History Lessons

Chapter One

The door to her doom opened quickly and she looked up from her bed, "Buffy, what's-" "Where's Tara?"

"In class, Buffy what's going on, are you okay?"

"I need a spell,"

"I can help, what kind of spell?" Buffy smiled at her friend, and talked to her quietly about the spell she wanted.

The two sat on the floor, smoke from insets filled the room as the small white and purple candles burned, Willow looked up at Buffy who was patiently waiting for the spell, "Are you sure you want to do this? Messing with history can be a very bad thing."

"We're not messing with history, I'm going, I'm seeing, I'm coming back, and then you make it all not happen."

"Buffy, it's not that simple, magic is dangerous, something bad could happen."

"I know you can do this, please Will?"

"Be extremely careful, and above all, don't say anything to them."

"Right. Okay say the spell,"

"Umm, your clothes." Buffy looked at her jeans and shirt, "Right, didn't wear these."

"Do you have-?" Buffy pulled a gown from her bag, it was wrapped in plastic, and there was a tag that clearly stated a Halloween store, she changed into it and came out before her sitting friend. "What do you think? Does it work?"

"It works, now about the others,"

"They can't know, not even Giles."

"What if they ask where you are?"

"Then come up with excuses."

"What if I run out? What if they try to track you down?"

"Then tell them the truth."

"The truth?"

"If you can't think of anything by time I get back, tell them, or at least Giles."

"How long are you going to be gone?"

"A week."

"A week?"

"Please Will?"

"Fine, okay, I'll do it."

"Thank you, and thank you for doing this."

"No problem, now get in the circle." Willow chanted as did Buffy when they exchanged a certain look they agreed on before hand, soon she then looked to Buffy with a questioning look, there was one word left to be said, "What are you going to call yourself?"

"Crap. Buffy is defiantly not going to work. I was thinking maybe Victoria. would that work?"

"Lady Victoria, yeah it works. Ready?"


"To Camelot!" Buffy disappeared in a cloud of smoke before her friend, and in Camelot she was.

Day One:

The light shown through the trees, as Buffy stood wiping the dirt from her dress, she looked around, "Oh crap." She stood stranded in the middle of the woods, she started walking around hearing a faint nose from afar, as she neared she saw the most amazing thing, Camelot.

She walked into the town, she was a little over dressed compared to the people staring at her, and then was stopped by a women in a yellow dress, "What is a Lady doing entering Camelot without her other riders?"


"Here, lets get you to the physician," The women grabbed her hand and dragged her along the place reaching the physician, "Gaius?"

"Gwen, what is it?" He exited and Buffy's eyes grew as she looked at the women next to her, "It's actually Genevieve, but everyone here calls me Gwen, what might we call you?"

"Victoria, Lady Victoria." She continued to stare at the handmaiden holding her. Looking up when the older man starting speaking.

"Welcome to Camelot Lady Victoria, I'm the court physician Gaius." He looked over to Gwen, "The king, go inform him we have an estrange guest, while I see if she's alright."


She stood in her room looking at all the things around her, all she could think was that she made it, and it was better than she could ever think of, soon there was knocking at the door, she went over to it opening it up gasping at what she saw, Giles, or at least what looked like Giles with the exception of the dressy robes and grayer flatter hair, topped with a gold crown.

"Lady Victoria, I am king Uther Pendragon." She stood there and stared at the figure, finally able to speak, and made sure it sounded like the way he would talk, in such times. Trying her best to fake an accent. "I have heard many stories about you my king, and your son Arthur." She started back towards the window in the room as he followed, she took a deep breath before turning, when she did he spoke.

"I hope the stories you heard where good, and that you know I am a fair king to Camelot."

"Of coarse, sire."

"Please Lady Victoria, call me Uther."

"As you wish."

"It is also my wish for such a Lady and a guest as you are, if you would like to join me at my table, for dinner, the Lady Morgana can help you find something to wear." She looked up at him still seeing Giles, smiled and then nodded, and he left the room closing the door behind him, as the noise from the doors closing boomed throughout her room, she dropped her shoulders and fell into the bed.

She smiled as she stood fixing the bed and walked to the door opening it before Gwen as she jumped a little, "My Lady, you scared me, the Lady Morgana wishes to see you, that is why I'm here."

"Then lead the way, if you would."

"Yes, of coarse my Lady." She led Buffy down multiple hallways and finally they walked up some stairs to an open door with a dark haired women walking about, "My Lady."

"Gwen, your back, and you brought our guest. Good." She walked over to several dresses laying out, "Lady Victoria, I chose these gowns from my own collection, please feel free to wear them to dinner, or out in the castle grounds, if that is what you wish."

"Thank you my Lady."

"Gwen, do you mind taking the dresses to Lady Victoria's room?"

"Of coarse not." She picked them up carefully folding them about her arms and left. "Lady Victoria, why don't you tell me where your from."

Day Two:

She sat in her room having a servant tie up her blond hair as she stared into the mirror, "Is it okay my Lady?"

"Yes, thank you,"

"Would you like anything else my Lady?"

"No that is all." She wore one of the dresses Morgana had given her, and stood, she walked around finding her way at the top outside of the castle which she could see in it's entirety, Camelot, she stared out to it smiling. "It's beautiful isn't it?" A voice caught her ear making her jump and turn towards it.

He walked out to her no longer wearing a crown, but still dressed finely, his eyes still holding their familiarity. "Yes it is." He stood next to her as she looked out and then she turned to look at him, staring at the odd familiar face. "What is it?"

"You remind me of someone I know, back home."

"This person, tell me about him."

"He was- is a good guy, smart, protective and in his own way, loving."

"You love him?"

"It's not like that with us, but yes, I love him, in my own way."

"And he returns this love?"

"Yes." He placed his hand on her shoulder and she turned seeing a small smile on his face, "Are you still accompanying me to dinner?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world my Lord."

"May I escort you?"

"It would be a pleasure to have your escort Uther." He held out his arm and she took it without hesitation. And they walked down more halls to two guards and they opened the doors to a giant table with multiple chairs.

She sat in her room, her dinner with the king was a lot more exiting than she expected. It was also said to her that tomorrow she would be meeting his son Arthur. That thought alone made her heart beat faster. And on top of all that the king himself had been so perfectly nice to her, but if he found out how she really got there, or where she was from, surely she would be killed. She dressed in a night gown that had been laid out on her bed while she was eating and decided to get some sleep.

Day Three:

She woke changing into a different dress and tied her hair in a pony tail and walked out of her room, missing the breakfast that sat on a table in her room.

She walked though the halls bumping into another person on her way, he was a skinny boy dressed poorly wearing a red scarf around his neck on top of a blue shirt, she nicely lent out her hand helping him off the floor. "Sorry about that."

"It'll be okay my Lady. I'm Merlin."

She stood her mouth open, trying to find words to place in her mouth.


"Yes. What is it? Do you need something?"

"What are you doing at the moment?"

"I was bringing Arthur his breakfast." She looked down seeing food scattered about the floor.

"If you need it, I didn't eat my breakfast."


"Well I did knock you over."

"I would be very grateful for that. But what are you going to eat?"

"I'm actually not that hungry. My chambers are this way." She walked back into her room picking up the plate of food, "Here. So you don't get in trouble on my behalf."

"Thank you my Lady."

"It was no problem Merlin." He smiled and turned to leave before turning again, "Didn't you need something?"

"Yes, umm, would it be any trouble for you to be in here when your finished with Arthur?"

"I'll be here when I finish my Lady."

"Thank you. Go tend to the prince." He smiled leaving her and she let out a deep breath.

She paced around until she herd knocking at her door and ran to it inviting Merlin in, she closed the door and locked it having him look at her in confusion. "Is everything okay my Lady?"

"Take a seat." He sat down and she sat across the table, her lunch sitting out like her breakfast, untouched. "Merlin, I need your help."

"With what my Lady? Truly the handmaiden could help you."

"No. I need your help." She leaned into the table trying her best to whisper but still being heard, "Magical help."

"What? How did you-"

"Merlin. Please, I don't have time to explain, I need your help. Come to me in two days time."

"Why do you wish such help?"

"I need to get back home."

"Home? Surly the king would lend you horses and you could ride with some of the knights and make it home."

"Merlin, I'm not from around here."

"What do you mean my Lady?" She rolled her eyes and started talking, she told him most all of it.

"So you need my help to get back, and erase you from Camelot?"

