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7 Months Later…

"Oh god it HURTS!" the woman who was too far gone in pain screamed, causing the group of people who are currently attending to her wince at the shrill sound. The well-toned and muscled man was probably the most obvious of all of them for he almost jumped at the sound.

"D-Don't worry Nana! We're almost there! Just hold on!" the blond shouted back while barely managing to curse out loud at himself. Way to go at trying to sound all calm and collected. Iemitsu was probably a useless mass of shit right now – how useless of a husband can he be when he couldn't even comfort his own wife right now?

The group who were now running through the maze of white corridors slowed down a bit as two ran ahead to open the doors of a secluded room deep in the hospital. Iemitsu felt his muscles relax a tiny bit, finding comfort that they were finally there and that they were finally a step closer to having their –

"Iemitsu it GODDAMN HURTS! It's there! It's there! I could feel it! My baby!"

This time, all of them flinched away from the madly screaming woman.

The blond choked on his breath a bit in shock, still getting over the fact that his sweet and kind and soft-spoken wife just cursed so loudly, and barely managed to calm down a bit before replying. "It's okay, mio tesoro. We're already here. In no time at all our little baby will join us, okay? Just –"

"Iemitsu! What if-! He's coming out, he's… My baby!" she wailed incoherently. There was no doubt in everyone's mind that Nana was becoming hysterical. This threw Iemitsu's panicky state into more upheaval as he scrambled about at finding the right words.

"Nana, calm down-"

The blond man didn't finish when one of the nurse stopped him from entering the threshold to the operating room. Iemitsu sent a half-hearted glare towards her way, but his eyes mostly training on Nana's squirming form and her cries of her 'baby suffocating in there'. He was snapped out of his thoughts when the nurse spoke to him. "I'm sorry sir, but you have to wait outside. We'll alert you once the labor has been finished."

His eyes snapped back to the smaller woman in front of him, unintentionally frightening her soul out of her. "And why can't I? I am her husband! I'm the father of the child she's about to give birth to! It is my right to be there by her side!" he almost snapped but fortunately, he had finally gathered all the cool and calm he could muster right now – which wasn't much. He was liable to explode any minute now.

The young nurse shifted under his intense gaze and took a deep breath before speaking as calmly as she could. "Will you be able to manage seeing your wife give birth? See how your son exits your wife's womb through her vagina? The sight of your son's head squeezing through her clitoris and all the blood that accompanies it? How the rest of the body will come slowly after the head, and how it is being pushed through with every force your wife could have? Will you be able to?"

She watched, a bit fascinated, at how quickly the man's face change colors. It was red at first, then it became deathly pale, then blue as if he couldn't breathe, until it finally settled on a sick green color. "Y-yeah. I'll sit and wait over here," he said in faint voice. The young nurse nodded, satisfied at having accomplished her duty but also internally flinching at the thought of damaging mental scars on the man forever.

She shook her head sympathetically. Some things just needed to be done.

"Good. We'll alert you after everything is finished," the nurse said gently as he watched the man walk dazedly to the row of plastic chairs by the side. She went back inside and out of the corner of her eyes, she saw black suited men standing around the corner and leaning on the wall casually. Her eyes widened a bit before shrugging it off, they were not important now.

The blond man heard the door click close and the red light turn on top of it – signaling that the room was currently being used. He tried to do his best to ignore the muffled screams from within and flinched at the mental images the nurse had so kindly instilled in his brain. Now he couldn't stop thinking of all the blood, and Nana's face contorted in an expression of pain as she gasped for breath at every push –

He slapped himself.

"Well, you're certainly better off than I expected," a slightly accented voice spoke behind him, the amused tone grating on his nerves. He took a few seconds to school his expression into something more acceptable of his status and turned towards the person, ignoring the fact that he had just hit himself and that his cheek was probably red.

"Ganauche," Iemitsu acknowledged, his tone cool but his eyes telling otherwise. Vongola Nono's thunder guardian just stared at him for a while before cracking an easy-going smile and suppressing a guffaw.

Vongola Nono's thunder guardian was no doubt the youngest, both by looks and his age. He was a tall man of more than six feet with bi-colored hair that he claimed was the rage among the teenagers today, making the other guardians groan and the Ninth to shake his head at how the fully-grown man insisted to act like a teenager. Ganauche had a handsome face that had a boyish edge to it – almost mischievous. It was lucky that he had matured over the years, Iemitsu could still remember the headaches Timoteo got when he was training the thunder when he was still younger. The Ninth couldn't last a day without three bottles of aspirin.

