Chapter 1

It was the very night when Hikari left me with an unsure answer. Answer that I may not ever sink in into my mind.

"I don't know Takishima, I don't know how to answer. Sorry but I have to leave. Bye."

Neither Akira nor Megumi know where Hikari is. It has been 6 years and it is now time for us to reunite again in a Reunion.



"Hello" Hikari answered her phone with a tired voice.

"Hikari, you will going to have a pictorial at 8, interview at 10, lunch interview at 12, pictorial for your wine company at 3, you are going to have a break at 5, dinner at 7, fashion show at 8:30. That is your schedule for today, so better not be late, and of course, you have to check your companies time by time." Misha said.

Misha is her manager for 3 years. She has been discovered by him at the café while she was having her noontime snack.

Ever since the day they met, Misha is so persistent to take her to the Modeling world until one day she gave her approval to him that makes him jump. After her approval, a month later, she debuted as a supermodel at Paris, France.

After her debut different fashion lines, agencies, cosmetics and advertisements came that makes her better known in the industry.

Even her brother, Satoshi, debuted as a model after a year of her being on top.

Hikari is not just any ordinary model because she is one-of-a-heck multi billionaire businesswoman in her world. Many bachelors of different countries court her but neither one of them catches her attention.

"Yes Misha, I will, bye, gonna go to sleep, it is already 2 in the morning please give me some sleep." Hikari said.

"Ok, bye."

Misha and Hikari ended their conversation and Hikari indulge in a great slumber.


Hikari was scanning a magazine and came into the portion where the famous Wine University, the Mariinsky University that is basing in Barcelona, Spain, is finding for scholars. Hikari came into the sense that she has to take the examination because her parents can't afford any universities in Japan.

To give her brother a scholarship she also shares what she have found out in the magazine.

"Satoshi-nee, look! It is a Wine University, you want to be here right? They are having a scholarship examination! Let us both take!"


"Yes! It says here that if we pass, we are going to attend that school for free, all expense paid."

"What? We must take it Hikari! This is just our only chance to educate ourselves and to achieve our dreams."


Hikari and her brother told her parents about what they decided. Although her father was against but he contemplated and agreed for his children to take the examination.

After a few weeks, the results have already been sent to the respective schools of the passers. Hakakusenkan Academy received for Hikari's school and for her brother's school, Tokyo University.

Sumire, Tadashi's mother, was shocked because of the letter. She did not know that Hikari took the said examination. So to grab the opportunity that the S.A. is not in school, she posted the announcement, but to her surprise, somebody was calling her. She looked at the caller number but to her dismay it is an unknown number.



"Hikari! Why did you call?"

"Does some letter addressed for me come in today?"

"Yes why?"

"I would just like to tell you that I don't want it to be posted, please! Just send it to my house. Please Sumire-san."

Sumire let out a very loud sigh and said, "Of course, I will."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Sumire did not post it and she sent it to Hikari's house. She wondered why but she did not even ask any questions.

Two month later, it is now their graduation and the time when Hikari and her brother is about to depart. Before departing Kei and Hikari met.

"Hikari, for the last time, I would to know your answer in my question. Will you marry me?"

"I don't know Takishima, I don't know how to answer. Sorry but I have to leave. Bye." As Hikari said it, she turned around and walk away from Kei crying of sorrow.

As Hikari walk away Takishima just stood there and watch her go away. A tear fell from his eyes but he can't stop Hikari from going away. So he made a promise.

"I will not ever love anyone Hikari, I will just love you even in my last breath."

After 5 months of studying abroad, Hikari and Satoshi are the top notchers of the school. All the major subjects of the both have been taken up for just 5 months so in just a month they are about to graduate and find a job suitable for them.

Hikari and her brother planned to make a business by themselves that makes her brother approve of it.


S. Hanazono Imports and Empire are now one of the biggest companies in the world. Hikari is being called the Tiger Lily of the business world because of her tactics and way of holding her company. Her brother, Satoshi, was called the Dark Lord because of his looks, confidence and privacy like Hikari.

"Satoshi, please look at the plantation for today, I will just going to have a very hectic schedule today, don't worry I will be there tomorrow. Thank you. Love you. Bye!" Hikari said to her brother then went on to her schedule after kissing his brother on the cheek.

"Ok! Bye Lily"

"Shut up!"

"Just joking! Love you sis!"

"Ew! Joking! Love you too! Bye!"


"This is going to be a hectic day! Oh! Kami-sama help!" Hikari said as she drove away to complete her day.