"Merlin, I'm not in the stories, and I don't want to be, I like them how they are."

"What does that mean?"

"You'll see." She smiled and he looked around. "Four more days, right?"

"Yes. So you'll do it?"

"We'll have to do it in the woods, and probably at least at the same spot you came in from."

"That sounds easy. And you're sure you can do something like this?"

"I'm going to try my best."

"Well your going to get help."


"My friend, she's a witch."

"Then I think you'll get home fine."

"Thank you Merlin."

"No problem."

"And Merlin?"


"This is our little secret right?"

"As long as you don't say anything about my magic."

"I promise."

"My mouth is shut as well, Buffy." He left the room and she exhaled deeply, she needed to change, she wanted to, for she was about to have dinner with the king and future king of Camelot.

She sat at the table and heard a knock at her door seeing her handmaiden. "I'm here to escort you to dinner my Lady." She smiled and nodded, it felt like a much shorter walk this time to the doors to the dinner hall. She entered and it felt like her heart had been in her stomach.

Looking upon the table she saw Uther, but that was it. "My Lord."

"Lady Victoria."

"I thought I was meeting Arthur this evening."

"You still are. But first, may I ask you to join me for a drink?"

"That will be lovely." She sat down across from Uther, as a glass of red something was put in front of her, she nodded curtly and picked it up sipping it. "Why is it did you come to Camelot my Lady?"

"I really don't have a reason my Lord."

"Interesting. How did you get here? Did you really walk all this way with no horses or guards?"

"I lost my men in the woods before entering Camelot. I can't exactly remember, one of my knights told me to run, and pushed me off in the way to run. I didn't look back."

"How do you expect to get back?"

"I haven't thought that far ahead my Lord."

"How many days do you wish to stay?"

"I was thinking at least four more my Lord, if you don't mind."

"I don't, your company is very enjoyable."

"Thank you my Lord, your company has been enjoyable as well." He smiled at her and the doors opened before she could say anything, she stood and turned towards the door, as Uther made his way towards it talking to the person who had arrived, but what she could see he was talking to a blonde haired male.

"Lady Victoria-" He turned towards her, "I would like you to meet my son, Arthur Pendragon." He stood to the side and she smiled and nodded towards the prince trying to hide her excitement. "It's a pleasure to meet you Arthur."

"Same to you Lady Victoria." He kept looking over at the king and walked back to the door and stood. "I'm sorry but Arthur has other plans beside dinner. I hope you could forgive him."

"Of coarse my Lord." He smiled at her and walked over to Arthur still trying to talk to him, without yelling at him at the same time Arthur left and Uther stood there and walked back to her. "Is everything alright my Lord?"

"Everything will be sorted out later my Lady, this matter is no concern of yours."

"Understood, my Lord."

He stared at her, his face softening by hers, "Would you still care to join me for dinner?"

"I would love to Uther."

"You may take your seat then."

"Of coarse." She sat back down as dinner was served and for a while it was in silence until Uther broke it, and had her talking and smiling. "Say you'll join me."

"The last time I went out on a ride, I lost my men and horses, and ended up in Camelot."

"You say that as if it were a bad thing."

"Where would we ride to my Lord?"

"Through the woods perhaps? Have a picnic?"

"That actually sounds lovely. I'll join you."

"Good, then you shall meet me here at noon." She nodded and stood. "Would you like me to escort you to your room my Lady?" She smiled and nodded once more taking his arm walking down the halls to her room. "Thank you for dinner Uther. Your company was enjoyable as always."

"As was yours Lady Victoria." He turned and walked away as she walked into her room letting out a breathy gasp.

Day Four:

She woke up stretching and dressed once more, in a different gown, she fixed her hair up and looked to the door when it opened. "My Lady, good morning. I brought you your breakfast."

"Thank you."

"Is there anything else you need this morning?"

"No that is all thank you."

She left closing the door and Buffy paced around until about noon, or at least it felt noon, but there was a knock at her door. "My Lord."

"Lady Victoria, may I escort you?"

"Where is your fine escort leading my Lord?"

"Why to the horses, and then our picnic. Did you forget?"

"I did not, I just thought you would have been sending somebody else for the escort my Lord, I'm both surprised and glad to see it is you though."

He smiled and lent out his arm. She couldn't remember a time where Giles had treated her like a Lady, but she didn't want to think of him right now, she wanted to think about where she was Camelot, her mind still couldn't believe it.

The ride there to where a picnic was set up was all together quiet, and then it was time to get off the horses. A knight helped her off and set her on the ground for her to wait and she watched Uther dismount on his own. The guards walked the horses away from the area, but they stayed in watching distance of the king.

"This is nice. Quiet."

"That's why I like it out here my Lady." She smiled picking up the food making a makeshift sandwich. "There is another reason I took you out my Lady."

"And why is that my Lord?"

"There is a fest, a celebration, and I would like for you to attend."

"That certainly sounds like something I would be glad to attend, my Lord."

"And I would like for you to attend with me."

He started to get red in his face. Buffy stared with caution, this wasn't the Uther she read about, the brutal man of killing sorcerers, and innocents. But he was the same man. She didn't know what to do. She spoke with caution as she answered the question he had thrown at her unexpectantly.

"My Lord, this is defiantly something that needs some thought. When are these celebrations?"

"The celebrations will be in tomorrow, surely you could give me an answer at dinner perhaps, or tomorrow morning."

"My answer will be sure in the morning my Lord."

"That is all I ask, Lady Victoria. No matter the answer I do hope you join the festivities."

"I will gladly be there Uther." He smiled and they ate the rest of their lunch in silence. And then rode through the woods, soon they rode back to the kingdom where they dismounted once more. "Would you like to escort me to my chambers my Lord?"

"I would love to Lady Victoria, it would be an honor." She took his arm and he walked her down the halls to her room. "I had a lovely time today my Lord, thank you."

"It was my pleasure, I hope to see you at dinner."

"Of coarse my Lord. I'll be glad to join you once again."

"Good. See you then Lady Victoria." He smiled again walking away and Buffy closed the door and started pacing around, she had to think about this stuff before dinner, she needed a clear answer for tomorrow, she needed to dress for dinner.

She found the dinner escort outside her door, and they led her down through the halls in silence. She never thought she would prefer Uther's arm then the silent person two steps ahead of her, but she did. She was getting impatient of the silence just as she neared the opening dinner room doors, Uther standing by the table soon walking over to her. "Thank you once again for your dinner company my Lady."

"Always a pleasure my Lord."

"I hope you don't mind, but I asked the Lady Morgana to sit with us."

"That's perfectly alright my Lord." He gave a lopsided smile that she had seen Giles do often, she cringed at the similarity. And regained her stance before he noticed her cringing at him. He led her to her chair helping her into it, and she looked to the door as the Lady Morgana walked in calmly taking her seat next to her and across from the king.

Morgana talked to her about a gown that could be made for the festivities, and Uther just watched as they talked and bonded, then all of a sudden the doors opened once more and Arthur came into the room, Uther nodded for him to sit, and Buffy tried the best she could not to stare.

As the dinner ended, the group grew two people shorter leaving just Uther and Buffy again. She got up and heading towards the escort at the door. "Would you mind if I escorted you once more my Lady?"

"Always a pleasure my Lord." He dismissed the women at the door, and walked down the halls with her, even though silent, she still preferred his arm over the servant's faster speedy walk. This time they walked down more unrecognizable halls and took much longer to get to her room. "Sorry for taking the long way my Lady."

"That is quite alright my Lord. It led me to see more of your lovely castle."

"I hope you enjoyed it then."

"I did, thank you Uther."

"Your quite welcome Victoria." Her heart jumped at him calling her that without the fake title in front of it, her heart was racing now. "Please think about our discussion earlier. I really hope you will join me tomorrow."

"Like I said, my answer will be sure tomorrow morning."

"I'll be sure to stop by and get it then." She smiled and turned to her room being stopped by his hand on her shoulder tuning her slightly. He looked at her and grabbed her hand bringing it to his lips kissing it. She nodded curtly, and walked into her room closing the door. "Oh crap."

Day Five:

She woke earlier making sure she had her answer for sure, she was attending either way, but her decision to attend with Uther was one she couldn't figure out. She was getting confused, and every time she shut her eyes she saw his lopsided smile, he made her heart race just thinking about the small kiss upon her hand. He was a different man when he was with her, she had noticed that the first time Arthur skipped dinner, but things changed, something happened to everyone the moment she arrived, she knew she had to get out of there as soon as possible.

