Chapter 1

"Warmth of Summer"

"Yatta! I win!" a young Lyon yelled while grinning like a madman "No fair!" Gray growled at Lyon while trying his best to get off the pile off snow he was in.

Once he was out of the snow he immediately charged at Lyon with a clenched fist. Lyon just simply moved to the side and let his fellow mage clash to a tree trunk, he snickered when he saw Gray go head first to the tree "Damn that hurts…" Gray whimpered while clutching his throbbing head. Lyon just huffed and crossed his arm while looking away "It's your fault for having more brawns than brains" he heard the other growl "Are you freakin' saying I'm stupid!"

Lyon just smirked "I didn't have to say it for you to know"

"Shut up!" Gray quickly stood up a pointed accusingly at Lyon "I want a rematch!" before Lyon could even refuse gray charge at him, yet again. Lyon just sighed and positioned himself into a fighting stance but before the two could even engage it into another fight someone with rose pink hair suddenly smacked them on the head with a large paper fan and yelled at them.


Both ice mage cowered at the twisted aura the pinkette was giving them "G-gomen Natsu, we were just training, n-ne Gray" Lyon stuttered, trembling in his snow boots.

"Aye" Gray squeaked. Natsu looked at the two suspiciously before shrugging it off "Hm whatever, anyway Ur-sensei is calling us back at the cabin it's almost getting dark we have to head home now…" Natsu huffed while wrapping his muffler around his neck to get warmer.

"… and this cold weather is killing me" he said why breathing out.

Gray looked at his long time best friend in annoyance "Nats,u if you really hate the cold weather why don't you just go back to the low lands where I'ts much more warmer" Natsu shook his head and went forward to flick a finger at Gray's forehead "Baakaa~ if I knew that I would have left months ago…" then he suddenly smiled, added with those cute pink cheeks and innocent eyes, making Gray blush by his cuteness "…and didn't I promise that I'm not gonna leave you alone anymore" Gray looked away trying his best to hold back the nosebleed that was coming "Y-yeah…" he crossed his arms and inwardly screamed to himself to not lose it "And besides…" Natsu continued "Even if I am to leave I would always come back."

Gray turned his head at those words, which was a bad idea, and sees Natsu smiling sweetly at him he quickly turned his head again to hide his red face "W-Whatever I-Im going back!" Gray quickly ran back to the cabin leaving behind a confused Natsu and a snickering Lyon.

~Time Skip~

Gray watched in horror as the monster known as Deliora grabbed his best friend who pushed him away before the hand could even reach them.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Natsu screamed in pain, blood was running down his head.

Gray snapped back to reality and grabbed hold of the giant hand before being lifted off the ground "Let go of Natsu, Bakemono!" he bit down and used some of his ice magic to freeze Deliora's hand. Natsu struggled to get free from the monster's grip but to no avail he watched as his best friend try his best to free him only for him to anger Deliora. Natsu struggled further trying to free his hand from the death grip 'Almost there…' he thought when he felt his hands slowly moved.

Deliora roared and swung his hands around trying to get rid of the little pest in his hands. Knowing what will happen next Gray bit more on Deliora's hand and used more of his magic trying his best to make him loosen his grip. Deliora swung his hand faster and this time with much more force. Gray tighten his grip trying his best not to let go but much to his dismay he could feel his grip slowly loosen. Deliora gave one more swing and that was it for Gray he lost his grip and he slowly fell off Deliora's hand.

He was about to fall down when he felt someone suddenly grabbed his right hand, he looked up and was surprised to see Natsu holding his hand, he was struggling to keep him from falling down to his death "Natsu…"Natsu just smirked and pulled Gray up.

Once he was on top of the hands again the little ice mage quickly stood and tried t yank natsu from Deliora's grip. Both kids tried their best but in was no use, Natsu was still stuck in the monster's hand.

After awhile of struggling Natsu suddenly stopped and felt the change of magic around them, he looked up and say Deliora open his mouth and a ball of light forming in its mouth "Oh no…" Gray looked where Natsu was looking at and his eyes narrowed when he saw the ball of light "Kuso! We have to hurry or else we're going to die!" Gray quickened his work and tried to claw at the monster's hand "Come on!" he growled, he was about to use his last remaining magic when Natsu suddenly stopped him by grabbing his hands and gripping it tightly. Gray looked at Natsu noticed that he was trembling "Natsu…?" Natsu looked up and sadly smiled at him he slowly shook his head and looked at him in the eyes, tears slowly forming "Sorry…" with that Natsu suddenly pushed Gray off making him fall off Deliora's hand.

"Wha-?" Gray's eyes widened and watched in disbelief as the ball of light slowly consumed Natsu and the next thing he knew he was gone.

"NATSU!" Gray screamed while falling into the darkness.

