Summary : The ordinary people are getting suspicious, Dame-Tsuna is getting a bit popular... Okay, maybe a little bit too popular. They're ranging from love at first sight, the weird and the plain insane. And Tsuna is showing it to them unconsciously. Finally, its pay back time.

Everyone, I just want to say, this is not romance, there are no pairings. There are also OCs here but don't worry, they're minor characters, probably telling from their view.

And reminders:



"Past Speaking"

No accusing me if your parents or relatives think you're getting cuckoo just because you laugh by yourselves, just like mine. I'll make this simple:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn is not mine, nor is it yours, we're just borrowing it. (maybe)

Okay, let's start!

Chapter 1 : Sasagawa Kyoko

Kirisano dropped his ice cream in shock.

I did not just see that.

In front of him is the most horrible scene in his whole 14 years.

Allow me to explain.

Kirisano stretched his arm up. He just came from the arcade with his friends and is now going home. It was weekends so there was no school. Just before lunch so the sun was still high in the sky but its fairly cool. He's on the mood to get something sweet and went to the nearest stand, which is an ice cream stand.

He picked the chocolate on cone. He paid for it and started the path to home, at the other side of the third street supermarket.

While he was walking, he spotted a certain orange haired girl leaning on a wall.

He raised his hand to wave but stopped midway when he noticed someone else with her.

Someone very familiar and popular for being no-good and useless.

Someone nicknamed Dame-Tsuna.


"Kyoko-chan, I'm sorry, the line to the takoyaki stand was a bit long. I'm sorry if you waited." said Tsuna, panting.

"No, it's okay! Thanks for buying it for me." Kyoko smiled.

Tsuna blushed and scratched the back of his head.

"So? Is there something you want to ask, Kyoko-chan?"

Kirisano's jaw dropped with what happened next. Namimori Middle School's idol blushed. At Dame-Tsuna. At Dame-Tsuna. Yes, I did not accidentally typed it twice, I did it purposely.

She tip toed to reach Tsuna's right ear, which isn't much, to whisper while giving him something.

When they both pulled away, they smiled at each other.

Then Kyoko did another surprising thing.

She hugged him.

By the neck.

That's when he dropped his ice cream.

Our beloved Tsuna just can't believe his luck, its Saturday and his crush, Sasagawa Kyoko asked him out, well, just to talk but at least he escaped hell (for a few minutes) to be with his long time crush, right?

"So? Is there something you want to ask, Kyoko-chan?"

Kyoko blushed at him and he only thought one thing. Kyoko-chan is so cute.

She tiptoed to him and he thought they were going to kiss so he closed his eyes unconsciously and waited.

"Happy Birthday Tsuna-kun." she whispered.

"Eh?" his eyes widened. He felt something touching his hands and looked down. On his hands sat a small orange box with a white ribbon. Simple enough but treasure for him. So he whispered back, "Thank you, Kyoko-chan."

They both pulled away and smiled at each other. The she hugged him.

"Be careful, Tsuna-kun. And thank you too, for protecting us."

At first, Tsuna blushed and hesitated, then he relaxed and hugged he back. "I'll remember it."

Meanwhile, Kirisano wobbled home, creating a small misunderstanding in his head. He never knew Dame-Tsuna was that popular.

Okay, before you start thinking this is 27K, you are wrong. You could think that, of course but I made this with no pairings policy. Just pure friendship and family fluff and, of course, sweet revenge on those who bullied my-ahem, sorry, our beloved Tuna Fish.

What else...

Oh, the hint:

Tsuna spit out the food and watched as it sizzled on the ground.