Before she could grab her things and disappear a knock came at her door. "Not already." She walked to it seeing Uther standing there. "Uther."

"My Lady."

"Why don't you come inside."

"Why thank you." He walked in and she closed the door behind him. "Have you thought about my offer Lady Victoria?"

"I have Uther. I thought about it all last night, and I think I know my final answer."

"And that would be?" This was her moment, she could get out of everything, saying 'sorry I can't, I must leave,' would solve all the mind racing troubles she had, but her racing heart had other plans for her as she opened her mouth about to say she couldn't. "I decided to attend with you my Lord." He smiled happy with her decision and grabbed her hands.

"I'm glad that is your decision Victoria. I'll be here later to escort you." This time he kissed her hand and then went to her cheek kissing it and left without another word. Buffy sat at the edge of her bed touching her cheek still a little wet from his lips. "This is not going to end well."

Gwen was in her room helping her into the gown, her hair somewhat up, but mostly down. Gwen did the last of the fastening for her and left her without a word for about what she was about to do. She took as deep of a breath she could and heard the knocking on her door, her heart started thumping more as she opened it to Uther's face yet again.

He was wearing his crown this time and turned his face serious and lent out his arm. Buffy grabbed the arm looking at his face light up once more as he led her down the halls to the dinner hall filled with people and food. She smiled and interacted to everybody nicely holding in the fear she had, afterwards he led her outside the doors. "Are you alright my Lady?"

"I'm perfectly alright my Lord. Nothing to worry about."

"I just wanted to make sure, you look as if you are sick."

"I assure you I'm fine."

"They're just not use to you yet."

"Right, I am only a visitor."

"You do realize you could be more than that." She looked at his serious askance face and her heart jumped. "Uther."

"I'm asking you to stay."

"I can't."

"Why not? You could be queen of Camelot, stand by my side."

"As wonderful as that sounds, I'm needed elsewhere."

"Do you even realize what I'm offering you? Please, stay."

"I can't."

"Then at least let me take you to my bed." She swallowed hard and looked away walking to the banister looking out, his hand soon made way to her shoulder and she looked into the familiar eyes. Her hand then resting on his face as he leaned into her, kissing her, she eventually lost herself giving in to him.

Once the kiss broke she looked at him and he lent out his hand. She looked at it and then at the outside stillness of Camelot. She then looked at the brought out hand then at his face. He smiled and moved his hand towards her. She closed her eyes moving her hand towards him, opening them back up as she placed hers in his.

He nodded at her and moved her hand so it was on his arm, and he started walking with her down different hallways. He reached his room opening the doors and led her inside closing them. She watched as he walked over to her placing his hand on her shoulder once more. She looked at him placing her hand on his face, kissing him gently then once more released her hand, and the kiss. "I can't do this Uther…"

"This will surely be the last thing I ask you to do with me. Then you can leave tomorrow."

"Won't Camelot look down on their king if they found he did such a thing?"

"That is why I wish for your stay."

"I already told you I can't."

"Yes you can. You just choose not to."

"My home needs me Uther. I'm very important to them."

"Your also important to me."

"I can't be here right now, as much as I want to, I'm not a part of this."

"But you can be a part of this, by my side you will be known throughout Camelot."

"But that's not how it works Uther. As much as I want to stay by your side, and as much as I want you to take me to your bed-"

"Shh. You won't deny me this no more." His hand moved to her face as she looked into his pleading eyes.

"I can't."

"Victoria please."

"I don't need to mess things up."

"You won't."

"I'll regret my actions if I stay any longer."

"Your not sure of that."

"Yes I am."

"But you want to, you said so."

"I do. But I- I have to think over things before any major decision is made."

He removed his hand from her face looking a little disappointed then looked in to her eyes with a face so straight. "Then perhaps you can honor me in reentering the celebrations?"

"Lead the way my Lord." He lent out his arm yet again leading the way back to the grand hall, having more people notice their reentry.

Eventually she had found time to excuse herself from him. Finding Merlin yet again. "Hello Merlin."

"My Lady."

"May we talk?"

"Of coarse."

"In private?" He walked her over to a quiet wall where no one would go and interrupt their conversation.

"Okay, so the deal is, Uther wants me to share his bed with him. I can't do that. One, it's wrong. Two, I'm from the future, and he wants me to stay by his side, that can't happen… I need to make sure you can erase every detail of me being here."

"It depends on what spell your friend is using. Do you happen to know?"

"I think I do. Just bring the books you have."

"I only have one."

"Well, I just hope it's useful. I don't know how to deny Uther without telling him. And that's a rule I already broke once."

"Your secret will die with me."

"That problem solved." She looked over his shoulder, seeing Uther glancing around, obviously looking for her. "Okay, remember to come to my room in two days time. Then we can ride to the woods, and get me out of here." She walked away from him before he could say anything else and stood politely by a table near Uther waiting for him to spot her. "Lady Victoria, there you are. It seems I had lost you for a moment or so."

"It would seem so."

"How does a walk outside on the terrace sound?"

"Sounds like a pleasurable time. Am I getting the honor of joining you my Lord?"

"Who else?" She smiled and grabbed his arm as he lead the way outside the castle. "Are you enjoying these celebrations?"

"Very much so."

"And your enjoying your time in Camelot?"

"Of coarse." He turned to her, her eyes gleaming under the crescent moon, her hands placed in his. "I feel like I know you from someplace. You have a familiarity that I can't place."

"The same as I feel to you dear Uther."

"You do realize you have two days left here until you have decided to leave."

"You have been keeping track."

"I would like for you to join me on another ride tomorrow, perhaps another picnic."

"I will be glad to join you my Lord. Where would we go this time?"

"To the lake perhaps."

"That sounds lovely Uther."

"We could have another picnic perhaps?"

"Yes." He moved his hand to her face rubbing her hair behind her ear, and rested on her cheek, "I wish you could stay. Nothing would make me happier than to see it so."

"I wish I could to. But we both know I can't. People need me Uther."

He brought her face into his, and kissed her lips as soft as he could. She responded letting him kiss her harder, and grabbed the back of his head for support, and let her tongue enter his mouth, his hands moved to her back bringing her closer, and she kept her hands at his back and in his hair. He stopped kissing her panting, and she grabbed his face kissing his top lip once more, keeping her face as close as possible as she looked into his smoky green eyes, "take me to your bed."

"Are you sure?"

"I do not wish for the kings court to look down at him, but I do wish for the king to honor me in sharing his bed."

"And if word got to your court?"

"I assure you it won't." She kissed him again harder trying to make him give in, surely he did, grabbing her tightly responding more to her tongue. "Please Uther." He looked at her pleading eyes, speaking softly. "Are you sure this is what you want?"

"I'm sure."

She stood in his chamber once more watching as he removed his own robe, crown and shoes, she had then removed her shoes kicking the high fashion to the side. Softly walking over to her, without words he undid the small fastening in the back of her dress having it fall gently to the floor, she blinked hesitantly and removed his shirt and pants.

She exhaled deeply running her hands up his chest and over his shoulders giving him another kiss. He responded to her open mouth, and then afterwards placed both her hands in his and walked backwards to his bed turning and pushed her upon it.

She felt her heart racing faster as he climbed over her body and moved her hand over his face and chest. She smiled and moaned as soft as she could as he entered her slowly. He took his time moving in and out of her and she grasped his back kissing his shoulder as started moving faster with her body making her moan and every once in a while she would thrust upwards. She watched his gray eyes as he continued moving and as she neared her breaking point, and just as he hit his she made sure to push him off her.

She looked at him and then down. "I'm sorry my Lord."

"You should go." She looked at him hurt, and confusion filling her face, as he then tried explaining his outburst. "So no one can accuse you of anything. The last thing I want for you is word getting to your court."

"It is surely the last thing I want for you as well dear Uther." He nodded as she stood and dressed in silence. He helped her with the fastening on her dress and she turned before leaving to see him put on his pants and left walking down the halls in silence.

Day Six:

She woke early and dressed differently placing her hair up with a pin she had found in the drawer and left her room walking about on her own not really sure where she was, she found herself in a room that wasn't hers. The table had a laid out sword and she picked it up and started swinging it about. "Now this is more like it."

