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…Love Starts With Sex?…

He practically dragged the other god through Olympus, dodging the Olympians and any minor gods. He yanked him into his apartment, slamming the door and locking it behind them. He pushed him up against the wall, he was desperate for it, they'd been kept apart for far too long, not that the other had much to do apart from claim a few kids when he got bored and keep an eye on his sun chariot. That's right, the god he so feverishly wanted was Apollo. And who was he? Well, he was none other than Hermes, messenger of the gods. They'd come together one night, frustrated and lonely, in a clash of teeth and hot skin. He had never tasted what Apollo had to offer before, despite their strong friendship over thousands of years, he was deliciously talented, and he made Hermes feel like he was on fire -their sex was that good. They brought out a side in each other that rarely saw light, it was primal and raw. Ever since that first time they'd been at it like animals.

But Hermes' responsibilities kept him busy, forced not to touch the other god for over 3 weeks now. He bit at Apollo's neck hungrily and pulled the sun god's legs up and around his waist, pressing his already hard cock against Apollo's.

Apollo groaned gluterally, he needed this. Hermes carried him over to his bed as they exchanged hard, fast kisses. Apollo unhooked his legs from Hermes' hips and moved them to kneel on the edge of the bed. They continued to kiss flawlessly as the sun god shuffled back to allow room for the other god to kneel in front of him.

The messenger yanked off his t-shirt and threw it to the side as Apollo pulled on his own belt and undid his jeans. Hermes grabbed his shoulders and threw him around onto his hands and knees. He hastily pulled open his trousers with one hand while the fingers on the other snapped to make a small vial appear in his hand. He hooked his fingers around the back of Apollo's jeans and roughly yanked them down to the back of his knees, he held Apollo's hip as he spread the vial's contents over his erection.

Hermes smirked as Apollo whined and pressed his hips back against his grip when he guided the head of his cock to his entrance. He gave no warning before he thrusted hard into the god below him, and gave little respite before he started thrusting in and out of him unforgivingly. He grunted at the end of each movement, relishing at how tight Apollo always was, the other god groaned and pushed his hips back in time with Hermes' thrusts.

"Harder!" Apollo shouted. He had no hesitation in giving him what he wanted, they'd discovered that with having sex between gods they could be much rougher with each other and not fear hurting them, not to mention go for longer.

Hermes felt the fire that came with sex with Apollo, it was hot and exciting, he felt everything the other god's body had to offer, every pulse and movement, every moan twitch.

Apollo had felt nothing like it before, nothing had made him feel like he did with Hermes, it was incredible, the weeks apart had nearly drove him crazy.

The sun god didn't even try to hold back the moans that spilled out of his mouth, Hermes was hitting that place inside him that made white blank his vision and the hot pleasure engulf his body, his fists were screwed up in the bed sheets and his face contorted in pleasure. Hermes could hear the slap of their flesh under Apollo's cries, he could tell Apollo was losing it, they'd been going for a while, exerting themselves more than they could with mortals but not for as long as they normally would. He gave him everything, he saw the other god move an arm under himself, shifting his weight onto the other.

Apollo grabbed his neglected erection and started pumping it quickly, his moans escalated and his movements grew erratic. Hermes felt his hot tunnel tense almost painfully around his shaft as Apollo screamed his name, seed spraying out in a series of fast spurts.

Apollo had never called his name before, it felt entirely too personal for just the mutual fuck-buddy agreement he thought they had. It didn't take long for the messenger to hit his climax, thrusting hard into Apollo and releasing his essence deep inside of him.

They collapsed onto the bed next to each other, panting hard, they looked at each other, examining their flushed skin and messy hair. They looked into each other's eyes, Hermes saw something he didn't expect; a sparkle in his eyes and a soft smile on his lips, it was... Enchanting... He reached out, stroking his hand across his cheek, but it caused the smile to fade. Apollo lifted his hips off the bed and yanked his jeans back up, fastening them, he shot up off the bed and glittered away into a beam of sunlight.

Hermes watched after him dumbly, what had just happened? He felt worried and concerned for Apollo's feelings like never before, he laid there convincing himself that what they had was just a bit of fun, however, he couldn't he but wonder...


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