Mother's Day

. . .

It hadn't even been three months after her death when it came. It was a dreadful day where work shifts were skipped and school work left out of mind for the daughters of the one who died. It was a vicious death due to a brain tumor that could never have been avoided. For this reason, the eldest and only real child of the woman was a bedridden mess for the whole day, unable to cope with the reality that her mother was gone. Nobody could rile her out of bed and by twilight, each and every one person who resided in the house had given up. Slowly after that, the household bid a sorrowful prayer to the fallen mother and distraught daughter before going under into a tear-filled slumber.

Under the cover of the night the woman, all sobbed out, rose from her bed and out the front door. Beneath the soft glow of the moon and stars, she trudged for a few blocks until she arrived at the cemetery. As if under a trance, she strode to the back of the corner of the death filled place to where a familiar stone stood surrounded by the somber trees. She stared at the stone as tears welled up in the corners of her hazel eyes. Moments passed before a single tear broke the dam and more flooded through.

Hastily, she wiped her tears and collapsed to her knees. "Mommy, I miss you so much," was all she could sputter out before the waterworks ensued and sleep followed.

. . .

Sometime later, the gelled and bleached head of a particular undead came from the shadows and approached the headstone. He came to pay homage to the mother, hoping to avoid her daughter by coming while the night cloaked him. He tried to ignore the sleeping figure as he placed a bouquet of roses by the stone. "Miss ya, Joyce, even if you wouldn't believe it. You were like the mother I never had during my hundred years." The man's British accent cracked as he wiped a single tear from his cobalt eye.

Just as he was about to walk away, he gave into temptation and turned back to the woman's sleeping daughter whom he loved. Before he could second guess himself, he lifted her up into his cold arms from the grass. He carried her to her home before placing her on the wooden porch. She stirred slightly, but stayed asleep. He swallowed his nerved and kissed her forehead. "I'm sorry for your loss, luv," he whispered before leaving her on the porch.

. . .

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