She swung it about more fighting the air and as she turned around noticed someone was watching. "Oh!" She dropped the sword and stared at the man in the doorway. "Prince Arthur. I can explain- no I can't. I'm sorry, I didn't know that this was you're room, if I did I wouldn't of entered without permission."

"Lady Victoria. Right?" He moved in the room and stood opposite of her as she continued staring in awe.


"You know how to handle a sword quite well, I must say. Who taught you?"

"My uh- guardian."

"He taught you extremely well."

"Girl has to protect herself somehow."

"How many years have you trained?"

"About four or so."

"It looked like you've been training longer."

"Call it a gift."

"Show me."

"Sire?" He picked up the sword and placed it at his side, and then looked back at her. "Follow me."

He walked her down the halls keeping one or two steps ahead of her and walked her outside into a court yard where she saw other knights with swords practicing fighting moves and Arthur walked over to a small rack of extra swords. "Chose your sword."

"I'd rather not."

"I promise I won't hurt you. Just show me what you got." He walked away and she watched as he talked to the other knights as she grabbed a sword, "it's not me I'm worried about." She walked to the middle of the court yard smiling as she watched Arthur swing about his sword, knowing immediately that he was no match. She let him swing at her for a while holding back herself getting in a hit every once in a while. He held his sword against hers, both of their breathing labored as he pressed harder into her hold as he questioned her methods. "My Lady it looks like I'm going to win. Do you wish to back out?"

"I was just merely warming up sire."

She threw him off her and started hitting his sword no longer holding herself back and knocked him on the ground as the other knights watched in awe as she stood over him her sword at his stomach. She backed away and watched as he stood up baffled. "You were trained quite well Lady Victoria."

"Care to give another try?"

"No. That is enough." Uther walked out into the court yard, and Arthur turned to the knights. "Alright you've seen enough, there's no more to see."

Uther walked up to Buffy as Arthur walked to talk with the knights. "Do you realize what you just did?"

"I am sorry my Lord." Uther looked over his shoulder as Arthur and the other knights left leaving him with Buffy. "No need to be sorry my Lady. You were trained quite well, he is right about that."

She nodded and watched as he drew out his sword. "Think you can take me my Lady?"

"My Lord as much as I would like to see, I won't have your son or the knights look down at you if I prevail."

"And what makes you so sure you can win?"

"I won against Arthur didn't I?

"He was holding back on you, he didn't want to hurt you."

"And do you wish to hurt me my Lord?"

"Of coarse not. But I'm not going to give you special treatment because you are a woman, and you shouldn't hold back because I am the king."

She looked at him and raised her sword against his and smiled. He begun swiftly and she was shocked at the fact that he in fact was not holding back, she decided she shouldn't either and struck back at him only to eventually and on purpose lose her balance and fell to the ground having him pick her up. "Are you alright my Lady?"

"I'll manage my Lord."

"You fought very well."

"Thank you my Lord. You fought well yourself."

"Do you feel up to going out on that ride and picnic still?"

"That sounds lovely, just let me change my clothes my Lord."

"Of coarse. I'll even escort you there if you wish."

"Lead the way." Uther lent out his arm and she took it without haste, and he started to lead the way through the empty halls, eventually getting to her room. "Thank you for the escort Uther."

Uther looked at her and ran a hand down the side of her face and removed the stray hairs placing them behind her ear. "Your quite welcome my Lady."

Buffy watched him carefully, the roughness she read about was gone, and now he reminded her more of Giles, she couldn't believe what was happening to herself as she looked into the once too familiar eyes and he brought her face slowly towards his and kissed her gently. Buffy placed her hand at the back of his head and pulled herself more into him, kissing him deeper and harder than before.

Uther responded quickly and grabbed her up in his arms as he returned the hard passionate kiss. He released her with a shocked looked on his face and she just smiled shyly. "Sorry my Lord, please, I'll be right back."

Uther nodded and smiled to himself after the door closed and reopened minutes later as he then escorted Buffy to the horses to the lake and had set out for their picnic and they ate in silence for a while, and Buffy looked into his nervous smile. "Lets have some fun."

Uther looked at her and let himself smile and he looked around. "How do you suppose we do that?"

"Hmm." Buffy stood and he soon followed keeping his stiff posture and Buffy looked to the crown that laid on his head and took it from his head and his posture loosened as she put some distance between them. "Give that back."

"Come and get it."

"Victoria-" He made a move for her and she quickly averted him and started to run in a different direction, he started to smile and laugh as he went for her backing her to the edge of the lake and she looked down figuring she was cornered and he laughed cheerfully. "Looks like you'll have to give it back."

Buffy gave him a look of giving in and just as he went to reach for his crown she tossed behind her and into the lake, he went to reach for it as it flew backward and lost his footing and took her into the lake with him as and they fought and struggled with each other in the water for crown and Uther took it before she grabbed and they sat up laughing. Buffy looked at him as he held up the crown in a triumphal manner and she grabbed it once more and lifted it above her head and as he went for it once more and he set an un expected kiss on her nose and she threw it into the deeper water and just giggled. "I could have you flogged for this."

"Surely you would never do that my Lord."

"And why is that?"

"Because you love me."

Buffy froze, she didn't mean to say that precisely but he kept his smile. "And I suppose you return this love?"

"Not enough to get your crown." Uther burst into a glorious laughter and she started to laugh with him and he brought her into a small kiss and looked to where he heard the crown go into the water. "If you'll excuse me, I need that."

"How badly?"

"Hmm?" Uther looked back at her face as she brought him into another kiss as they just continued to return each other's gentle nips and she giggled as he rested his forehead on hers. "Your crown my Lord, I shall be the one receiving it seeing as I threw it into the deeper water."

"It is no problem Victoria, I can receive it myself."

"Or I could race you." Before he could say another word she stood and started off to look for his crown and he soon followed and attacked her from behind as the got waist deep for he saw something shining in the water and she came out of the water coughing and laughing as he set the crown on his head again. Buffy moved her hands to his cape and untied the heavier fabric from him and he watched her carefully and she just laughed with him. "We should get out of this water my Lady."

"Why? We're having fun now."

"Were you not enjoying your lunch?"

"I am now." Uther laughed again and Buffy kissed his lips once more enjoying the fact that since she brought up this little game she saw a different side of him. He gladly returned the kiss and moved his hands to her hair taking out the pin and continued to move his hands down and unfastened the thin fabric that she wore over her dress. Uther then started to laugh again as he removed it and looked at her happy face. "I know of a place we can take this, a nice and- romantic place if you wish to continue."

"Lead the way." Uther smiled and lifted her from the water and they shared more laughs and cleaned the picnic up as they got back onto the horses and she followed him to where the secret place was, knowing they were close went he sent away the guards. Buffy giggled as he helped her off the horse and looked to the stone building "It's beautiful."

"Wait until you see the inside."

"What is this place?"

"I like to escape here sometimes, it's a place to relax."

"Hmm, let's go inside." Uther looked to her and they shared another passionate kiss, as he led her inside and up the stairs to his favorite room. She smiled as she looked around the room, stain glass windows above creating a beautiful shade of different colors, she looked to the bed that had a sheepskin blanket thrown onto it, and looked around to the desk and plain chair and then to a leather chair that sat in front of a newly built fireplace.

Buffy turned and looked at him and he smiled. "I rebuilt the inside just a bit to make it more comfortable. Would you like for me to light a fire?"

"Please." Uther made his way to the fireplace and lit the fireplace that was ready laid with hearth, and the fire sprang to instant life, though she doubted with the size of the room that it would take a long while to get warm. Buffy giggled as he turned and she looked as colors danced his face, he had planned this, whatever that had happened, he planned for her to be with him here, how else could she explain the fire to be ready in five seconds? "This is very nice, thank you for bringing me here."

He held a stern face and started to walked about the room. "I had a dream last night, of seeing you here, standing there, just as you are. Something has been on my brain recently though, we shared something the other night and I seemed rude and uncaring, I would very much like to prove to you that I can love you here today, on that bed."

It was planned, he had just told her that this was his plan and she looked to the bed and approached him slowly and placed a hand on his face. "I accept your invitation." Uther bowed his head and took her hand from his face and set a kiss atop it.

Both of the things that had been removed while they played in the water sat on the desk chair and Uther walked to the bed and opened up a corner from the sheets. Uther looked over to her, she was wearing one of Morgana's gowns and he just looked as it hugged her body perfectly and smiled. "Come closer to the fire."

