Broken Road

The road stretches on for miles in front of her, the only company is truckers as she drives steadily into Appalachia.

There's absolutely nothing happening insider her head. It's blank. For the first time in her entire life she's got nothing, until she hears the hiccupping gasp of her baby in the back seat. Their baby.

Oh god she left him behind, he loves her more that she ever deserved and she left him behind. Christine snuffles again in the back seat and it only stiffens her resolve, she's doing this for her daughter, for their daughter. She won't let her daughter grow up without her mother and father. This is the only way.

Her father will do what he does best and will prove that it wasn't her. Because she knows him and he will move mountains for her and that's what she needs him to do. He'd thought about it before her father had even mentioned the idea. But despite that she knows that she broke his heart because he feels everything in magnitudes that she can't comprehend, but she's fairly certain that her heart has been broken despite the anatomical improbability of it.

She's counting on him to do what he's always done best and work within the system. But oh god, she needs him now. She desperately needs his after shave to be filling the tiny car as he tries to get her to play the license plate game as she crosses another state line disappearing into rural America.

She wants to tangle her fingers with his and have him press a kiss to her forehead tell her it's going to be okay and that he loves her. But that's not what she needs so she keeps driving into the dark, keeping her emotions at bay, focusing on nothing but the dotted white line out into no where. And the Christine's broken cry pierces the air. Their baby's hungry.

She pulls over at the nearest rest stop and cuddles the only connection left to him, as close as possible and for the first time the tears escape.

Before she can help it she's sobbing in the backseat of the car feeding their baby with a bottle. Only their little girl won't talk it because her mom is crying and she's promising the little girl, "Daddy will come for us. He loves us so much. He will save us. He always has."

"He always has," and that's all she has to go on. Precedent is all she has and she has to believe in it. "He will come for us," she promises the baby girl, with his eyes.

Sorry that I haven't written anything in so long, but they were happy and I didn't want to mess with happy. Now I feel the desperate need to fix something.

If your inclined I'd love to hear from you, if not then I hope you enjoyed this cause I had to get it off my chest.