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Chapter One: Heartache

I can hear her crying.


Always again.

She's right down the hall in her room. Crying over him. Like the thousand other times she did. And the thousand other times she will. Maybe. Probably. Because he always hurts her.

I don't know what he did this time... to break her heart, and to break mine, and it really doesn't matter...

The fact that he did is enough.

It's enough and too much and...

And I can't just lay here anymore. Or leave her alone anymore. Broken and alone.

I climb from my bed and pad to my door and just listen for a moment. Not to Bella's tears, but to the beating of my own heart. It's too hard. And I will it to slow. To stop its pounding ache. And to give me the strength to soothe hers. Again. Instead of my own.

Because I'm in love with Bella Swan. My best friend. My roommate. The girl who's in love with him. The boy who hurts her. Over and over and over again... and then leaves her to me.

The girl who never would.

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