So This is Life... (I do not own Revolutionary Utena, this is just my imagination ) (Please leave a review, Thanks this is just chapter 1.)

The deafen screech of metal scraping upon metal could be heard. Utena's head is racked with inscrutable pain. Her head throbs relentlessly and she rolls over on her back. I'm, alive, not dead. Utena's body felt like lead, she wasn't able to move any longer. She couldn't see any marks on her body, no swords, none at all.

Next to her she could hear laughter. The voice sounded familar but the laugh that was different. It was loud, with great joy, it was a woman's voice. It took all of her strength to turn her head, and with astonishment their was Anthy, in all her glory. Anthy sitting nude in front of Utena hysterical with laughter.

Utena smiled to herself, Anthy is here with me. It was all she needed as she found the strength to sit up. Anthy's eyes were looking up at the sky and her smile, and the sound of her joyful voice was like the sun to Utena. Anthy's laughter started to diminish." No more Otori!" giggled Anthy. "No more Akio! No more roses! Oh how wonderful", sighes Anthy.

Utena chuckles.' No more duels, no more prince', says Utena. Anthy smiles at Utena, her green eyes shine so brilliantly. Utena has never seen that look on Anthy's face it is wonderful.

'Anthy', Utena blurrs out, 'your naked'.

"Yes", laughs Anthy" I am!"

'Here', Utena hands Anthy her jacket, but Anthy doesn't take it. She only chuckles louder.

"Nope, don't want it, don't want any thing from Otori Academy! I'm free Utena sama", Anthy places her hand on her head, that didn't sound right." I'm sorry Utena, I will never do that again. Sounds so silly".

Anthy stands up," Well Utena, thank you. This is good bye. I'm free", Anthy laughs with great strength, it almost sounds off balanced, and she runs off. Utena can't believe that Anthy is leaving she stands up.

'Wait, Anthy where are you going? Your butt naked you know, have you lost your mind?" All she can hear is Anthy's laughter fading, as every thing starts to spin, and her knee's become weak and then black out.

"Hey wake up, wake up yo?" Utena awoke and see's a dark haired man holding her in his arms. "Are you alright?"'

Yes', says Utena 'where am I?' She can hear a great deal of noise, traffic, lots of people walking by.

"Boogie down Bronx girl, you better get up and go get checked out at a hospital or some thing it ain't safe passing out like that". He helps her to her feet.

'Thank you' replies Utena. She's definitely awake now'

Chapter 1