Donnie closed his eyes a smile burned onto his face as he touched his head to the pillow. He had done it he had lived a full life,meeting Gretchen had been the best thing for him. She loved him and he loved her with every inch of his being. Turning over donnie braced himself..and then it hit. Gasping his eyes shot open tears sliding down his face as the jet engine fell and a peice broke off impaling him. Beginning to hypervenilate he could feel his life draining from him as he contuined to try and breath. Looking into the distance of his room his eyes began to fade and fail him. Trying desperatly to see his mind began to play illusions to calm him as he was taking his last breaths.

In these visions his mind played back his times with Gretchen and how much fun they had despite the anger he held towards her for a few days before he knew his time was up. Soon however his mind created new images one of Frank,the giant rabbit. His best friend through the last of his days. More tears began to fall from his straining eyes remembering what he had to do before leaving that universe. He had shot his sister's boyfriend in the eye and it hurt him so much when he realized who it had been. Closing his eyes one last time he could of sworn he had heard Frank calling his name

"It's time to come home Donnie...It's time to come home..."

A smile plastered itself on the young teenage boy's face as he took his last breath as he headed into his next life...