"What got your boxers so twisted oh, most honorable Outside Advisor?" Ganauche said, no doubt trying to lighten up the mood and was rewarded with a small twitch of Iemitsu's lips. The older man relaxed his shoulders and his usual mob boss expression made its appearance. Deeming that the blond man won't jump on Ganauche for whatever reason (he found out quite some time ago that men could be quite like a PMS-ing pregnant woman if their wife had gone into a labor), he walked closer to the frazzled man.

The thunder guardian sat on a plastic chair a seat apart from the other man. Ganauche took on a relaxed posture but Iemitsu's trained eyes could see the alertness in his position. The CEDEF leader was a bit more reassured at the thought of having reliable allies helping them out. No matter even if it was Ganauche who would sometimes act too much of a laid-back youth without a care in the world rather than the experienced fighter that he truly is.

"So, what's the status?" he asked lowly. They kept their voices at a minimum to prevent possible eavesdroppers from hearing. They couldn't be too sure after all if the enemies or their spies weren't around after all. The mere thought sent his whole body to tense up yet again.

It wasn't only Nana's childbirth that has been messing with his nerves lately. Iemitsu had been contacted a few months ago that the CEDEF leader's absence from his work had started spreading through the Mafia grapevine. None of them – the Vongola and CEDEF's higher echelons – were really surprised about the information leak but Iemitsu had hoped that word of his leave won't spread after a few years. He didn't zealously hide all information about his real family from his own Mafia famiglia for nothing. There was a reason why his wedding with Nana was only attended by closest family relatives only (Nana's parents and Timoteo and his guradians). There was a reason why he and Ninth went out of their way to ensure that Nana will have the best and farthest medical establishment from Namimori as possible (they were in the middle of an 'impromptu' vacation in the US). Certainly, there was a reason why Ganauche was in the same hospital where Nana was giving birth right now.

There was no doubt in the minds of the people who are aware of the current situation that if any information about his family – about his life as Sawada Iemitsu and not the fear-inspiring young lion of the Vongola – would come to surface, enemy famiglia would stop at nothing to get their filthy hands on them to gain leverage over him.

It was already worse of having to think of his family being kidnapped and held hostage, but it was nothing if the majority of the mob will know that his son was a potential Vongola heir, being one of the last direct descendants of Primo himself.

After all, it was a well-known fact inside the Vongola and a few precious allies and, unfortunately, information brokers and resourceful Mafiosi that Sawada Iemitsu was the last direct descendant of Vongola Primo. Everyone will get a field day once knowledge that another potential Vongola heir has been born, and if this won't be kept secret then Nana and their child would constantly

Iemitsu was very worried for his family's safety. If the whole of the mafia got wind about his wife and child, they would surely be hunted down – to gain the upper hand over the Vongola, to use them against him, to experiment on his child if they will find out that he had the Sky flame burning bright within him.

He closed his eyes to block everything away. No, they weren't sure that his baby would have the potential to wield the power of the Sky. If he was lucky, then his son and his son's son and their sons wouldn't get caught up in the dark business that was the Mafia. If he was lucky, his family would remain ignorant of the real line of business he got himself caught up in.

"Hey, are you listening to me?" Ganauche grouched out. Iemitsu opened his eyes and blinked at him.

"I'm sorry, what was the last part again?" No need to say that he didn't hear all of it.

The man in his late-thirties sighed exasperatedly. "No, you weren't listening. And here I am being considerate at telling you, without jest and sarcasm and certainly without 'fooling around' as you call it, mind you, that everything's fine and under control. The other guardians are scattered inside the hospital under the mist's disguise and your subordinates are diligently scanning the perimeter. The latest report, which was five minutes ago, says that nothing suspicious is going on. It looks like no other famiglia knows a thing about this. "

Iemitsu visibly relaxed in his seat. "That's a relief to hear. Nana'll be okay," he muttered under his breath.

Ganauche nodded in agreement, with an amused smile gracing his lips as he finally heard the name of the woman Iemitsu was betrothed to. "So, is it a boy or a girl? You could at least say the little tyke's gender," he prodded him. As mentioned before, everything about the baby was kept under lockdown. Iemitsu might not acknowledge it but Vongola's upper echelons were quite excited at the fact that Primo's lineage continues to live on. They have wanted to see for some time now the lucky woman who gets to carry his descendant. And the descendant, too, of course.

