- Double capuccino, please.
Serena smiled back to a coffee shop barista, holding her mobile phone and looking on the screen almost every second. She was waiting for a message from her new summer friend Sheila, the girl from Austria, whom she met in June. Sheila was so good to Serena, she was kinder than Blair were someday.
- Serena? Serena van der Woodsen?
The blonde took her capuccino and slowly turned around, thinking that's just someone she met this summer - they could wait, right? - Yes, - she said while turning, but when she saw the real person she was looking on she stood and became frozen.
It was Dan Humphrey. Not Daniel Randolph Humphrey, the author of "Inside". Dan Humphrey. Cut-haired strong guy with pure eyes. The one she fell in love with six years ago.
- Hi, - Serena whispered, moving slowly and taking a seat on a chair.
- How are you? - Dan asked. That moment she noticed he was suntanned and muscular and smiled for the first time. But, gosh. It hurted so badly to see him again...
- I-I'm alright, - she nervously took a big sip of coffee from her cup. It was a dream, no? The most terrible nightmare.
- Great, - he smiled, sitting near her. The athmosphere was so nervous. Well, Dan finally felt he's back from Toscana when he met someone he knew before.
Serena really wanted to straight up some things between them. Was it too early or was it exactly the time?
- And how are you? - she asked, trying to relax a bit.
- Fine. I even missed Upper East Side, - he giggled.
- Oh, that's... that's nice.
The girl tried to smile. Sh*t, is that just possible to smile when you meet a guy you've been in love with for about six years, who has just came frome Toscana and told you the last time he didn't even want to know her when you were so madly in love with him? It seemed like she has just forgotten everything between them, and now he's back, and it felt like hell.
It hurted her.
So freaking much.
Of course, Dan noticed her strange behaviour. - Hey, are you okay? - he asked carefully.
- Can we just... talk somewhere in a private place? - Serena replied quietly, almost standing up. She couldn't help but her eyes became a bit red. She was sure she's not going to cry, but also the thing she had no doubt about was non-ability to deal with him away of her life, especially now, when he's back.
- Yes, yes, sure.
- But, just, tomorrow, ok? Or another day. I-I am late, - she said, leaving her coffee on the table and leaving him misunderstanding.
She wasn't ready at all.

One more whiskey bottle was empty.
One more piece in his heart was lost.
Dan knew he has hurt her too much to even call and apologize. He decided to come back to New York, just to be there for Serena if she'd like to.
But he wasn't sure what's moving him in this direction.
He felt so sorry.

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