Sebastian was lounging on the couch, his feet up on the coffee table, and newspaper in one hand and half a cigarette in the other. He was enjoying the few days off he had by doing absolutely nothing. Since waking up, he got himself a cup of coffee and watched what he thought was Loose Women, but it could easily been This Morning. He wasn't actually sure when the first show stopped and the other one started, it was all the same really.

Then there was a loud ruffling noise from outside the flat door and the muttered cursing on a frustrated Irishman. Sighing that his bubble of comfort had been broken, he stumped out his cigarette and place down the newspaper before walking to door. He didn't have to look to know that Jim forget to take his keys once again. Sebastian opened the door ready to give his knowing look, but the frustrated Jim he was expected to see was replaced by a childlike Jim holding a boxer puppy in his arms.

"What the fuck is that?" Sebastian asked, completely shocked by what he saw. It wasn't the fact he didn't like animals, no he loved them. Just not when they were clearly not toilet trained and his house.

"It's our baby!" Jim squealed and walked past the still shocked Sebastian, whispering sweet nothings to puppy.

Sebastian looked to the floor, just past the door, and saw bags full of food, water bowls, collars and a rather large dog bed. Begrudgingly the sniper took the bags in to the living room; it looked like the dog was here to say despite what he had to say. Then again why would what he thought make any difference in the mind of Jim.

Still he sat back on the sofa and glared lightly at the dog that was currently on its back while Jim scratched its stomach. He heard Jim giggle and the protest he had inside him vanished. Sighing once more the sandy haired man asked, "so what are we calling it?"

"Him," Jim corrected him, his eyes still on the puppy that was trying to playfully bite the consulting criminal. "And Sherlock, or Sherly for short."

"No," Sebastian said, "we are not calling him Sherlock."

"Please Sebby," Jim pleaded looking up at him with those puppy dog eyes he used to get what he wants. "We could dress him in little rain jackets and deer stalker hats and take him out when we do crimes. And then when he gets bigger we could corrupt him and kitty Lestrade would be devastated but Sherly wouldn't care because he's Sherly…"

"Kitty Lestrade?" Sebastian cut off the mad man's rambling. "Since when were we getting a cat?"

Jim gave him that look which meant of course we're getting a cat; still Sebastian stood his ground and shook his head. Jim sighed and scooped up the puppy and sat down next to him on the couch. The sniper gave the puppy's head a scratch; as much as he hated to admit it the little guy was cute.

"What are we going to name him then?" Jim asked, looking at the dog as if it was actually his child.

Sebastian shrugged, "I'm not good with names."

Jim nodded and then suggested, "We could name him after your dad?"

"Frank? No."

"Um, what about… Mike… no too common."

"Too common? Jim it's a dog!"

"It's not just any dog, Seb. It's our dog."

Sebastian couldn't think of an argument for that so simply nodded. "Shane?" he suggested.

Jim thought about it for a while, saying the name over and over while looking at the dog. "Shane." He settled on and nodded. "Shane."

The dog then barked and jumped off Jim's lap and ran to look in one of the many bags on the floor. After a while of searching he brought out a ball and started to chase it around the room. Sebastian just shook his head and kissed Jim lightly.

"If he makes a mess, your cleaning it up." He said to the Irishman. The other man simply shook his head and walked up to the puppy and bounced the ball high into the air.

As the sniper walked to go grab a shower, he couldn't help but think that having a puppy wouldn't be all bad if he made Jim this happy.