Iemitsu waved a hand dismissively. "We'll see."

He continued his agitated pacing down the empty corridor, for the last few hours he had been alternating to sitting down in suspended animation, staring blankly at the red light on top of the closed doors, checking his watch every minute, anything that might have labeled him as ADHD. He was not though, ADHD that is, he was just thoroughly impatient and anxious and goddamned worried right now that he couldn't keep himself still. He had been waiting for ten hours and still there wasn't any sign that the muffled screaming from the other side of the door was about to let up. It was his wife in there, trying her hardest to give birth to their first baby, and she was in pain. Iemitsu didn't know whether to thank the gods that he wasn't there to be witness of her pain or curse them for not being there by her side. He knew that Nana would say that it wasn't his fault and that he shouldn't feel guilty over nothing but he did.

The way the other guardians come and go didn't help Iemitsu's nerves one bit. He knew that they meant well, but they were hardly stealthy at their way of expressing concern. Ganauche, in particular, was complaining how much of a worry-wart he was while the others treated him like he was fragile China doll or something. It was infuriating but Iemitsu couldn't do anything because worry was eating away at him.

Just as Iemitsu thought that he couldn't last longer and all the waiting has already made him insane, the light shut off and the door opened, revealing a young nurse carrying a white bundle on her arms as though it was the most fragile and precious thing in the world. In a flash, Iemitsu was by her side.

"What happened? How is it? How's my wife? Where's my baby?" Iemitsu rambled while gesticulating almost like a madman. The nurse tried to prevent the giggle that threatened to escape her lips at the man's antics. She brought down her mask and gave him a kind smile.

"Nothing to worry, sir. Your wife is safe and will be in top shape after a few good hours of sleeps and the right vitamins and nutrients. As for your baby…" she held out her hands and her smile had a hint of pride in it, like she was presenting her own child. "Congratulations, he's a perfectly healthy boy."

Iemitsu gulped in apprehensiveness, suddenly thinking about the murky future ahead. He was prepared for everything – every burden, every sacrifice he has to make just to make his family safe. He knew that he won't be always there for his wife, for his son, and that he was damning himself to a future of lies and deceit that he had to say to his own real family. Because life was hard like that, because being a Mafiosi meant to be like that – someone who had to sacrifice anything for the good of his famiglia, even at the extent of his own family. He thought that he had prepared himself for that and that while he knew it would hurt, he knew that everything would be alright. Would it?

The doubts started to creep in his mind – all the dark thoughts and whispers that everything was a mistake – they started eating away at his conscience. He was able to suppress them to the darkest recesses of his mind for the last few years but now that he was about to take his first child into his arms for the very first time the whole weight of his situation had fully rested on his shoulders. It was crippling him.

He forced to move his hands and finally, finally, took his newborn son into his arms. He couldn't prevent the sheepish blush that colored his cheeks lightly as he fumbled – fumbled – with his hands when he touched the precious parcel the stork had given him. A Mafioso like him who had wielded all sorts of weapons expertly and had signed every peace treaty and paperwork with strong strokes of his large hands – he wondered how his subordinates would react if they saw how clumsy he acted right now. He blamed it on the nervousness and the thoughts as to why he couldn't properly move his body. Once he settled his arms and the baby was comfortable Iemitsu – half excited and half nervous – took his first peek at his son.

He was beautiful.

Iemitsu's breath caught, much like how he first saw Nana a few years ago. Sure, his baby was only a few minutes old and his looks could change easily but Iemitsu was sure that his boy would be quite a looker. He had plump and healthy cheeks, a cute nose, full pink lips, and a petite body. His hair was fluffy and the same shade of brown as his mom, his smooth skin was a mix of Nana's pale Japanese skin and Iemitsu's tanned Mediterranean complexion, his child was also of small built. It looks like he won't be taking much after Iemitsu – which was a relief because it might just protect him from enemies and kidnappers and such.

Maybe it was just the moment getting to him, but with the small child in his arms, Iemitsu didn't feel fear or nervousness at that thought. The proud father finally felt reassured. All the worries, fear, uncertainty, and dangers of having a family outside the Mafia melted away as his mind could only register the light weight in his arms and the warm feel of a small body against his chest. He could only watch as his small, unbearably cute and adorable, son breath evenly with his lips parting slightly at every breath. Iemitsu chuckled, it was ironic how it was the child who was comforting his father but he would imprint the memory in his mind. Iemitsu would remember this moment because right here, right now, it was perfect. Nothing would be able to penetrate the wide bubble of happiness he was feeling. Iemitsu was sure that even if things weren't alright, he would make it alright for the sake of the beautiful angels that graced his dark, drifting life.