~In Reality~

Gray's eyes snapped open and saw that he was still in the carriage, which was heading to the meeting place where they will form the guild alliance "You ok Gray?" Gray turned to his side to see Lucy looking at him with worry in her eyes. Gray just shrugged and sigh "I'm ok" he answered bluntly. Lucy looked at him with a frown and was about to ask him if he really ok until Happy interrupted her "There it is! That's the meeting point!"

Everyone looked outside and saw a huge mansion decorated with all kind of heart shaped things.

Once they got of the carriage they went inside and was greeted by the trimen from Blue Pegasus, while the introduction was on-going, Gray was in one corner of the room thinking to himself. He was thinking about the dream he had awhile ago he clutched the iron necklace he was wearing and gritted his teeth in anger, he was busy in his own thought that the next thing he knew was Erza screaming and punching some weird dude, by the name of Ichiya, to get away from her.

"An interesting way of greeting us you have here" a familiar voice suddenly caught Gray's attention "Would you be members of Fairy Tail?" the voice continued.

Gray looked at the new comer and was shocked to see Lyon standing there and from the looks of it, it seems he has joined the Lamia Scale.

"Lyon?" the other ice mage looked to whomever called his name and was also shocked to see Gray again "Gray?" he quickly regained his composure and threw the frozen Ichiya at the other Ice mage, who quickly dodged the frozen pervert "What the hell are you playing at?" Lyon just had a smug look on his face "well, you did it to me first, right?" both ice mage glare at each other ignoring all that was happening around them.

The atmosphere in the room seems to tense up. Other guild members were glaring at the other. They were all ready fight when someone stopped them "Enough!" Jura stepped in with a serious face "We are here to form an alliance and defeat the Oracion seis, this is not the time to be fighting amongst ourselves" everyone immediately calmed down upon seeing one of the ten great holy mages "Three of the guild are now assembled, all that is left is the delegation from Cait Shelter" Ichiya suddenly joined in, with a bleeding nose and some bruises from Erza's attacks "Delegations you say, I heard that they were only sending two mages" upon hearing this everyone was shocked, Cait shelter was only sending two mages in helping them in this freaking dangerous mission. Something suddenly struck Lucy and she spoke it out loud "W-wait don't tell me those two will be some insanely powerful people?" an uproar was followed next

"Two mages? What are they thinking?"

"Is this some kind of joke to them ?"

"What kind of master is he for sending only two mages to a dangerous mission?"

"Enough!" Jura raised his voice seeing no one will calm down until someone says so "It's still not certain the master of Cait Shelter will really send only two mages " he turned to the members of Fairy tail "In the mean time It's best if we all take a break from our long journey"

the others nodded and went to relax on their own spot. As for Gray and Lyon they were at one corner of the room talking to each other, which was kinda awkward since the last conversation they had was during Gray's mission in Galunda island "So when did you join Lamia Scale?" Gray asked suddenly getting interested about Lyon joining a guild.

Lyon just shrugged "After our last encounter me and the other traveled around for some time and very soon we stumbled upon Lamia Scale. That' when Jura-san took us in" Lyon explained "What about you? What have you been doing Lately?" Gray also shrugged and just told him that nothing much and that they just got two new members.

There was a long awkward silence until Lyon noticed the iron cross that Gray was wearing, he inwardly smile when he remembered a certain pink haired fire mage "I see your still wearing that necklace…" Gray looked where Lyon was looking and noticed that he was looking at his necklace. He softly smiled and touched it "Yeah, You know perfectly well I don't have the heart to throw it away…" Gray's face suddenly darkened when he remembered the dream he had a while ago, Lyon noticed this and sighed "You can't keep blaming yourself forever…"

"I don't wanna talk about it…"

But Lyon wouldn't stop "…we both know that he did that to save you, getting yourself worked out about his death isn't going to bring him back"

With each word Lyon spoke of Gray felt more guilt stab in him, it was because of him that

Natsu was gone, if he wasn't so blinded in wanting revenge then none of that incident would have happened.

"What do you think Natsu would say if-" Gray finally snapped at the mentioned of Natsu's name.


Gray yelled at Lyon, causing him to grab some attention from some. Both Ice mages eyes widened at Gray's sudden outburst.

"…" the two ice mage were silent until Gray decided to walk away leaving Lyon standing by himself.

"Where are you going?" Erza asked and for a moment Gray thought there was a tinge of worry in her voice "Outside, I need some fresh air for awhile" and with that Gray walked out the building closing the door behind him.


Jura watched as the raven head left and turned to Lyon who was still standing at the corner, his eye were covered by his hair making it hard for the rock iron mage to see his face. he was kinda worried after the little outburst the raven head ice mage made.


Lyon suddenly excused himself to the washroom and quickly walked away from the group.

"What's wrong with those two?" Hibiki asked feeling the tension between the two ice mage.

Jura sigh, he knew why they were acting like this "It's complicated..." he turned and started to walk away then he stopped.

"...They just miss the warmth of summer"

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