Walking up to his house, still upset by the words that Kurt had told him about going their separate ways, he barely noticed the note that was stuck to his door. Opening it, he noticed the Dalton symbol in the corner of the paper that read 'Warbler Practice Room, 4pm, Don't be late Killer ;).' Smiling to himself, he headed back to his car to set out to go to his old school, the school that he still calls home, with his true friends and that one boy who has been on his mind constantly since the 'Chandler Incident.' Finding himself giggling over the idiocy that had carried out between himself and Kurt, he managed to keep his mind busy during the hour drive to Dalton. Reaching the gates and noticing the time, he hurried off to get the to room that he knows so well in time. Reaching the doors, he saw Sebastian at the head of a smaller version of the warblers, only five of them in fact, Nick, Jeff, Wes, Trent and Thad. Looking straight ahead at the boy who has been in Blaine's constant thought ever since Kurt had left Blaine for the ridiculous boy from the Music Store a month ago. Noticing the guitar in hand, he looked at the green-eyed warbler and was about to ask him what was happening until Sebastian started to play a melody. Recognising the tune, he stared at Sebastian in awe as the Head of the Warblers started to play and sing Mumford and Sons 'Little Lion Man," never once taking his eyes off of the smaller boy in front. Smirking and winking in certain places throughout the song, Sebastian looked straight into Blaines eyes, ignoring everything else around him as he sung out the last "didn't I my dear," to the ex-warbler. Finishing the song, he told the others to leave the two of, as they both needed to talk to one another. Leaving the room Nick and Jeff looked back onto their friends, giving a wink and nod to Sebastian and a knowing look to each other. Not moving from his spot, Blaine was surprised to how close Sebastian had got to him until his face was only inches away from the taller boys. Giving Sebastian a half smile, his words that were to follow were cut off by the Warblers lips on the smaller boys mouth. It amazed Blaine, how such a small kiss could hold so much and say so much more. Looking up at Sebastian, Blaine could only manage a smile and girly giggle as to tell the Warbler to continue. As Sebastian leant forth, he placed his forehead on the small boys and whispered to words that made Blaines heart flutter uncontrollably, "Be Mine." Leaning forward, Blaine just reached to taller boys lips, as two eavesdroppers tumbled into the room, shouting "Its about time" and "FINALLY," only to be warden off by Sebastians deadly glare. Sighing in annoyance, Sebastian felt Blaines arms encircling his neck, pulling the taller boy down so Blaine could finally kiss the boy whose green eyes had been haunting his dreams.