Waving off his concerned friends, Harry made his way to the backyard, giving a deep sigh as he did so. He had gotten back from the Ministry with Mr. Weasley from his trial, which went better than anyone could have hoped. Sitting down in the back of the overgrown yard, hidden from the view of the house, Harry mused over what had happened. Because some lady, who to Harry reminded him of a pink pig, demanded proof that there were Dementors in Surrey, Harry had shot back saying that they could easily question him under Veritaserum or take his memories and while they were at it could also find out what happened the night of the Third Task.

While the lady and Minister Fudge tried to back track, saying not to, Amelia Bones thought it was a great idea and went with Harry's suggestions. Both confirmed what he had been saying concerning both the Dementor attack and the graveyard incident, proving everyone who was there a Death Eater and showing that Peter Pettigrew was alive. Harry was immediately found innocent and his words true and left with a slightly stunned Mr. Weasley and his Headmaster Albus Dumbledore.

After they returned, Harry gave everyone the good news, which the Weasley Twins, Fred and George, along with his Godfather, Sirius, decided that this called for a party. The teen left as soon as he could without hurting anyone's feelings, but while he was heading up to his room to rest, overheard Dumbledore talking with Alastor Moody, Severus Snape, and Kingsley Shacklebolt. Apparently, Moody was so into the conversation that he didn't even see Harry with his magical eye. They were discussing the war and Harry's part in it. From what he understood, the fate of the Wizarding World rested on his shoulders, and his alone. If he fell, the world would belong to Voldemort.

Shell-shocked by this information, the emerald-eyed teen had stumbled downstairs, suddenly wanting fresh air and out of the oppressing house. Though Ron and Hermione saw he was troubled and tried to follow him, the two backed off at his gesture; he didn't see two more sets of eyes watching him worriedly and that their owners planned on having a conversation later when everything calmed down, they left to discuss what they saw.

Harry sat under the trees, the sunlight speckled on the ground causing a slight glow in his little haven. 'The fate of the world is on my shoulders. Man I must have pissed Fate off in a past life…' Harry thought amusedly, though the emotion didn't reach his eyes. 'Seems I get out of one mess and into a larger one next, no time to just be a teen. I don't think I've ever been a teenager, or even a kid for that matter. The Dursleys certainly took care of that.' Harry stretched out, eyes closed and enjoying the slight breeze. 'Now that I think about it, I was forced to grow up fast with them, then even more when I get to the magical world. I never had a childhood, or even a family. The Muggles certainly weren't family worthy. I want to know what that's like…' He trailed off in his own thoughts, listening to the silence around him, though it was broken by…

"Mew?" A voice asked with a slight echo to it. Harry snapped open his eyes, only to rub them to make sure he wasn't seeing anything. Three strange things were floating in front of him, watching him with playful eyes. The first one was a pink, feline-esque creature with large soft blue eyes and a long, thin tail that broadens at the end. It twirled effortlessly in the air around him and the second creature.

This one was a green fairy-like creature. It had round toe-less feet, three-fingered hands, and clear wings on its back. It also had a round head that comes to a point and sticks upward in the back. It has large baby-blue eyes, with thick black rings around them, and a pair of green antennae that are tipped blue. It smiled when Harry looked at him, giggling and Harry thought it was saying 'Bi' over and over again. It looked to its last companion.

It was an off white-blue color, had short, stubby limbs, and its arms had flaps that gave it the appearance of having long-sleeves. On its stomach was a curved seam. It had teal triangles on its face under its eyes. It appeared to be wearing a three point light gold headdress that had a metallic gleam and resembled a star. On each of the three points was a teal-colored tag. On its back were two streamers, which flowed behind it like the tail of a comet. All three were about the size of the stuffed toys a child would carry around.

Harry blinked, surprised, "Hello there, I'm Harry. Do you have names?" He felt a little silly talking to the creatures certain they couldn't talk back. What happened next shocked him.

"Mew." The pink one said, doing a somersault in the air.

"Celebi." The green one said, twirling around.

"Jirachi." The third went, giving a little bow, and then giggling, the other two joining in.

Harry couldn't help himself, he laughed along with them, feeling happier than he had in a long time. The three just made him feel younger for some reason, like he was a child. Mew floated close to his face, watching him unblinkingly. Harry stared right back, a smirk slowly coming on his face. "Boo!" He shouted, though not loud enough to draw attention from the house.

"Mew!" Mew squeaked, tumbling backwards in the air, Jirachi and Celebi laughing at Harry's trick. They started scaring each other, Mew floating back up and playing with them. The three started talking to one another, just using their names. Or at least Harry thought they were talking to each other, he couldn't be sure.

"I wish I could understand you guys, I could ask you what you are and where you came from. I'm pretty sure you aren't magical creatures from here, since I can't sense anything from you." Harry said offhandedly. He was surprised when Jirachi closed its eyes and started to glow slightly. A beam of light shot from Jirachi to Harry, shocking him slightly. He felt something happen to his mind, something forming there.

"What in Merlin's name was that?"

"I granted your wish, silly." Harry's eyes shot up to Jirachi, who seemed to be smirking playfully.

"Did you just talk?"

"Yup! You wanted to be able to understand us, so I made it so you can understand all Pokémon! Though, to other humans we still sound like we're saying our names." Harry sat there for a second, mouth open.

"Wicked…wait, so you're called Pokémon? Are there more of you?"

