's shoulder and drew him close. He felt cold under his white hospital gown and she rested her head on top of his, rubbing his shoulders to warm them. Trembling, he nestled trustingly against her.

The cloud drew closer and the air began to feel strange. One second, it was like ice. The next, it was a hot puff of dry, desert air. Every moment, however, was consistently buzzing with electricity, or something very similar to it.

Within seconds, any hope of seeing was dashed as Emma's world turned violet. As the haze engulfed her, she felt her blood hum in her veins, sending waves of combined fear and intense desire. Rapidly, the desire was winning against the fear. She began to pant, holding onto Henry for dear life. She could hear his voice speaking into her ear, but not his words.

She was breathing in magic, inhaling static ice and fire into her lungs.

Bathing in volcanic, icy, shocking water.

Falling through a starry, sunlit, nebulan sky.

The cloud began to settle, but Emma's heart didn't. It pounded with a new fierce energy. The desire subsided, but did not vanish, choosing instead to curl up quietly in a corner of her heart, like a drowsy beast. The beast closed its eyes and Emma could finally hear and see once more.

"Emma! Emma!" Henry was staring up at her. "I can't breathe!"

"Oh! Sorry, kiddo." Emma quickly let go and moved back. She looked around. Everything looked the same. The nurse was regaining her composure and walking off to consult with her fellows. The air, however, still carried a tiny spark that hadn't been there before. It felt more...alive. "What happened?"

Henry stared out the window, his young brows furrowed. "I think it was magic."

"Magic." As Emma spoke the word, the beast in her heart seemed to nod its head in affirmation. "Yeah. I think it was." She frowned. "But, isn't this supposed to be a world without magic?"

"It is." Henry stood up. "You didn't bring it, either. Someone else did."

"Who?" Emma asked before realization dawned on her. "Mr. Gold! He took the bottle of true love and ran- I'm going to kill him!" She snarled suddenly as she remembered the slimy deal-maker's deception.

"You can't kill him." Henry said. "He's too strong now."

"Don't underestimate an angry mother, Henry." Emma growled quietly, glaring out the window. 'Mr. Gold had better have a good excuse.' She thought to herself. 'Or, he's dead!' The beast growled in agreement.



Snow held onto Charming's arm as she stared at the purple cloud that was rising over the trees and rushing toward them. She nearly choked on the strange air that came with it.

As she breathed, she became aware that something within her was reawakening. It was a part of her that had been dormant for years and was only now realizing that it was time to awaken. In an instant, she knew what was happening.

'Magic!' She stared at the evil cloud one last time before yielding to her heart's desperate need to bury herself in her love's chest and clutch him tightly. She felt him shudder with her as a frosty, burning, sparking sensation passed through every part of their bodies. She didn't open her eyes until the air settled once more.

Though, it didn't settle completely. There was a new liveliness to it that wouldn't go away. The earth beneath Snow's feet and the sky above seemed to be waking up for the very first time.

"Snow." Charming's tremulous voice cut into her musings. "Look." He was staring upward, his eyes glinting fearfully.

Snow followed his gaze and gasped: The clock tower was no longer ticking. The hands had frozen on 8:15! She slowly turned away from the tower and locked eyes with Charming.

In an instant, they both spoke the word that had sprung to the front of their minds: "Emma!"

Without another word, the two turned and ran toward the hospital.



Jefferson's face lit up with an insane smile as his sparkling eyes regarded the approaching spectacle. He inhaled deeply, his eyes still open and his mouth wide and flashing rows of glittering teeth. He walked forward, holding out his arms as if to embrace an old friend.

He burst out laughing as the wave hit him. His fingers crackled with suppressed lightning and his eyes flashed blue, violet, and green. His tongue darted out of his mouth, tasting the sharp air.

Still giggling gleefully, he turned around and ran back into his house. As the cloud began to fade, he emerged, carrying a large black cloth hat. With a tiny "Whee!", he threw it. It began to spin and a myriad of new worlds opened before him.

The cloud disappeared and, at Jefferson's command, the hat stopped spinning. His face grew solemn as he stooped down to pick it up. Running a hand over it, he breathed a longing sigh and turned his head toward the house that contained his daughter. The only sign of his mad outburst was the slight twitching in his right eye.

"It works!" He breathed, his voice melding with the charged air, creating tiny sparks on his tongue. "It works..."

My first reaction when Rumpel released the magic was: "OMG YOU FREAKING IDIOT!" But now that I'm calm, I'm very glad that the writers did what they did. Let's face it: This series would not be the same if Rumpel automatically became all good with the arrival of Belle. This will be a slow process of recovery for him, and I look forward to seeing how it plays out! Just so you know, I plan to have multiple pairings in here, but I don't intend to focus too much on Snow and Charming. (We get plenty of that on the show.) Rumpel/Belle, Grumpy/Nova, and Jefferson/Emma will be the biggies. ^_^ Hope you guys will stay tuned! Peace out!