The baby stirred in his arms as he yawned, making a very cute and nosebleed-worthy expression. Iemitsu cooed very uncharacteristically and which would have made countless Mafiosi faint on the sight of the Vongola Adviser and CEDEF leader acting so weird. He couldn't help it though because the way his son's lips made a small 'o' and how his small fists bumped harmlessly at his hard chest in an attempt at a stretch and how his small baby drooled all over the place. It was unbearably and devastatingly cute.

Iemitsu's grin grew to almost frightening proportions. "Who's your daddy? Who's your daddy my little babykins? That's right, I'm your daddy! I'm a daddy!" he said excitedly and then turned towards the door where his wife was still in, "Look Nana! I'm a daddy! I'm daddy of my own little tuna!" he all but shouted. Even the nurse had to turn and burst out laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the grown man, she was sure that if he could he would be doing a victory dance right now. But the moment was so much more than that, because he knew, as soon as he felt the warm weight against him, that he would do everything to protect his son. He's not sure if things will be alright but he's sure as hell he'll make everything alright.

The newborn child opened his eyes, looking around him to locate where all the noise was coming from. and cooed back at Iemitsu. The proud father looked down at his son with slightly wide eyes. There was a small, toothless smile on his lips and big, brown eyes stared up at him under thick lashes.

Apparently, Mafiosi aren't really good at holding back nosebleeds, because that was exactly what Iemitsu did. It was a lucky thing that the only witnesses to his shame were a giggling baby, a shocked and panicky nurse, and a long dead Mafia boss.

Giotto didn't show signs of stopping even as he was starting to wheeze for the life of him. He was clutching at his painful sides and still laughing his head off so loudly that he might have disturbed the other bosses on the other side. He couldn't stop though even if he wanted to. The sight of his descendant with a face as red as a tomato and running towards the bathroom as if a demon was chasing him was just priceless.

Not to mention, Iemitsu saying 'babykins'? Now that was just precious. Also the 'tuna' nickname. Iemitsu has bad naming sense. Thank god Nana was the one who thought up of the name yet Iemitsu couldn't even give a proper nickname.

The blond finally controlled his laughter and slowly sat up properly against the tree again. He wiped the tears from his eyes and finally managed to settle down, his face still wearing an amused grin.

He was now very curious. He still hasn't got his first glimpse of his newest, many-times great grandson. No, he hadn't watched Nana go into labor thank you very much. He had seen enough to call it quits for a lifetime. But right now, he was reconsidering his decision because he certainly can't handle the suspense as well as he thought he could. Truth be told he was squirming every so often just trying to see his grandson. Iemitsu, the big oaf, kept hugging the baby to himself and the nurse who was handling the baby now couldn't keep her face away from his grandson. She was fussing over him to the point Giotto could get her fired for improper handling of newborn babies, constantly cooing and poking the baby's tummy to get small noises out of him.

Giotto would have whined. It was so not fair. Why does she get to do those before him when Giotto was family!

Oh yeah, because he was dead.


When the nurse finally left his grandson in the nursery after being ordered to attend to another patient, Giotto sighed in relief. He waited when the nurse has finally left the room before he focused on the scene.

The little tyke was adorable, Giotto thought as the cheeky grin grew on his handsome face. There was drool dripping down one side of grandson's chin as he sucked lightly on his thumb. He was sleeping away again and the way his little chest lifted in steady breaths gave an impression of peacefulness, especially the serene expression on his face. Just looking at him made Giotto's mind finally calm down in a way he hadn't experienced for a long time. It actually felt like the way his inner turmoil ceased whenever he was in Hyper Dying Will Mode. It was now clear to him why the others acted so attached to the baby just by laying their eyes on him once. If this is what they felt whenever nearing little Tsunayoshi, Giotto wouldn't blame them. That didn't mean Giotto would permit anyone to near his adorable grandson though, he was sure that when he grew up all sorts of characters would come to him. Primo trusted his Hyper Intuition to the letter after all.

The only problem for his 'Great Giotto Rescue' was that he was dead. How could he protect his grandson when he was dead?