Buffy walked and met him as she stood where she could feel the full warming effect of the fire and he looked onto her lovingly, he didn't want this to be like last time, he didn't want it to be only for his pleasure, he knew that that's what happened the last time. No, he wanted something else, this was her last day and he would not ask her or tell her, but he wanted to make love to her this time, he wanted to show her how he could be a man as well as king.

He did not want to immediately kiss her, so he simply framed her face with his thumbs, tracing over her eyebrows, eyes and cheeks that were painted with pink and lavender light that was from the windows. Uther gave breathless laugh as he ran his fingers through her wet hair and she returned his happy smile, he watched as her soft lips curved perfectly to fit her smile and ran his hands to the back of the dress and undid each button with carefulness. The dress slipped easily from her body and noticed that all she wore underneath was a shift that covered her from her breasts to just above her knee.

Uther steeped back from her and got down on one knee, Buffy swallowed at the picture as he looked up her and laughed. "Your shoes, let me remove them from your feet."

"Oh." Buffy laughed hopelessly and blushed as she lifted her foot to his hands as he then took off her shoes from both sides along with her garters and stockings that she wore. Buffy was a little glad she had placed on things that belong in his era of time seeing he was taking such precaution, she also realized that she had yet to touch him, but this treatment was something he wanted to do so she raised no question.

Uther stood and set his mouth on her shoulder gently as he licked it's warm, smooth slight saltiness. Buffy shivered despite the heat on her from the fire place as he then drew down a strap of her shift and uncovered one of her breasts, he cupped it with his hand and soon kissed his way down to it and took the nipple in his mouth and suckled her. Buffy then moved her hands into his hair as a low sounds escaped from her throat.

He lifted his head from her and smiled. "Come to the bed." Uther undressed Buffy completely after she laid down, a band of red light from one of the windows above slanting across the upper half of her body, blending into a yellow that ran across her legs and one hip. He could of just stood there forever breathing in the beauty of her, and even though they were away from the fire's heat, the chill had not left his body as he removed his clothes and entered the bed beside her.

Buffy was enticingly warm, he turned to her and burrowed them both deeper within the covers and touched her again. Uther set about arousing her with all the skill and patience of which he was capable of and yet did not use last time. Using his palms, fingers, lips, tongue and teeth and all the while he burned for her and that moment that he decided to consummate his passion and now love to her. Buffy was not idle, her hands at first roamed his body carefully but grew bolder with time and he felt her body grow hotter which each move as her breathing then got labored.

The time had come, they were both ready for the part that had been planned to happen, but he wanted to make love to her, he wanted to show her he was a caring and loving man. Uther lifted his head from where he was and caught her attention and she smiled as he looked down at her face. "Victoria-" He whispered and then kissed her lips for the first time since they had came here, it happened lightly, only brushing his lips over hers and her eyes opened wider. "Oh?"

"You are extremely beautiful." This time when he brought their lips together he kissed her deeply, and they were both far gone into sexual passion, he moved onto her and she willingly spread her legs lifting them from the bed and wrapped them around his. Uther slid his hands beneath her and positioned himself and entered her with one slow glad thrust at the same time she tilted her body to him and took him in entirely with tightly clenched inner muscles.

Uther moved his hands and rested his body on his forearms and lifted his head to look at her face again, her eyes laughing rather dreamily into his. "Uther. A powerful name for a powerful man, very powerful." She laughed softly and wickedly, as he then lowered his head to one of her ears and growled causing another giggle and she tightened her legs along with her inner muscles bringing out a small moan from each of them.

He did in fact make love to her, bringing out more moans as they reached their heart pounding climax's and she now laid sleepily next to him as their hair and body no longer were wet from lake water but from sweat. He brushed the side of her face happily as she just opened her tired eyes and smiled. She was leaving tomorrow, and he wanted her to stay, but as much as he wanted to ask her again, he wouldn't, because he knew well enough he wanted more than for her to stay. He wanted her love.

They didn't sleep long and when they woke they got dressed in comfortable silence and rode back to the kingdom on the horses, Uther offered his escort to her and of coarse Buffy took up his arm happily and he walked with her down the hall to what she knew was his room. The doors opened and he closed them silently as she stood in the middle of the room waiting for an explanation, but she refused to ask him, she wanted him to explain himself.

He did not say anything but placed down his robe and walked to his dresser, Buffy was about to give in, she was about to open her mouth when he then stepped in front of her, something in his hands. "You are leaving tomorrow."

"Do not ask me to stay dear Uther, for my answer will be no."

"Understood, I would not dare ask you again unless I knew that you were likely to change your mind. But I do want you to take this." He unwrapped a small little trinket that had his family emblem on it and she put up her hand rejecting the gesture. "That is not mine, for I am not a part of the Pendragon line and should not receive this gift."

"Then, how about this-" He left her once more and started to once more rifle through his drawers. "Uther, you do not need to give me any gift." Uther ignored her plea and returned and handed her a dagger with the same emblem instead. "Surely you can take this, please. Consider it a token of my love and if you wish to return to Camelot I shall be happy to see you and it again."

Buffy smiled into his loving gaze, she had denied into staying and was now receiving a token of his true affection towards her, she grabbed it from his hands and nodded as she felt tears coming but did not show them, how could she have fallen in love with him so easily was beyond her, everything happened so fast and today he had even expressed his love for her in bed, now she wanted to stay. "Thank you Uther, I shall treasure it dearly."

"Will you ever return?" He ran his hand down her face, he was so warm, this hand had touched her in ways she could never imagine, but one thing had not slipped her mind, this man still looked incredibly close to Giles which made her question her feelings for him. "I'm not sure, I would love to one day, yes I could see myself returning."

"And perhaps when you return, you'll be ready to stay."

"That can never happen, no matter when or if I return."

"Why not?"

"Don't go there."

"What's keeping you from me? Can't you see I love you?" Buffy didn't, couldn't hear this right now, she knew it was thrown out there now, no longer aloud to be taken back, and she was freighted at the thought. "Uther, I love you too, but please never ask me to explain."

"You return my love, you share a bed with me, yet you refuse to stay."

"I told you, people need me, other people."

"I need you too, I've never been this way with anyone else but my wife and I loved her more than life. So I'm asking again, will you please not go and stay here with me?"

Buffy hadn't realized she let a few tears down her face but she had, she loved him, she did, she didn't know how it happened or why, but she loved him, the only thing was is there was one rule, don't change history. Giles had taught her that, and she knew that plain as day, but she hadn't seen herself falling in love within the week, especially to Uther of all people. This was bad, extremely bad, and she had to find a way out of it, she couldn't just take back everything she did now, she needed more time, and then she would have to do something that the thought made her sick, she had to break Uther's heart and sprit.

Buffy then placed her hand against his heart and smiled despite her thoughts and tears. "Yes, yes, I'll stay, but I have to leave tomorrow and inform my court."

Uther let a smile and a few tears himself fall as he placed his hand over hers. "Okay, yes, of coarse."

Buffy laughed breathlessly and then he drew her into his hold as she cried from her thoughts and soon to be actions and he looked on her with happiness and love. "I wish to make an announcement to the court of your stay, may I?"

"Not right now, give it time, to them I'll only be staying a few days extra."

"As you wish."

"Thank you."

"You are quite welcome." Buffy laughed softly and he drew her into a long desperate kiss, longing for her touch and she responded willfully. He smiled happily as he held her in his arms, not expecting the foul play that she was thinking. "Will you- will you spend tonight with me, in my room, here?"

Buffy smiled and looked about the room and nodded. "I would love to my Lord. flowers would be nice though, it'd brighten it up."

"What kind of flowers would you like?"

"Whatever you like."

"They will be yours though, why should I pick the flower that I would prefer than yours?"

"That is what I wish, I wish to look at the flowers given to me, and think of you, plus, we might share the same liking." Uther smiled into her sneakiness and kissed her again, and she eventually dismissed herself from his side to take a bath and dress herself in a new dress for dinner. She ate dinner happily at Uther's side, she ignored her plans, and enjoyed her dinner with Arthur and Morgana as they shared the happy news of her extending stay.

Uther directed her to his room, her sleeping things arranged on his bed and a mix of lavender and small daisies in a vase and she changed and let him change as she admired them. "So do you like them?"

"They're perfect, I love lavender."

"Isn't that something?" Buffy smiled and kissed Uther happily as he once again invited her into his bed, they did again share each others touch, their nightwear ending up on the floor as they kept warm by each others tight embrace though the night.

