"Hi everyone. It is so nice to be back."

That is what Hikari said as he approached the group. All of them are shocked but in a matter of seconds, the ladies named Akira and Megumi, came rushing to hug Hikari.

"We don't know that you are going to be so early!" Akira said as she and Megumi are hugging Hikari.

"Oh! We are so glad" Megumi said.

The three ladies are happily chatting leaving four men behind.

"Who is she?" Everyone thought.

"It is so good that you are here today." Akira said.

"Yes, but I am going to attend a party tomorrow at London so I need to go tomorrow, maybe this will be the last party that I am going to attend to." Hikari just smiled.

"It is ok, we will be having great time together someday right?" Megumi said.

"Yes" Hikari answered.

The gentlemen are now puzzled who really is that woman talking to Megumi and Akira.

"Oh! I nearly forgot."Hikari said as he faced the four gentlemen which make Akira and Megumi stop for a while and also look at the men. "Can I talk to the four of you?"

Puzzled look are the only things that the gentlemen can answer Hikari but without them knowing, they just nod.

"Ok, please follow me" Hikari said as he turned her back and started to walk at the garden with her secretary, Yuri.

They all followed her to the garden and then stopped a meter away from her when she stopped at the center of the garden which has the light of the moon as the light for them. Slowly, Hikari turned to them and smiled once again.

"I really longed to see you all" It is the only thing that she can say for now.

Although Akira and Megumi knew what she is talking about, the gentlemen just kept quiet and waited patiently to what she is going to say. Hikari knew what they are thinking right now, so slowly, she holds her mask and then takes it off to reveal herself.

Before raising her head, she took a deep breath and then said, "Hi!"

After that surprise, the gentlemen could not utter a single word but there is one man who could not believe what he is seeing so, he turned his back and started to walk which makes Hikari sad because she is thinking the other way round.

She wanted to cry but she cannot because she wants to be happy for she don't know, when will she be returning again, and by that time she will going to return, maybe it was already too late.

She looks at her friends that are now slowly returning to their selves. Each one hugged her tightly and laughed with her. They stayed like that for a couple of hours, talk and talk about many things, until Jun remembered something.

"Ne, Hikari, tell, are you the woman in formal attire at the restaurant at the mall?" Jun asked.

Hikari just smiled for affirmation.

"So it is really you, my eyes are not deceiving me! How about at the coffee shop also at the mall with a man, by the way who is that man?"

By what Jun said, Hikari's smile slowly faded but it is just for a couple of while. She smiled again and answered, "Yes I am at the coffee shop; the man I am talking to is Cloud."

"Who is that Cloud?" Ryuu asked.

"Someone to be called a 'friend' I guess." Hikari just smiled.

The gentlemen believe what Hikari is saying so they just leave the topic behind. They keep on talking not noticing a silhouette just few meters from them listening.

The party ended without Hikari because she needs to pack some of her things for tomorrow. Jun, Akira, Megumi, Ryuu and Tadashi were so glad to have her back as they were now heading to the gate, Sui called for them.

"Akira-onee! Wait!" Sui called,

Akira stopped walking with Tadashi. She faced Sui and ask, "Why?"

While catching his breath, "Hikari-onee, wanted to gave you this." Sui said as he raised the envelopes he was holding.

"What were these?" Akira asked as she grabbed one of those. "Invitations?"


"For what?" Tadashi asked.

"For the party."

"What party?" Akira asked.

"URGH! NO MORE ASKING JUST GET ONE AND JUST GO AND FIND OUT!" Sui shouted because of his exhaustion, "I mean just get one and go for you to find out, just give the other to Jun-onii, Megumi-onee, Ryuu-onii and to Onii-san. Please." Sui said and ran away to ride his car.

Even if they were shocked, they get the invitations and gave it one by one to the persons involve but there is a certain man who did not know whether to go or not.

"Ne Kei, are you going?" Tadashi asked.

"I don't know."

"Why don't you know?"

"I don't know what to do." Kei said in a sad voice.

Over hearing what her fiancé and Kei is talking about, Akira walked to them and said.

"You IDIOT! You should better go to her! Let her explain!" Akira said in an angry voice.


"If you let this chance go, you will never see her again." Akira said while holding her tears back.

Shocked, Kei asked, "Why?"

"She is leaving for good and she doesn't know when to come back."

"How did you know?"

"I am meeting her these past few days, and it seems that she came back the same day as we came here in Japan."

Kei can't believe what he was hearing so he lets Akira talk.

"She is with Sui all this time. They have contact. They often see each other at different countries. Bond. Even I, who is known to be her best friend, did not have contact with her over the years. Please Kei. Please, stop her from leaving." Akira said pleadingly as well as crying. She really loves Hikari to the extent that she will do everything just to make Hikari stay.

Kei can't take Akira crying that way as well as he can't take another year of not Hikari by his side. So he decided to go and talk.


"Madam, master Sui has already arrived and he wished to talk to you." Keichi said.

Hikari looking outside her office in her house, she answered, "Let him in."

"Yes madam." Keichi went outside to let Sui in and then closed the door so that the two can have privacy.

"I have already given them onee. So what are you going to do right now?" Sui said as he walked closer to Hikari's table.

"I don't know Sui." Hikari said in a very melancholic tone and then smiled sadly. "Ne, Sui, do you know that I am leaving tonight? Somebody is going to fetch me, just in time of the party." She sighed and continued, "I am just going to say goodbye to them before leaving could you cover up for me Sui?" She faced him.

