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A/N : Hello everyone! I know I probably shouldn't be writing this right now (if you've read TAG, then you'll get what I mean) but I couldn't help it. I randomly got the idea. I promise I'll update TAG soon :-D Anyways, this is a SumirexKoko (they deserve to have more stories written about them) story based on pick-up lines. The chapters will be pretty short, like an actual drabble (huzzah!I finally managed to write a drabble! Honestly, I thought that drabbles were about just a 1000 words, but it's actually less than that!) I've already written a few chapters, so you can expect quick updates. Enjoy reading! :-) And Happy May Madness everyone! Go wild by writing/reading/reviewing! ;-)

Warning : Beware of clich├ęd plots.

Kokoro Yome's Fantabulous Pick Up Lines
Chapter 1:
Genie in a Bottle


I give Wakako a grin as I see her leaning against our lockers. "Guess what I got in Chemistry!" I ask while I unlock my locker.

"An A," she says as she rolls her eyes dismissively.

"Yes, that's right!" I give her another beam as I stuff my books into my locker. As I take out my Physics books, I feel someone tap my shoulder. "No Wakako, I don't have your Physics notes with me. I gave them back yesterday, remember?" I say thinking that the person tapping me was her.

"I'm not Wakako." A very un-Wakako like voice says.

I whirl around and immediately resist the urge to groan when I see who tapped me.

"What do you want, Yome?" I ask the boy standing in front of me.

He gives me a goofy grin. "I may not be a genie, but I can make your wishes come true."

From beside me I hear Wakako chortling with amusement. I send her a quick glare then turn my attention back to the fool in front of me. "Oh really, now?" I ask as I tilt my head to the side.

He nods enthusiastically. "I can make your wishes come true." He says once more, but this time it's accompanied by a suggestive wink.

"Well in that case, my wish would be for you to be stuck in a bottle." I say, rather sweetly.

"A bottle? You want me to be stuck in a bottle?"

I roll my eyes. "Yes, you heard right."

He frowns. "I can't be stuck in a bottle!"

"But you said you were a genie!"

"I said that I may not be a genie, but I can make your wishes come true!"

"But genies are the only ones who can do that!"

Koko scratches his head, he obviously hadn't thought that I'd give him this answer.

I smirk. "You said that you can make my wishes come true, so now go find a bottle and get stuck in it." And with that, I slam my locker shut and grab Wakako by the elbow, leaving Koko standing in the middle of the corridor like a fool.

Wakako snickers as we're a few feet away from him. "To think I thought he was over the stalker phase last year!"

I roll my eyes. "He'll always be the same."

He may not be a genie, but I really do hope that he makes my wish come true.


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