Day Seven:

Buffy opened her eyes slowly, and before her, no crown or really any thought she looked upon the Giles look-a-like, naked. She panicked a bit and that woke him and he tightened his embrace and looked into her confused face. "Victoria? Are you alright?" Buffy shook herself from her daze, and smiled. "Sorry, I- I was seeing things."

"Seeing things?"

"I'm fine. If it will put your mind at ease, I'll see the court physician before I leave."

"What time will you be going? How long shall you take?"

"I was thinking after breakfast, I'm not sure how long I'll be, I expect to be back hopefully before dinner."

"Sounds good, so you shall be eating breakfast in my chambers?"

"I need a change of clothes for my trip and to ready myself my Lord."

"Alright, then you may leave to your chambers."

"I didn't say I was leaving right now Uther, let me enjoy you just a bit longer before my departure." Uther chuckled and returned her kisses happily as she then eventually got up and placed a robe over her bare shoulders and left to her own chambers and changed her clothes as Merlin came into the room quickly just as she tied the riding cape upon her. "Merlin!"

"I'm sorry for barging in my Lady."

"That's quite alright, are you ready to help me?"


"Good, now I'll explain my plans on the way there, but we must leave now for time."

"Alright." Merlin followed her as they took their horses and rode to where she had come in, Buffy explained her plans and Merlin agreed in a sense and she was then expertly transported to Willow's dorm room, and she looked around the strange surroundings and the redhead looked up shocked. "Buffy!"

"Hey Wil."

"How was your trip?"

"About that-" Buffy explained her situation apologizing for the extra time needed and Willow said that she had already explained Buffy's whereabouts to Giles. Buffy told her that if she spoke a word of Buffy's affair to him that she would probably end up killing her and Willow agreed under the circumstances, then the next thing Buffy knew was she was standing in the woods with Merlin once more.

Merlin looked at her and she nodded and soon they were back in Camelot, right perfectly around dinner time as she had told Uther.

Giles burst into Willow's room he was holding a book and he threw it in from of her face, she looked at the blank pages and then to his angry face. "Where is she?"

"Where is who?"

"Buffy. Where is she?"

"She had to go back, she had to fix something. What is this?"

"History book, chapter about Camelot from Uther's reign to the Knights of The Round Table, at least it was about twenty minutes ago."

"It disappeared?"

"What specific area is Buffy at?"


"And what specifically did she go back for?"


"Willow please, this is a matter of importance."

"She fell in love, had an affair."

"With who Willow?" Willow looked at him, she had never seen him so angry at the Slayer until now and she took a deep breath. "The king, Uther." Giles stood back not exactly prepared for that news and he left the room only to come back a half hour later and sent Tara out of the room as he then changed out of his civilian clothes to look like a knight. "You're sending me there. I'm going in to get her out before she destroys the world." Willow agreed and did the spell for him as he soon looked around the wooded area.

Buffy let out a small giggle at the story shared with her during their more private dinner when the doors to the dining room opened in a fury, knights pointing their swords at the intruder as well as Uther when Buffy stood and saw the man there. "Put away your swords." The knights looked at her and she looked to Uther. "Please, I know him, he won't cause any trouble." Uther nodded and soon Giles' face was free of swords and he approached Buffy shaking his head. "I wish a private audience with you if I may my Lady."

"Can't it wait until after my dinner?" Buffy looked at him irritated and to the king and Giles looked around seeing it was an extremely inappropriate time and he could get himself killed if he didn't leave. "Of coarse, wouldn't want to take your company away from king of Camelot." He smiled and she looked to one of the knights of whom she got to know well during her week. "Could you please escort Sir Rupert to my chambers and see to it that he has something to eat?"

"Of coarse Lady Victoria." Giles nodded to them both and left with the knight and Buffy sat down her hand placed at her mouth as she let a few tears slip down her face and Uther turned her by her shoulder. "Who was that man?"

"He's the man you reminded me of when I first arrived. Remember?"

"Yes, we were out on the balcony, as I recall it was a beautiful day out."

"It was, wasn't it?" Uther brought her into another kiss as she then somehow forgot that her Watcher was even there. Their dinner finished up with a slow manner of sharing small kisses and feeding each other and then as they finished Uther lent his arm out again, they never went anywhere without him leading her and Buffy loved it. He walked her to her room and bowed to her as he looked at the door. "Should I expect to see you later in my chambers Victoria?"

"I'm afraid I have a guest and won't know how late it will be by time we finish talking my Lord."

"It doesn't matter how late, will you please come by?"

"Yes." Uther smiled and kissed her hand before he fled towards his own direction and Buffy opened and closed the door before her smile washed off her face and she set a smack across Giles' face. "What makes you think you can come here! I had everything planned out! You're ruining everything!"

Giles looked at her shocked as she cried and sat at the table in her room. "I have to break his heart, you know how that kills me? That entire dinner, this night, it was supposed to be happy and I wasn't suppose to cry or think about that. Things would fall apart tomorrow, it was planned, and now I'm crying, and-" Giles walked over to her and she wrapped her arms around him as her tears fell harder. "It wasn't suppose to happen, I know, and I know you're probably really mad at me for changing history, but it's not like I meant to fall in love with that man, I mean he's Uther, above all else I expected, I never once thought of falling in love would be a problem. I am so sorry, I don't know how it happened, but it did, and now I love him and I have to break his heart because I'm not in the history books."

Giles ran his hands in her hair and she stood looking at him and he opened his mouth to say something, and Buffy's hand met the side of his face once more. "You are not to say a word to me! I'll get you a room but after this night I'm going to have Merlin send you back to Sunnydale, so that way I can do what I need to in order to make everything better for myself."

"Your not breaking his heart, your breaking yours?"

"I can't just wipe the memories and history of me being here, it's just I don't want to remember either, I love him and unless you can wipe that from my mind I suggest you get a better idea." Giles looked at her and she rose her hand again, he didn't flinch and let the hand come straight across his face once again. Buffy left from her position and walked to the guards, speaking low and she turned back to Giles. "I have a room being arranged for you Sir Rupert, I hope you enjoy your time in Camelot. Now if you'll excuse me I am needed elsewhere."

Giles grabbed her arm and she turned into his face as he brought her forward slightly. "Have you realized how he looks exactly like me?" Buffy's eyes widened, and his lips touched hers only briefly before he let her go and she set another smack across his face, and left in a fury as he stood there his face stinging and red.

Buffy was let into the king's chambers easily, and closed the door quietly and stared upon the sleeping king, she cried softly at the image and was about to leave suddenly when his hand wrapped around her arm. "You made it."

"I didn't realize how late it was, terribly sorry, I'll see you-"

"You're crying."

"Please Uther, I don't wish to dwell on such things, you shouldn't see me like this. I'll see you when the nonsense ends."

"You do not have to leave, it is too late to call a chambermaid to comfort your sorrow, I don't mind."

"You should not see me like this, it's not fit, and I look like a blubbering fool so-"

"I do not mind at all, how else are you suppose to settle yourself? If you do not wish to tell me that is fine, but I do suggest you stay anyway instead of going and coming back."

Buffy smiled and sat next to his now sitting up position, he reached over grabbing her hand and she looked into his caring face, all she could see was Giles, it wasn't right, she then stood. "I'm sorry, this can't happen, no, I can't stay, not here in your room for tonight or in Camelot."

Uther rose from the bed but she stayed seated. "You said-"

"I know what I said, but I can't, I'm sorry Uther, but I love another."

"The knight, Sir Rupert."

"It's wrong I know, but sometimes you can't do anything when you fall in love, sometimes you have to let it happen."

"So you will be leaving with him?"

"Eventually yes." Uther didn't say anything, but Buffy's watched as his eyes turned cold in an instant. "Then you best go back to your chambers my Lady, get some rest for your long journey."

Buffy stood, she placed her hand to the side of his face and kissed him only briefly. "I am so sorry, I never meant to hurt you, thank you for everything. I love you."

Uther set his lips against her cheek and nodded stiffly as she then begun to near the exit, before she fully left she heard his voice once more. "I'll never forget you."

Buffy cried another small tear before leaving and asked a knight to kindly show her where Giles' room was and they led her there as she then lightly tapped on it hoping he wasn't asleep. "Lady Victoria, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I hope I'm not asking to much to be let in my kind Sir?"