Sui is now sad but composes himself in order for Hikari to not worry about him. "Sure onee, I can, but can I see you in England? Because you see, it is not far from London, and I can always go to you and have fun with you becau-" Sui can't continue what he is saying because he is now crying. "I am not suppose to cry, I am now a gentleman, I am not suppose to cry." But contrary to what he is saying, he is still crying.

Hikari went to Sui and hugged him, "Don't worry Sui, you could always call me by our magic phones right? And also you could always visit me when you like to right? Besides you are the top student in your class right? I know the teachers will grant you many privileges like what they gave your brother, so don't cry ok?" Hikari said.


Hikari just smiled to assure Sui that she is ok. "Ne Sui, can I ask you a favour?"

"Sure onee, what is it?"

"Could you give this to your brother if in case he will come but I am not here already." Hikari said as he handed Sui an envelope. "That is a letter intended for him, I don't know how long I will be gone, but I will be back, please tell them."

Sui accepted the envelope and lays on his onee's lap to sleep. Hikari just let him for the time being. Sui automatically fall asleep because of him is too exhausted. Hikari just hummed a lullaby when Keichi entered the room.

"Madam, sir Cloud is now already here waiting for you." He said.

"Thank you Keichi, please lead him to the room next to mine where my baggage are. Please tell him to bring it already for I am just going to prepare something. Thank you."

"Yes madam." Keichi said as he leaves the room.

Hikari slowly stood up and went to her table and prepared the CD needed for the preparation and the note for Sui saying that he will be the one in-charge from now on. After doing that, she prepared to go. The night is already too long for her, but she has still many things to do. Walking to the grand entrance of her mansion, her phone rang. When she looked at it, the caller was an unknown one so she answered.

"Hello?" she said but the person on the other line was just silent, she repeated her question again, "Hello? Who is this? May I know?"

The person on the other line still doesn't answer so Hikari said, "Mister, or Miss, or whoever you are, please don't make a prank on me, I still have many things to do to answer this prank of yours so sorry." As she is about to end the call, the person on the other line talked. "Hikari" With just a simple name from the other person, Hikari knew it that it is him. So she just remained silent and let her tears flow down.

"Hikari" He repeated. "Please talk. Hikari please." The person on the other line pleaded.

But Hikari just remained silent. She just stood on her entrance crying silently.

"Hikari I am going to the party you arranged tonight, I hope you are going to talk to me right now. Hikari please wait for me ok? See you" the person on the other line said and then he ended it.

Even though the phone call has already ended, she replied, "You are not going to see me again. Could you still wait for me, KEI?" she said.

Without noticing Cloud approaching, she just continued on crying.

"Miss? The car is now ready, we may now go." Cloud said.

"I am going there in a minute Cloud just wait."

"Yes milady."

Hikari composes herself and then followed Cloud on the car.


Akira broke a glass because she is not feeling well.

"Is anything wrong?" Tadashi asked.

Akira just looked at him, "I don't just feel ok, that's all, but don't worry ok?"

"O-k" Tadashi replied but there is still the worry in him.

"Something is not right" Akira thought.


"This way madam" The flight stewardess said as she ushered me in the waiting area of my flight. It is a private flight for I am in a hurry.

"Thank you." Hikari said.

"You are welcome Miss Hanazono." But the stewardess was still standing in front of her holding a magazine and a camera.

"What can I do for you?" Hikari said.

"Uhm, Miss, could you please sign this and have a picture with me?" The stewardess said in a very shy tone.

Hikari just smiled and accepted the offer, "Sure." Hikari signed the magazine and let Cloud took a photo of them.

"Can I ask you a favour?"

"Yes miss anything."

"Could you please keep this gifts from me a secret between the two of us? Because I know many of the other staffs of this building will be swarming here to me is that ok?"

"That's all miss? I can do that! No problem" the stewardess says with a smile on her face.

"As a gift of gratitude, I am going to give one of my dresses to you. Cloud?" Hikari called.

"Yes miss?"

"Contact Hana and tell her to give miss... What is your name?"

"Sakura ma'am, Minami Sakura."

"Miss Minami Sakura, my customized dress that I personally made for the persons who are being kind to me."

"Yes ma'am, right away."

"Thank you." Hikari faced the stewardess who is now dumbfounded.

"Thank you for everything miss Minami. I hope to see you the next time I step my foot here or else I would personally hire you to be my private stewardess along side with those I personally hired. Is that ok?"

The stewardess' eyes glowed with happiness, "Of course! Of course! I would love that! Thank you miss."

"It is ok, proud to help."

The happy stewardess left Hikari smiling and after a while her phone rang revealing the caller – Akira.

"Hello Akira?"

"Are you in the mansion Hikari?"

"Akira I have somethi-" Hikari was cut by Cloud.

"Ma'am we are now going."

"Ah, ok," Hikari replied to Cloud.

"Going? Where? Hikari? Where are you?!" Akira is now panicking.

"Sorry Akira, I must leave. I need to do something. Please understand. Could you wait for me Akira?"

"But Hikari..."

"Bye Akira." Hikari ended the phone call and proceeded to her flight. Although it is so hard for her but she needs to go.

"Just a small time Hikari, just a small time and we are going to meet each other."

There you have it CHAPTER 10... HEHEHE! I am sorry for the late update! Thank you for understanding!