Cornfields, a worn road, and a bright blue sky, that was all Miley had to look at for the last two hours. She had been driving to Texas, for her family reunion. Miley had wanted to avoid the highway, so she took the back roads surrounded by miles of corn. Miley sighed and switched the station on the radio. There was only fuzzy stations and christian stations, so Miley pops a cd into her cd player.

Miley's POV Why did I have to drink that huge bottle of water. Now I had to go to the bathroom. Looking at the old map I had, I saw the next town was twenty miles from here. Seeing a sign on the side of the road that said Gatlin I felt skeptical. Should I go to this random town to use the restroom. My bladder decided for me I'm going to Gatlin.

Miley pulled up to a tiny run down building on the side of the road. she hopped out of her vehicle. An older man appeared out from under a beat up pickup. He was wearing a light blue jumpsuit that had multiple oils stains on it. "Aint got no gas." He said rather impolitely, gesturing to the message painted on one of the dirty windows. "Uh", Miley replied uncertainly. "That's okay, I need to use your bathroom." "It's for payin customers only." He said turning his attention to his tool box and pulling out a wrench. "So you're saying I can't use the restroom , because I haven't bought the gas that you don't have?" The man smiled at Miley, he was missing a few teeth. "That sounds about right. Have a nice day miss." He said returning back to the truck. "Can you at least give me directions to the nearest town, so I can find a restroom there?, Miley asks warily. "Okay", he said gesturing toward the road. "Now take this road , for about twenty miles, just go straight. That should get you to Hemingford." "What about Gatlin?, Miley asked.


"Yeah, I've been seeing signs for it. Wouldn't it be closer than Hemingford?", Miley explains. "Gatlin is a different kind of town. They got this religion see? Not very friendly down there, they're not too fond of strangers." He paused slightly, a nervous smile on his face. "You'd be better off just going to Hemignford, believe me." "Okay thanks", Miley faked a smile and got in her car. Miley came up to two signs. One said Hemignford and the other said Gatlin six miles south. The signs before had said Gatlin eight miles north. "That's weird", Miley stated. Miley turned and continued to make her way to Hemingford. Moments later however, she found herself lost, on a dirt road, and by the looks of it were now in the center of the cornfield. A few right turns later she managed to find herself back on the road, in front of the gas station.

Miley's POV Guess I'm stopping in Gatlin.