"No, not at all, please." Giles opened the door for her more and she entered, she was not at all shocked at how well he had already adapted to the customs, then again he was British. He didn't dare move or open his mouth, his face still in incredible pain from when she had slapped him multiple times and she approached him setting her lips on his as he slowly responded turning her kiss into a passionate close romantic kiss. Buffy parted away from him and set her hand on his red cheek, tears in her eyes, but she was smiling. "I'm sorry Giles."


"Sorry for not falling for you, I should of realized earlier." Buffy kissed his mouth again and he looked at her surprised. "What should you have realized?"

"That I love you." Giles stood back turning away from her, this was not what he had expected to leave her mouth and he soon turned back to her. "Are you sure?"

"Pretty sure." Giles neared her again and set another passionate kiss upon her, Buffy responded happily and he pulled her towards his bed and she stopped. "Giles, I- I can't right now."

"The king."

"It's over, whatever it was, I ended it."

"Then why can't we?"

"Because I look at you and I see him, which is weird because when I looked at him I saw you."

"He does look a lot like me."

"And I don't want to out of habit say his name instead of yours."

"You mean, you've- with him?"


"Oh- uh- that's- uh-"

"I'm sorry."

"No, you were in love."

"I was in love with the man I saw, not the person he actually was, you think I could ever love a man that stands against everything I- We stand for?" Giles looked at her, she was right, in every way, and he did kiss her, god only knows why. He reached for her and brought her close, kissing her again and she set a few kisses on his red cheek, he pulled the rest of the way to the bed and sat down with her, having yet to cease their kissing and Buffy laughed breathlessly away from him. "Giles, hold on. Are you sure you want this?"

"I want you, hell I kissed you, please let me have this, let me have you." Buffy smiled and kissed him as she let him to his bed slowly and mounted over him. Giles chuckled as she leaned down to kiss him and he traced his hands over her gown and chuckled again. "You mind taking this off?"

"Only if you take yours off." She removed herself from him and took the dress she was wearing off and watched as he stripped himself of his costume and she giggled as they kissed their way back to his bed and he took her under the covers and marked her for his own with his lips and teeth, not once being gentle but still doing everything for her pleasure. She then rolled them ending up on top and Giles handed her the controls easily as they tumbled together in the Camelot bed, nothing felt greater to Buffy than to have control over her Watcher, watching him writher under her naked body begging her for more faster and harder movements, with more tumbles and a few giggles from both.

Buffy kissed his face and neck as they laid both their breathing labored and heavy as Buffy just continued kissed his neck as if trying to mark him with a continuity of wet kisses and nips, although if Giles was bruised by this he wouldn't mind and wear her marks with honor. She had re-kissed the full length of his steady jaw and caught his gaze with hers. "Do you love me?"


"Do you love me? It's a perfectly reasonable question in search for an answer. I have told you that I love you and I have proved my love towards you, and so I ask again, do you love me?"

Giles looked away and back to her face, he was astonished at the refinement that she had changed into, indeed she was a Lady. She was his Lady, she had proved herself in his bed, moments ago, but he didn't feel quite ready to say that yes he did love her, but instead he questioned her Ladyship. "Do you find it necessary that I do?"

"If you don't that is quite alright, it is just we shared something here and I figured that would mean at least a bit something of emotion towards me."

Really, really refined, but he still held his stance, he would find an escape hole for right now in this moment. "What if I an waiting for the right moment to tell you so my Lady? Is that so wrong?"

Buffy smiled, for Giles to refer to her in such a why while under her was a show of simple defeat. "I shall take you out tomorrow, find something would both equally enjoy. Show you the grounds perhaps."

Giles smiled, she hadn't completely dropped the subject and she wouldn't, but he could tell by her sentence that she did not wish to quarrel over such nonsense, especially since they had just shared something incredibly erotic moments ago. He bowed his head curtly and she leaned against his body and let herself fall asleep in his arms no matter how he felt towards her.

Giles laid restless, he was incredibly comfortable considering the woman who slept atop him, but he had loved Buffy, this woman she now was. She was her yes, he knew that he could see it earlier, but now she was using her fake accent and refinement. He thought it sweet for her to be like this, she had taken in a lot from only being here a week and had already adapted to the culture, maybe he should just let her go, let her stay and become a shooting member in the books.

Giles moved her off himself carefully and placed on his trousers from his costume, he opened the history book he had, some was filling out, but it had still been blank. He took a pencil and wrote the next sentence. 'Sir Rupert loved the Lady dearly, but in his mind he knew she truly loved the King and he let her pursue better dreams because of such affection towards her.' The book then continued magically, filling out what had not happened but would if he left Buffy here to be the Lady she was slowly turning into.

Giles read each word carefully, leading to the destruction of Camelot, he then erased his line and set the pencil to the book once again. 'Sir Rupert loved Lady Victoria too much, he had to take her from Camelot in order to keep her as his own, they left as soon as she felt he had prolonged his stay and he took her into his arms riding out of the kingdom with a horse.' The book had changed it's words in and instant, and he read about the true story that had been there, he now knew he must take Buffy out of this place as soon as he could, before something came up in the time that didn't match his book, then surely there would be more trouble.

Buffy stirred in the bed, mumbling something and he made his way back to her and held her once again at his chest as he slowly let himself fall asleep, Buffy curling up in his arms sleeping as she were a child at the hip.

Day Eight:

Giles opened his eyes and shook Buffy's shoulder lightly as she looked up with a smile kissing him only for a soft moment and left his bed, dressed and left his room without a word. He felt as if she was mad, but it was only the way it should have been for them, her ranks as a Lady and him only a knight, and if they had been seen waking together in the same bed it would mortally hurt her ranks and nobility here. He did not want to cause that pain.

Giles dressed and walked himself to her room and knocked, finding that she had changed into sleeping wear. "Sir Rupert? What has caused you to be at my chamber before breakfast had even been served?"

"I wish a private audience."

"Nonsense. I am not wearing anything decent, and my stomach is rumbling from had not being feed, surely you could wait until after breakfast is served fair knight?"

"Yes my Lady, of coarse, please do enjoy your morning."

"Thank you." Buffy closed the door, it hurt her a little to see Giles wonder in amazement at how she had let herself become a different person, she half expected to let him into her room but had noticed a wondering maid and merely dismissed him, it was a cruel thing, and ever since their night together Buffy had wished to wake with him telling her that yes he loved her, but he had not said one word, but then again she didn't give him time too. She wondered if he would of if she had stayed a moment to long in his arms naked.

Buffy was surprised that she had eaten her breakfast, but had been a little hungry from her and Giles' encounter, which to say in the least was what made her smile bright as the sun this morning, there was then a knock on the door, and she opened it gladly, her smile only faded a bit before she noticed the dresser Giles with a crown. "My Lord, surely you would like to come in?"

"Thank you but no, this is no social visit but only to ask how long you and your knight shall be staying here." Buffy was noticing his voice and comment he was trying to be furious that she had chosen a knight over him, but hurt filled his face more than anything and she set her hand against it. "I have told you before I had no intention of hurting you dear Uther, and the face I look upon now is not stricken with anger, but with grief. Please do come in, if you do not wish to tell me that is fine, but I do suggest you stay anyway, for I am the cause and I didn't mean to be." Uther nodded and she invited him in shaking her head no when she saw Giles and closed her door as he sit on her bed looking at the rug and she stood in front of him.

"I had not realized until last night that I cared so deeply about you Victoria. It has been haunting me for such things to happen, for me to care so deeply about another after only knowing her a short time, but as we had both agreed at the celebrations we both knew each other in a way."

"I knew you from my knight, nothing more."

"Why must you speak such cruelty at me I do not know, but I do know that my love for you is pure. Share dinner with me tonight, please, anything so I can prove that I am only but a man not a king."

"But you are a king, and it is not the king I feel in love with but the man, and the man is Sir Rupert."

Uther looked up at her and she did not dare look away, he was furious at her now, she fell in love with a knight through the realization that the king was a man? The thought made him furious. Buffy still not look away as he stood and looked down at her, he could never remember a time where someone, especially a woman, would gaze at him with such anger as he felt build inside him. "I suggest you leave my chambers sire, I'm expecting company and would not expect you to be bothered by such nonsense as to it."

Uther looked away now, he would not dare let her see how jealous he was of this knight, this lower being to have her, it was wrong and immoral, let alone a vulgar display for a Lady such as herself to be seen.

