A/N: Not enough Hasook/Tahno to be honest. I mean what's not to love? One's angry, one's fabulous, both are complete jerks...this is a little drabble where the two interact and I tried to make Hasook less...Hasook-y and Tahno slightly more...verbose. TECHNICALLY IT'S NOT OOC IF THE CHARACTERS HAVEN'T HAD ENOUGH SCREEN TIME TO ESTABLISH A CHARACTER IN THE FIRST PLACE or at least that's what I'm telling myself lol. Although the tahno rp on tumblr is absolutely on point. Also this is going out into the world with barely an edit to its name but its short! Also also: I like to think that Tahno's "private lessons" line is his all-purpose pick-up line that he just uses on everyone. I sort of want to do a drabble series where he just lays this line on like EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER. with varying degrees of sexual harrassment implied.

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Hasook looked down at his hands, limp and calloused. He felt the weight of failure settle on him, familiar but no less painful, and knew he would carry it on his shoulders for no small amount of time. He had been afraid – he knew he was already on a short tether with the brothers – but when he was dismissed he felt his stomach drop from his body. It was not the worst news of the day, but that just made it all the more unbearable. Kihasa was moving with her family back to the tribes after her father's business had failed, and only just told him when he'd asked about all the moving carts in front of her house. Well, at least she didn't have to be around for this. Kicked off the team by Mako, of all people. I don't have any money. I don't have anywhere to go.

He was used to having nothing. He had no parents – not anymore. No home, and no job after today. He'd have to go to the soup kitchen again, and try to swallow the sop he'd made a show of bending into the owner's face when he was recruited for the pro-bending teams.

"I hear you got kicked off the Fire Ferret's team." That horrible voice sounded against the lockers and he tensed, looking sharply into Tahno's cruel beautiful face. Tahno had never been particularly mean to Hasook in the past, partially because he didn't think him serious competition but also perhaps because he sensed that Hasook didn't particularly have it out for him as well. This was not true – Hasook shared most of the athletes' convictions about exactly what Tahno was and where it was, exactly, that he could put that snide fabulously styled head.

"What do you want, Tahno?" he asked, sounding tired. He felt tired, suddenly. But Tahno merely smirked and leaned against the lockers, giving him an appraising sort of look.

"Nothing, just dropping by for a quick chat," he drawled in that incredibly smooth voice. There were times when Tahno's voice could slide over the body like a dark syrup, all honey and promise. That the promise didn't fade when he spoke to Hasook made him instinctively uneasy. No matter that the voice, which sounded as though it's owner had just finished doing terribly naughty things earlier, was owned by a pale impossible absolute bastard of a water bender – heat always rose deep within him, threatened to color his dusky cheeks and ears. Tahno drew closer, so that Hasook was eye-level with his slim chest, and lowered his voice dangerously. "So why'd they drop you?"

"Why do you care?"

"I don't. But you look pathetic, sitting in the locker room, of all places," he shrugged. "I thought you'd want to talk it out. Discuss where you went wrong. Believe me, I can point out all your problem areas." Hasook stared hard at Tahno for a moment, trying to find his angle, but the other waterbender's eyes were a flat, unreadable grey.

"I'm not selling out my team, if that's what you're fishing for." For a moment, Hasook swore he could see a flash of sincerity in the other boy's normally apathetic eyes, only to be replaced by a slight frown wrinkling his delicate brow.

Tahno rolled his eyes and combed his fingers briefly through his hair in a long-suffering gesture. "Like I need to keep tabs on the Fire Ferrets. Pardon me for trying to help a no-good bender run out of luck."

After a moment of stunned silence the former Fire Ferret regained speech. "Spirits, you think you're being nice. Do the world a favor, will you, and never try to 'help anyone ever again. In fact, do the world one better and go jump into a volcano while you're at it."

"Well look at you, all in a tizzy." At that last word his voice dropped darkly, and the warmth pooled again. "I'm beginning to see why you got sacked. You need to work on that attitude of yours."

"I don't have an attitude, you prick! Now get out of my face." He stood up, fed up. Done. He moved to brush past Tahno but a languid hand stopped him, then with unexpected strength forced him against his – what used to be his – locker. He opened his mouth to ask what exactly Tahno thought he was doing before stopping short at their proximity, at the dangerous edge Tahno had on him, at the way he could smell Tahno's scent and the clove on his breath. It left him in a kind of daze, and, as if taking note, the other waterbender allowed a slow, wicked smirk to ghost over his face. "My my," his smile and his voice, barely a whisper, sent Hasook's heart beating and beating. "You do need an attitude adjustment," his eyes, hooded and heavy with kohl, looked Hasook up and down before locking gazes. "Amongst other things."

Hasook growled, feeling the unease become uncomfortable, feeling light-headed and dizzy and trapped, trapped in this body that refused to obey him and instead called out to the grey-eyed lunatic in ways he didn't quite understand.

Suddenly it became hard to look at Tahno – but equally hard to look away. He tried looking everywhere but the other athlete, his creamy pointed chin or his ridiculous laughable lush hair, the lockers, the ceiling, the lamp -anywhere but Tahno's eyes, which had gained an unsettling sharpness the longer their position held. A flash of amusement crossed his face, before he leant in even further, letting Hasook smell the clove on his breath, feel the heat of his voice. "You do know what you need, don't you?" He stepped back abruptly, and Hasook slumped forward with the sudden loss. Tahno noticed this too, it seemed, because he simply cocked his head slightly and looked back at him appraisingly. He was breathing heavier than was necessary, and he felt a single bead of sweat drip down the side of his face and into his collar.

"What?" he asked, and though he tried to put as much venom as he could into the word it came out breathless.

"Private lessons. I may have some use for you, if you're willing to be a little flexible." With an uncalled-for flourish, he spun on his heel and left. Hasook waited until the footsteps faded to finally sink down onto the ground. He stayed there a few minutes, contemplating, before finally turning back to his locker and unbuttoning the Fire Ferrets uniform he still wore.

He knew everyone's training schedule. Tahno would be easy enough to find – but whether for a sound beating or to actually take him up on his offer Hasook couldn't afford to be too sure. The pretty champion's face begged to be punched in, or...or something else, entirely, but with nothing – nothing – Hasook knew that even if he wasn't serious it was an offer too tempting to let stand.