Again, damn.

As he sulked over his misfortune, his sunset eyes caught sight of Tsuna wriggling about in his cocoon of a blanket. He watched forlornly, thinking that his precious little grandson was probably suffocating inside the blanket the nurse had hastily put around him.

Giotto's eyes lit up as he suddenly remembered those months ago that he had been able to touch Nana's stomach. Of course he had tried to try it on other things but it didn't work so he thought that it was just a product of his bored mind's imagination. But maybe… a thought struck him. Maybe he could only touch humans and as he thought about it Giotto couldn't help but revel at his own stupidity. All this time he had been trying with objects, but maybe humans were within his limits.

He reached out again to the misty portal and was not really surprised when his hands slipped though this time. Slowly, his hands reached out to the blankets covering Tsuna's body.

Giotto smiled triumphantly when he was able to touch it and chuckled at the sudden warmth that invaded his senses. It looks like he could also touch objects also in direct contact with humans. Giotto marveled at the new knowledge he had gained at thought up of many things that he would be able to do with it. Watching over the Sawadas turned out to be fruitful in more ways than one, at least it made him think of more possibilities while he spend his time locked away in the Vongola ring without any real purpose.

He took his time fixing the blankets around little Tsunayoshi. His grandson was like a flickering flame, full of gentle flames that warmed his translucent body. Each heartbeat like a pulsing heat under his fingers. Maybe it was just his imagination but it felt like his particles weren't as scattered as before, like his skin didn't look as see-through as before, and that he almost felt alive again. Nah, definitely his imagination.

With the blanket finally in place, Giotto decided to leave his descendant into his sleep. He sighed, not really, wanting to leave now but it would probably best to. He gave one final caress on the baby's forehead and his final words before he retracted his hand back from the misty portal completely, "Welcome to the Sawada family, dear Tsunayoshi."

Giotto, who had turned his head away, missed to see the pure orange flames that flickered to life on his descendant's forehead, right where his fingers were placed.

Giotto had his fair share of dreams – from happy ones that left him hanging every time he woke up to the scary nightmares that caused him to wake up in the middle of the night. Of course, there were his least favorite ones, the dreams that were actually memories and usually he dreamed of memories he'd rather forget.

There were his latest dreams too, the ones he had while inside the Vongola rings whenever he felt like sleeping (it wasn't really a necessity but more of a pastime for the Vongola bosses). His dreams would consist mostly of current happenings in the world of the living in and out of the Mafia. The bosses, sometimes, also had the liberty to change from scene to scene as they wished.

So when the garbled images and sounds invaded his sleep, the blond was surprised to know that he had no idea of where he was right now. And whether if he was actually dreaming, awake or just hallucinating. He could see nothing, well the more accurate term would be his eyes couldn't identify what he was seeing. Everything was just a mix of colors and shapes that constantly changed and vaguely formed images. Primo tried to change the scene he was in now and was again surprised when he found out that he could not. He tried again and again and also tried to force himself awake to no avail.

He was starting to panic now as he scrambled his brain to make sense of his current situation. Some force was blocking his exit and he was now sure that this was not a dream. He never had a dream as surreal as this and he doubted that his mind was capable of dreaming up something like this.

Could this be an effect of the mist? No, he could not feel any flame pressure around him. Was he hallucinating? Highly unlikely. Were the other bosses pulling a prank on him? They better not or they'll find themselves badly bruised and missing a few of their teeth.

He was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a loud sound which vaguely resembled words. He looked around him and waited for something to happen. The images suddenly became fuzzy and bright and that voice said something again.

"Tu…! Fa-r… -ly…"

Giotto frowned, unable to understand what was being said. "Um… hello?" he said aloud, feeling quite foolish as he did so.

More sounds and colors invaded his dull senses and Giotto wondered just what the heck was going on. It wasn't even a matter if the other bosses were laughing at him right now (if this was all an elaborate and not funny prank), besides his intuition is currently screaming at him nonstop and trying to tell him something. But what it was he had no idea.

'Calm down. Deep breaths and focus,' he thought to himself. He was a freaking Mafia boss! Founder of the Vongola famiglia and the favorite target of surprises! He should be able to handle something like this. Why was he panicking?

'I've lost my touch. And I'm starting to get old.'