When he opened the door Giles stood before him and entered without looking or bowing to him, and he watched before he shut the door his Lady smile with glee once he entered. 'She used to smile at me, she used to greet me happily into her arms and heart with the most beautiful features that I could imagine, and now she stares down at me, even when standing with anger and hatred. Why?' Uther pondered to himself and led himself with steadiness through the halls to his room to ponder more.

Once Uther had finished sulking in his own way he left his room looking as if nothing had happened. He was walking down a corridor that happened to look out upon the knight's training grounds when he heard her familiar giggles. He looked around before sneaking his head out to see the cause of her light hearted beautiful laughter, and it was him, Sir Rupert. They were holding swords against one another's laughter, labored breathing, grassy clothes, and red cheeks filled the outside area, for one moment he swore that Victoria had seen him looking but glad she had not as the knight then tripped her below her feet and she fell to the ground laughing.

Sir Rupert lent her a hand, probably muttering an apology, and as the Lady went to take it he sweep it away causing a piercing shriek and then more laughs. He then tilted his head back laughing and moved over her body where he kissed her deeply and passionately. Uther turned his face, how wrong! How, vulgar, that was it, vulgar, that's the perfect word to describe this and he would soon see it to an end as he made his way for the outside court.

Buffy giggled as Giles backed off her and actually helped her off the ground. "Why don't you go and make yourself un-decent in my room, I shall place away these swords my Lady." Buffy smiled and brushed her dress from the grass that she could see and when she reached the indoors her smile then wiped clean from her face as she looked coldly at the king's disapproving challenging gaze. "My Lord, excuse me I hadn't seen you, I consider myself lucky when I looked up when I did or else I would of run clean into you. Now if you'll excuse me."

"You returned my love, you shared a bed with me, yet now you look upon me with hate and anger. Can you not bear the thought that I had you before he did? That I touched you and gave you loving pleasure before you had even realized you loved this, this knight?"

Buffy's body was shaken, how he could say such a thing to her, and he was actually challenging her with his eyes, how she could ever love this man, but she was right, she fell in love with the man she made him into, Giles, she resented upon the feeling in her body but it was just to much to handle as she placed her hand in the air and then hard across his cheek as she then saw Giles approach and she broke her glance and walked away with dignified and satisfied grace.

Giles stared at Uther's red cheek, so it was a smack he had heard, but he did not dare the man into asking why she had done it, he could probably easily guessed as he bowed solemnly and Uther's voice stopped him dead as he started to walk away. "The Lady Victoria, she could have any man she would so chose and yet she has choose you."

Giles turned, the words were right, Buffy could have any teenage boy on her arm like a puppy dog, and yet here he was with her true and loving words and things that is was hardly believable and he looked to the king. "Do you sire believed I have tricked her into doing so? Last night after your dinner she hit the side of my face as she did yours, only not once but multiple times, then she had the nerve of disturbing my sleep to tell me that it was me she loved. If I had planed a trickery to win the Lady I would have done so before she arrived to Camelot, yes it is true I love her, but I had not once said to her this, she has told me, many times in fact- but I shall only tell her when I know the time is right and when her body and mind no longer ache for you all the while she lain with me this previous night." He turned and left the king after bowing once more.

Could it be so true? Was it that she had still loved him and only needed him once more before actually leaving? Uther then wondered that is it was why she had wanted to stay with her knight a few extra days.

Giles rid Buffy from his room stating important business, he was up to something but before Buffy knew it, she stood outside his locked chamber door and started to make way to hers. When she arrived there was a vase upon her table lain with small daises and lilacs, her heart pounded fast as she approached only turning to see Uther closing her door and locking it. "My Lord?"

Her face had lost it's anger, she noticed as he approached her and set a hand upon her face she drew back and raised her hand, he had caught it before it made contact with the still quite sore cheek. "Surely you will hear me out instead of hitting me as you did so moments ago." Buffy pulled her hand fiercely from his not tight grip and tripped over her gown falling hard to the floor beneath her, she looked up to the let out hand and took it as he drew her up slowly, his face soft and loving as it had been before Giles had come.

Buffy let his hands wonder her hair after he soon took off the black gloves, she smiled at him, what was going on she had no idea, but it felt to good to stop. His hand now resting on her cheek as her heart pounded louder and she used her own hand to drag the hand that was lain there to her mouth, she kissed his hand as if she was trying to kiss his mouth, and he pulled his hand away and took her closer as he then let her mouth kiss his in the same manner. Buffy stood back breathlessly but did not stop the soon 'magic' that would occur.

She got rid of his robe and most of his clothes, he only stood now in a pair of trousers and a loose fitting shirt, he rid her dress and other things and the moved themselves to the bed where Buffy rid Uther of the last pieces of clothing as he then soon joined her, the moans and sounds of passion that left her mouth would surely be the last time to be heard by his ears and enjoyed each and every pleasant sound made by each of them. When they had finished he dressed himself curtly and left the room without a word to her. She did not regret what had happened, it needed to happen, and now she knew that they could now both be in the same room and be civil even if she did still love her knight which then entered her room and moved only beside her carefully, her breasts swollen, and her lips freshly kissed. She brushed the side of his face and looked at him with tears. "You know very well there is no need to apologize my Lady, I understand."

"I love you, not him."

"Yes, I know."

"Are you still not going to tell me? Is it because I just had shared my body with him again?"

"No, it is not you that I will not let myself say it. You must wait for me to be ready kind Lady, surely you will know as I do the right time for me to tell you, but my answer is yes, I do, though I will not speak the words." Buffy half smiled, not exactly what she wanted but still, 'but my answer is yes, I do.' That there was her answer to her reasonable question. 'Do you love me?' Giles only kissed her forehead and she dressed herself before he gave her a few more small kisses and left for lunch.

Buffy dressed herself differently and wondered around, looking out the windows instead of where she was going and sure enough it happened, she ran herself into somebody walking in the other direction. Buffy moaned out of frustration and looked to see who she had run into, today wasn't her day, it was the kings son, Arthur. "Oh dear, Arthur, terribly sorry I did not see you approaching."

"That is quite alright." He stood and lent out his hand for her, Buffy took it with a shy smile, once she was standing she brushed her gown and bowed with her head but Arthur had yet to release her arm and she looked at him. "Yes?"

"Is there something going on between you and my father?"

"There was, yes."

"You ended it?"

"I didn't love him, I love another. I did not mean to hurt him if that is what you are referring to."

"It was not, it was his happiness, I've never seen him as happy as he was when I saw him with you."

"If you'll excuse me." Buffy released her arm and continued on, she had nothing more to say to the boy, she had made his father happy and then broke his heart, she then found way to his room and walked in quietly and approached a chair across from him as he turned to her for a moment then back to the window. "Lady Victoria, what brings you here?"

"You do." Uther looked to her, she was watching him carefully. He stood and looked into her gaze, this time she did look away and to the table, he placed out his hand and she looked back to him and let herself raise from the seat. He looked her over and brushed the side of her face. "Maybe you should leave before you let me have you again, this time in my bed."

"But what if I want it again?"

"But you do not love me, you love the knight, or did you forget?"

"I did not, but he is a knight, why have a knight when I can have a king?"

"I think it best that you leave, I will not take you from him and I will not force you to chose me over him just because I am a king." She bowed her head, that's exactly what she wanted to hear from him and she stepped away from him. "Thank you Uther, now I must go, tell him that you give us your blessing, which you do right?"

"Go." Buffy smiled brightly and kissed his cheek and fled gleefully, he smiled to himself and wished to run after her and tell her that no, he couldn't watch her leave, he then looked to the window, he saw her sitting in front of the knight on a horse, a servant following behind, Arthur's servant, Merlin. He saw her look beyond the knight and straight to his face with a smile, and she bowed her head, he then replied and bowed as the horse then disappeared from sight.

Giles held Buffy tightly, they made it to the clearing finally, he got off the horse and then wrapped his hands around her waist and helped her down. "Okay Buffy, now when we get home-"

"I'm going to take you and ravage you." Giles chuckled and drew her into his arms as Merlin did the spell for them and they disappeared from sight, they stood still together in Willow's dorm and said the memory spell for Camelot.

Uther removed himself from the window, a bit dazed, he left his room and walked himself blindly to an empty room, he looked about it, something was here, happy, beautiful, the bed was messed and there was a women's gown on the floor next to it, he picked it up and saw her face, but he couldn't exactly recall who she was or where she came from.