Australia was on his way to Spain's house. Ever since THAT incident at the world meeting, the Australian had kept his distance from Spain and Prussia, but today was a new day. Being the friendly and optimistic person he was, Australia had planned to set things straight.

The Australian had arrived at the Spaniards large house and pressed the door bell, letting a lovely tune ring throughout the house. After hearing some muffled noises from within, the door swang open revealing a flustered Prussian. Australia looked down, noticing that Prussia's pants were, well, non-existent; instead he was only wearing a pair of black and white boxers.

"Australia? What are you doing here?" Prussia asked the shocked Australia.

"Um, well, I came to see Spain" Australia said, not knowing what to think of the situation, or where to look for that matter. "Why are YOU here?"

"Well Spain and I were, you know, kesesese" The Prussian laughed, motioning things that the poor Australian didn't want to see.

"Maybe I should come back later" Australia said as he turned to leave but was grabbed from behind and pulled into the house by the surprisingly strong Prussian.

Australia was about to say something when Spain walked into the room, with no pants on….

"Hola Australia" Spain said with a smile walking towards the two. "Did you come to join us?"

"NO, um I mean no, I came to give you this" Australia said as he held out a small bag to the Spaniard.

Spain took the bag and pulled out a fine looking red button down shirt that any man would love to wear. "What is this?" Spain asked as a dark aura, which rivalled even Russia's, started to appear.

"It's, it's a red shirt, I thought you loved red" Australia said, slightly taken aback. "You know, like a tomato…."

Spain let the shirt fall to the ground, once it had landed he started to jump and stomp on it. Australia could just stare in shock as a perfectly good shirt was being destroyed before his eyes. He looked over at Prussia, who was standing with his arms folded over his chest and a smirk plastered on his face.

"Kesese you made him angry" Prussia smirked "I love it when his angry."

"I LIKE ORANGE!" Spain yelled, still stomping on the shirt. "ORANGE, ORANGE, ORANGE!"

At that moment Spain stopped and looked at the Australian. "You have to make it up to me now" Spain said in a creepy voice while he slowly got closer to Australia.

Australia tried to back away but was stopped by Prussia who was now restraining his arms. Spain quickly grabbed his legs and Australia was carried into a dark room while he screamed for help. Romano, of course, was too busy yelling at Germany about being a potato bastard to help.