He pushed the stupid thought away and shredded it to pieces with a vengeance before he focused. He didn't really mean to activate his dying will flames so he was surprised, yet again, to feel familiar orange flames that he hadn't activated for quite some time now flare to life on his forehead. He didn't really mind it though because he knew he needed the clarity and clairvoyance that came with it to perfectly see what is truly going on. When he opened his eyes the fuzzy images became clearer, sharper. The sounds became more distinct and he could recognize the words being said. He finally saw and heard what he had not a while ago.

And he didn't like it one bit.

There, like two children huddled together over a Christmas present, were Iemitsu and Nana both beaming brightly at him. The scene was so wrong in many ways and it wasn't the fact that he could have been blinded by the 100 watts smile both of them were wearing.

It was the fact that they were looking down at him – literally.

If the spiky-haired blond would be standing beside them, he would just be a bit taller than Iemitsu and noticeably taller than Nana. If they were side by side. But the two of them were bent towards him with little space in between. Giotto didn't need to be solid to know that he won't manage to fit between the couple.

Besides, Giotto should be the one looking down at them. He lived up in the sky. Well, an artificial sky inside a ring. But it was beside the point.

He suddenly heard a high-pitched sound resonate around him and he didn't need his famed intuition to know that the sound came from him. He didn't scream like a woman, if that's what you're thinking. He was twenty-three and his voice was certainly not that high.

The thought was cut short when Iemitsu suddenly extended his arms towards him. He got a bad feeling about it and tried to edge away but the problem was, he couldn't move. This time, he outright panicked because everything that was happening right now was on a whole new level of weird. Being a mobster would do nothing to prepare him for this and he knew that other people in his shoes would have done the same, or probably do something more drastic.

Giotto could only let his jaw fall when Iemitsu managed to carry him from Nana and easily fit him in his arms.

Oh god, was he that small? He wasn't supposed to be that small! It didn't end there though because he saw tiny arms rising to touch Iemitsu's chin and later recoil away at the feel of the man's stubble. Normally, it would have been just a normal scene but the problem here was he couldn't see the owner of the raised appendages, which means he was the one supposedly moving his arms out. Which he was pretty sure he wasn't doing right now, he was frozen in his spot.

There was also the question – why were his arms so tiny?!

"That's right! Who's your daddy? I'm your daddy! Come on, give daddy a big smile son! Come on my little Tsunayoshi!"

...Daddy? Son? Just what the hell is going on here! He was Iemitsu's great great great great grandfather! Could it be that-?

No. No no no no.

The surprise was already fading away and in its wake, was horror. With dawning realization, the weight of his current situation was settling on his tongue like styrofoam.

No no no no.

He heard that shrill sound again and this time he knew it was laughter. He also knew that it wasn't him in control of his body… or should he say the body he inhabits currently. No, it was just impossible – plain impossible and not to mention ridiculous. He was probably going senile, the long, long years he had lived was starting to catch up on him.

'If you could get trapped in a ring, then it's plausible to get trapped in a child's body', a traitorous part of his mind whispered to him. Giotto could see the logic but it still didn't change the fact that it was not easy to accept. So what, he got trapped inside a ring first and later in his grandson? Where was the sense in that? And why don't the stupid supernatural things just leave him alone!

Iemitsu moved him so that he – no, the baby – could be more comfortable in his arms. He had him positioned in such a way that he could see their reflection on the small mirror standing on the bedside table. He could only see three people. A man, a woman and a child in between them. No sign of a man with blond hair that stuck up in every direction with strange orange-colored eyes. Damn, just as he had thought. It really was official, no point denying it.

His life was just made up of a series of hu-hah's and surprises. He just didn't know whether they were bad or not. Everything was just so confusing that he didn't know what to think anymore. How did this happen? Why did this happen? Is all of this real? What does all of these even mean?

As if on a response to the questions coursing rapid mile per second through his mind, the child – his grandson – started bawling his eyes out to the surprise of both parents.

Giotto just watched as both parents cooed and shushed the child as best as they could. He took a deep breath, not knowing if what he was about to do will cause any effect but he will at least try.

"Um, Tsunayoshi, you should stop crying now. Shush. Everything will be fine," he tried to comfort the child but it seemed like he was trying to convince himself. But it didn't matter because it worked like a trick. The baby stopped crying and yawned. Inside, Giotto felt calm and happy that he was able to do something. It was at that moment that he made his decision. If he was going to be a hitchhiker in his grandson's consciousness, then he should do something for Tsunayoshi.

He grinned. It was set. He was officially Tsunayoshi's babysitter.

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