I think I like her...

She doesn't cry, so I'll cry for her.

She doesn't smile, so I'll smile for her.

She's not happy, but I'm always happy for her.

I love it when she's happy.

I love it when she smiles.

I love it when she I know i made her smile.

And together, we can dance around the room, like no one is watching, since I'm the only one who could see her.

Bro, ive been in like, the OMG IM IN LOVE WITH HER! Kind of mood xD, and I just started watching Another so it helps! I mean like, Jounichi has feelings for Misaki, who is never happy, but childish and is only seen by him (I know people try to kill her and stuff but like, ugh! You get it!) Then there's me! Then there's me who likes a girl who is very childish, never happy but she refuses to cry…and shes so silent and that no one notices her ;-; but yeah, this is kinda for her.