"There aren't more of 'us' but there are hundreds of other types of Pokémon." Mew said, sitting on Harry's head, much to the bemused teen's amusement. "We're what you call Legendary Pokémon, meaning there's only one of us, and sightings of us are extremely rare, so rare that most people don't even believe we exist, though it's more peaceful that way."

"So where do you guys come from? And why are you here?" Harry asked, leaning back again. Jirachi sat on his shoulder, while Celebi made itself comfortable in his lap.

"We come from another world entirely, well more like a different dimension." Celebi tried to explain. "It makes my head hurt trying to think about that kind of stuff, so I just go with it. We were just having fun in our world, when suddenly we found ourselves floating over this land. We flew around for awhile when we heard your thoughts." It explained at Harry's confused expression. "All three of us are telepathic." Harry nodded, thoughtful and curious.

"What's your world like?"

With a grin, the three Pokémon took turns describing their world, the Pokémon there, and some of the humans they've met. They went into detail describing Pokémon 'Trainers', humans who caught Pokémon and went around battling for fun or competitions. On how most humans traveled all over their world to battle 'Gym Leaders' and the like. Harry sat with them for an hour, listening fascinated at their tale.

"Wow…your world sounds fantastic! I wish I could see it, but with everything happening here I couldn't." Harry said sadly, eyes shadowed.

"Why? What's happening?" Mew asked.

"Well, in this world there are people with special powers, magic…" And he started explaining everything he knew about the Wizarding world. He told them about the people, the Ministry, the school, and even his part in it. The Pokémon were quiet as he told them his tale, finishing with,

"And apparently I'm the only one who can end all of this. But it's kind of depressing, really."

"We heard your thoughts about you wanting a childhood, and a family…" Jirachi trailed off; Harry nodded.

"I was forced to grow up fast at my relatives, then even more so here in the magical world. I never got to be a kid, growing up with family who loved me. I don't remember if I ever had any fun as a child."

"You know…we could give you that." Celebi started. "You could come to our world; you said you wanted to see it. And no one from here would know that you even left unless you told them. You could stay for years there, and they would never know."

"How in the world would you do that?" Harry asked shocked. The fairy-like Pokémon grinned.

"I'm the Time Travel Pokémon, able to go back and forth through time at will. You could leave now, and be returned a second later." This was sounding really tempting to Harry.

"What about growing older? Wouldn't they notice that?"

"We can take care of that easily." Mew said happily.

"If you do go, there will be some changes to your body." Jirachi said. "Also, while you will keep your ability to talk to any Pokémon, you won't be able to use your magic like you do in this world, at least while you're in our world. There may be some other changes but we don't know what they might be."

"I can deal with that, I've had worse." Harry chuckled. "Is there anything I need to know or do?"

"Tell the humans who ask that you're an orphan, but you don't remember anything other than that and your name and anything personal wise, everything else is fine. This way gives more freedom to travel. Don't tell them you're from another world, only a Legendary Pokémon could have taken you and that'll draw attention to you, you don't want." Celebi started; Mew went next.

"We'll transport you to the home town of a close human friend of ours, and everyone in the town is very kind. We'll also give you basic knowledge of the Pokémon in the world, though you'll still have to explore it yourself. But that's half the fun!" Harry nodded.

"Alright, I'm up for it. Let's go!"

The three Pokémon began to glow, causing Harry to glow as well. The black haired teen floated up into the air, and right before he disappeared, he thought he saw something appear in the bushes next to him, and then all went black.

Groaning, Harry blearily opened his eyes. He saw that he was surrounded by huge trees and that it was about the same time of day as it had been when he'd left his old world. He sat up and noticed two things. The first was that his new friends were gone, and the second was everything was a lot bigger looking. Harry looked down at his hands, and saw that they were smaller than he was used to seeing.

"What the heck?" He muttered, standing up, or, well, trying to. The clothes he wore were swallowing his body, which was smaller than he remembered. He recalled Jirachi saying there would be changes to his body so he didn't panic too much.

"They shrank me!" Gathering up the clothes as best as he could, he walked over to a stream nearby. Looking at his reflection caused him to gasp softly. Staring back at him was definitely Harry Potter, but at least two years younger, maybe himself at the start of third year.

"Great, I'm a midget again." Harry mock-groaned. He stood straighter and looked around. He was apparently on the edge of the forest because it ended a few feet away. Through the gaps, he could make out a few houses, and on a hill was some sort of big building with a huge white and red ball on the top. "Pokeball…that's what those are called." Harry recalled through his new memories from the Legendaries.

He started walking through the trees, having to abandon his huge shoes in the process. Breaking free from the forest, he made his way to the closest house. Very homely looking with a beautiful garden around it and a white picket fence, Harry liked it immediately. Outside was a clown or jester like Pokémon with a woman in her thirties with red-brown hair in a low pony tail wearing a pink shirt with an open yellow blouse and dark blue skirt and shoes, both taking care of the garden. Harry walked towards them, hoping they could tell them where he was and a place he could stay.

The Pokémon noticed him first, and called towards the lady,

"Ma'am, someone's here!"

"What is it Mr. Mime?" The lady asked, standing up. The Mr. Mime pointed towards Harry, who suddenly felt very shy. "Why hello there, where did you come from? Come on inside, you look like you need a good meal. This is my Mr. Mime, and I'm Delila Ketchum."