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Dr. Anne Possible smiled at the picture of her children sitting on her desk, though there were tears in her eyes. The twin's, Jim and Tim, eleventh birthday had come and gone.

And they, like their sister before them, received no invitation to a magical school.

The brain surgeon loved all three of her children with all her heart, Kim with her high sense of nobility and the twins with their high intellects. But she didn't understand how it was that she had given birth to three squibs. And she didn't think of her children any lower, but she was sad that she couldn't share the joy of magic with them.

She was never more thankful though that she and James had never mentioned her status as a witch to their children. It would have been cruel to introduce them to a world they couldn't ever truly be a part of. It was better for them to think their was only the muggle world.

The muggle world where she knew all three of her children would excel.

Jim and Tim were geniuses, though she did admit that she wished they followed more of her genius than James', she was getting tired of constantly remodeling portions of her house. Having a contractor's number memorized definitely wasn't normal.

And Kim, Kim was a hero. Unlike herself, Anne considered her daughter to be a true hero as, unlike her, Kim had chosen to help people. And while Anne had chosen to fight, and in the process defeat, Voldemort, she admitted that she did it for selfish reasons. To save her friends, and to save herself. Voldemort wanted her dead, as the only person to survive when he decided to kill them, she had been a symbol of his weakness. This meant that he had to eliminate her on principal alone. Never mind the fact that each time he tried he failed, further compounding the situation. Even if she had fled, she would have been a hunted woman.

Wizarding Britain might have considered her a hero for what she did, but she didn't.

But Kim was. Kim didn't have to help people, didn't have to put her life and body at risk, but she did. And Anne was proud of her.

Even if she'd had many sleepless nights worrying about her little girl.

She wondered if this was what Molly had felt when her, Hermione, and Ron had gone on the Horcux hunt.

Which reminded her, she had to send a gift for Ron and Hermione's anniversary next month. She admitted that she missed Britain, simply because that's where all her old friends lived. But moving to America had been the best decision she ever mad. Not only was she a world renowned and respected neurosurgeon, but she had met a wonderful man and had a beautiful family.

She wouldn't trade being Anne Possible for being Anne Potter at all.


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I know Anne has blue eyes in the series, I have an explanation. Since Anne is FemHarry, basically her appearance is reversed. Rather than look like her father with her mother's green eyes, Anne looks like her mother with her father's blue eyes (I don't believe James eye color is ever mentioned in the books). Also of interest Anne's father is James Potter, her husband is James Possible, and one of her sons is James "Jim" Possible.