Australia walked into the large room where today's world meeting was being held. He looked around and found one empty seat between Spain and Prussia. Australia took his seat quickly as he didn't want to listen to an hour long lecture from Germany, it would be like living with England again. The Australian was minding his own business when the Prussian roughly jabbed his side.

Australia jumped, holding his side. "What was that for?" he asked but only got Prussia's trademark laugh in return.

The poor Australian was then jabbed on the other side by Spain. Australia yelped again and stared with wide green eyes at the pair. He then looked across the table at Switzerland who seemed to have been watching the event.

"Come on mate, help me out here" Australia pleaded.

"Nope, sorry, I'm not getting involved" the Swiss replied holding his hands up defensively.

Australia was still holding his sides, trying to protect himself from the other invading nations/exnation. Australia looked around the room, trying to find an empty seat that he could move to. "Maybe I could switch with Russia" he thought. At that very moment Prussia and Spain started drawing on Australia's exposed arms.

"What the bloody hell are you two doing!" Australia yelled, batting away the others hands.

Prussia looked up at the Australian with his crimson red eyes. "It's fun and I'm awesome!" he smiled.

"Si, your reactions are so funny" The Spaniard added, "You sound like one of those squeaky toys that has lost its squeak."

The Australian stood up defensively. "No I don't!"

Just as he stood up France suddenly appeared from nowhere and leaned on the Australian's shoulder making him jump.

"You two should try touching his neck" France told the pair as he made out to poke Australia's neck. Australia flinched away from the slender finger approaching his neck.

Australia stared at the Frenchmen in shock and thought, "How did he know that I don't like my neck being touched?" The Australian then quickly forgot as he saw the two inching towards him with hands reaching for the Australian's neck. There facial expressions alone could probably have sent them to jail.

"No! Leave me alone, don't touch me you paedophiles!" Australia screamed at the two as he ran out of the meeting room. Spain and Prussia hot on his trail.

"Bloody frog! This is your fault isn't it?" England asked as he smacked France on the back of his head.

"Non, I was just giving them some advice" France replied, smoothing down his blond locks.

"Hey dudes, should we help him?" America asked in between mouthfuls of coke and hamburgers.

England sighed "No, he's his own continent for god's sake, I think he can look after himself."

The doors to the meeting room opened and Prussia and Spain skipped into the room, giggling like little school girls, holding Australia's pants. England looked at both of them in shock. France on the other hand ran out of the room in search of a pantless Australian.

"Don't you dare touch him you wanker!" England screamed down the hall as he chased after France.