Author's Note: So has anyone seen the Dark Shadows film? I loved it! And thought that Julia and Barnabas had so much chemistry, and just had to write this. Even though I have so many assignments right now, and feel terribly guilty. Oh well. Enjoy!

Summary: What if Barnabas never got to kill Julia that night? What if Julia finds that he may just be lusting after her? Alone, Julia is left drunk and miserable, until Barnabas comes. One drunk night for Julia turns into a heated moment. Barnalia :) Based on Tim Burton's film. First Dark Shadows fic :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Dark Shadows. That credit goes to the amazing Tim Burton, and other people who contributed to the amazing film and Television Series.

I: Twisted Passions

" My god, you are not using this blood to cure me, you are using this blood to make you immortal."

Julia quickly scampered off the clinical bed as she turned to Barnabas, her eyes pleading with him. " I'm sorry..I-I just want to be know. I want to live forever... like you".

He slowly descended towards her, his eyes narrowing into a murdering glare. Julia's heart thumped wildly against her chest as she stumbled back, rushing through her thoughts to desperately try and find an excuse to save herself.

" I'm afraid," he said slowly, now backing the Doctor against the wall. "That is out of the question."

His voice was hoarse and dangerous, and in most cases would have brought her to her knees, had her life not been at risk. Her eyes flickered towards Barnabas's lethal set of teeth, fear causing her to tremble as her hands smacked against the wall. Her wide eyes met his, horror tinging her brown pools.

" Barnabas...please, you're a gentlemen. You won't kill me..." She whispered, desperation clinging onto her voice.

Barnabas slowly closed the distance between them. Her skin came into contact with hers and her heart quickened, like vicious butterflies trying to escape. She shut her eyes, barely believing that through all of this, her body was telling her that she needed him. She felt him closing the distance and smelt blood..splashes of dried up blood, and..the rich leather of his jacket, and the exotic cologne exuding his skin. She couldn't help but let out a small sigh. She opened her eyes and found his, her eyes staring deeply into his two, black coals. Barnabas however was oblivious to this as his eyes hungrily took in the pale flesh of her neck. Taking a deep breathe she waited, her chest heaving with fear.

Then she noticed it: in a flash his eyes flickered over her chest, before back to her neck. He hesitated, swallowing a lump that had formed in his throat. Julia's eyes froze on his and saw hunger and...lust? Growing in his eyes. No, it couldn't be. She felt his heart quickened against her. She swallowed, was he going to spare her life?


Barnabas froze at Elizabeth's shrieking voice as she stormed up to him, grabbing the collar of his shirt and yanking him away from Julia.

" What the bloody hell are you..!"

" She was using my blood!" Barnabas spat, his sinister eyes glancing at Julia's contraption before meeting Elizabeth's eyes.

Elizabeth followed his gaze towards the IV and the tubes in Julia's wrists, her lips pursing tightly as her eyes flamed with anger.

" Julia, come with me now," she gritted , before narrowing her eyes at Barnabas. " And Barnabas, that night you made a promise to me. Don't you dare break it."

Elizabeth turned on her heels and stormed out of the room. Julia cast another horrified glance at Barnabas before disconnecting the cord from her wrist and quickly left after Elizabeth.

Julia Hoffman slid back against the wall, pouring a generous help of rum in her glass and taking a huge gulp, she let out a dejected sigh. Julia leaned her head against the wall and closed her eyes. Elizabeth's voice was still reverberating in her head, though she barely paid attention to her. She occasionally caught on a sentence or two, such as; "What were you thinking of...Betrayal to our family...If you have any ounce of respect for the Collins..." And so on and so fourth. But she couldn't concentrate, how could she when she was inches from death?

Julia's eyebrows knitted in a frown, he hadn't killed her, but why? Her frowned deepened as the memory flashed back, aching her head. The lust that swelled in his eyes, the way his heart quickened against her. He couldn't possibly...

" Doctor Hoffman."

Julia's head snapped up, she blinked, breaking out of the daydream. She saw Barnabas standing at the door. She swallowed hard, pressing her back up against the all in fear.

" No, no. Do not fear," Barnabas started, raising his hand. "I have no intentions of harming you, I assure you. I merely arrived to apologize."

The Doctor raised an eyebrow. " Apologize?"

" Yes, I..there is no denying that what you did was wrong," he said slowly as he approached her. "But my behaviour was unacceptable, and I spoke to Elizabeth. It will not happen again."

Julia raised her head, wanting to talk to him face to face. Slowly she tried to stand up, wobbling slightly. Barnabas reached out to help her before she fell, her hand colliding with the glass bottle as she attempted to break her fall. She swore under her breath, lifting her shaking, bloodied hand to see the damage. Reaching for the bed Julia pulled herself up with her good hand, ignoring Barnabas's presence she walked over to the table. Grabbing some tweezers she began to pick the glass out, wincing at the pain before running it under some cold water.

Julia turned back to Barnabas, her hand still dripping with blood. " So, you came here to ..apologise?"

She met Barnabas's wide eyes and gasped, taking a step back. His eyes were fixated on her bloodied hand.

" can control can-"

Her words were cut off as Barnabas surged forward, pushing her up against the wall. Julia gasped, fear possessing her, rounding her eyes with fright. Barnabas took her hand in his and brought it to his lips, making Julia wince. Barnabas's mouth took in her blood, sucking her skin as his tongue caressed her hand. Julia was mortified, but to her horror a moan escaped from her lips, her heart racing as her eyes fluttered at his touch.

Barnabas stopped, dropping her hand, horrified at his actions. He opened his mouth to try and apologise, but nothing came out.

Julia tried to calm her heavy breathing as her eyes fount his. Julia didn't know what had taken over her, but all she could feel was Barnabas's presence, and the sudden need for him. Suddenly she yanked Barnabas's collar and pulled him towards her, crashing her lips against his. Julia roughly kissed him, surprised at just how dry his lips were. Barnabas blinked, in pure and utter shock at Julia's actions. But soon he found his mouth responding to hers, tasting the strong bourbon in her mouth as he deepened the kiss.

Then it flashed within Barnabas's head, Josette. He broke the kiss, lightly pushing Julia away and stumbling back. Julia fell back against the wall, her chest rising and falling with her deep breaths, still in disbelief at her own actions. Her eyes found Barnabas, who was staring at her as if she was an alien.

" I-I am sorry Doctor..but I cannot..Josette..."

Giving her another horrified glance at Julia he fled. Julia lent back against the wall, pressing her fingers against her lips as she stared at the doorway. Her heart was still thumping, her head was pounding and she could barely believe that she had just kissed him. She felt like she was trapped in some vivid dream.

" Well..." she thought out loud, heading over to the table. " Fuck, I need a drink."

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