A/N: So… I've become totally obsessed with both the Thor and Avengers films so I've decided to write a fanfic consisting of our favourite God of Mischief – Loki. This is a Loki + OC Story! Rating is set at M because there will be some juicy scenes later on in the story ;0)

WARNING!: This fanfic follows closely to the storyline of the Avengers film, so if you haven't watched it yet you might not want to read this as it will have spoilers in it.

Summary: Jessica Manning is from a wealthy and respected family. One evening she goes to a gala in Germany with her father. She knows what to expect. Luxury. Elegance. Delicacies. But what she did not expect was a raven haired god with glacial emerald eyes to show up and turn her world upside down.

So here it is, Chapter 1 of my brand new story called 'Of Mischief and Madness'

Let me know what you think of it so far!

Enjoy :0)

Chapter 1


People surrounded me. Everywhere I turned, I bumped or jostled into someone, every now and then I would feel an elbow or a foot nudge against me in the throng of wandering bodies. The hall I was standing in was huge and on a grand scale, but even the enormous space could not contain the amount of people trying to step their way into and around the room.

I hated parties. I was not much a partygoer person, I did not enjoy being in the company of lots of people. Especially people I did not know. Faces surrounded me, yet most of them I did not know or recognise; these people were foreign to me.

Jessica Ann Manning, why did you agree to come here? I thought to myself with chagrin. I decided mentally in that second that I should have stayed at home, with my cat, watching television or reading a book. Why did I let my dad drag me into doing this again?

I scanned the crowd, tiptoeing so that I could peer over the masses for the familiar face that was my fathers. This was all his doing. He had asked me to come, nay, practically begged it of me. He was a rich and well-respected member amongst the higher classes. He used his abundance of wealth to invest into businesses and projects around the world. His latest invests being a group of geoscientists who spend most of their time testing and researching any rare resources or materials that they find in or on the earth. This kind of heavy science was not exactly my cup of tea; in fact, to be brutally honest I hated sciences too. The only reason I had decided to come here was for my father, for I was his wealthy young daughter, the apple of his eye so to speak. He had no wife, for my mother died when I was eight of cancer. She had been a wonderful parent, loving, attentive and an even better wife. She would always come to these parties with my dad and together they would charm and talk their way through higher society. Since her death, I had made it my job, my responsibility to accompany him to these galas. I wanted to make him happy. I wanted to make him proud, but I never really understood until now of how out of my depths I would feel.

They surrounded me. People finely dressed in silks, suede's and satins. Pearls gleamed around throats, diamonds glittered from ears, silver flashed from cufflinks. They all spoke to each other so clearly and crisply.

I felt out of place. This wasn't me.

Glasses tinkled as a small group people toasted to one another. A woman brushed passed me and I looked to the side to see her sauntering away towards her gentleman friend on the other side of the room. Her rounded hips swayed in her red dress. The fur around her neck bobbed with each step. Her heels clicked. Her blonde silky hair swayed. She looked stunning.

I looked down briefly at myself and grimaced. The dress I wore was pretty, the only one I had in my wardrobe if I was brutally honest. It was knee length and was white with a simple black floral design on it. I also wore a black cardigan, some low silver heels and some silver jewellery to try to compliment it all. My hair, long and brown, was curled up into a tidy bun at the back of my head. Overall, I looked 'nice'. This morning when I had been readying myself for the party I had thought I had looked the doggies danglies, but since the moment I had arrived to this grand manor, filled with rich and pretty people, I was beginning to feel like I resembled something out of the Adams family.

I was not a vain person, though I wanted to make an effort for my father for appearance sakes. I simply felt I would have rather preferred coming in a pair of jeans and a jumper.

" Jessie?" A person called from my side suddenly. The voice was soft, masculine and definitely familiar to me.

I felt a smile spread across my face as I turned and watched the man I had come love and cherish like a grandfather walk towards me. He gait was uneven, crooked and slow in his elderly age. His hair the last time I had seen him had been greying, but now it was completely white and balding at the top. He wore a pale off white long coat and a fresh fitting black suit underneath.

" Harry Hilton," I greeted to him warmly as I stepped towards him and let him embrace me, " How are you?" I asked politely and then stepped away to smile into his greying eyes, " How have you been?"

" Oh, I am well thank you," He said, waving his hand as though to warn me off from fussing over him, " But look at you," he leant back and grazed me over with his eyes, assessing me, " You look wonderful, my girl, you look like an angel standing there. If I did not know any better I would have thought it was your mother standing there."

I smiled and I felt my cheeks warm, though I knew secretly that harry was simply being polite; his memory was slowly diminishing with every event that I saw him. I knew I looked more like my father than I did my mother. I had her pale complexion and short height, but I had my father's dark eyes and hair, and his stubborn personality.

I loved the old man standing before me. He had and has been a friend of my fathers for a very long time. He would often visit us when I was a child and he would read me stories and take me fishing with him in the summer months. I had not been much of a fishing person but I enjoyed the company and the fresh air; as I was an only child and did not have many friends to play with. Only the ones my father approved of.

" You look deep in thought, my dear," The sound of Harrys voice snapped me out of ponderings as I looked into his knowing features, " I know that look, I know it very well in fact," He sighed and looked at me sadly, " If you dislike these meetings so much then why do you come to them, precious?"

I shrugged and simply stated, " You know why, Harry."

" For your fathers sake?"

I nodded.

" Dearest, your father loves you," He laid a hand gently on my shoulder, " He loves you regardless of whether you are here or not. You do not need to coddle him, he can take care of himself."

I remained silent, not saying anything, unable to say anything.

" Speaking of which, " Harry piped up again, removing his hand, "Where is James?"

" He's in the other hall, speaking with the others," I frowned, " Although I have to admit that I haven't seen him for a while."

Harry nodded in understanding and turned to me suddenly, " Come with me, Jessie. I have some friends I would like to introduce you to." He turned to the side and indicated to a guy in an immaculate white suit and the woman in the red dress from earlier. The guy was watching everyone judgingly as he spoke to his friend beside him. The woman was smirking along with them whilst fiddling with her jewellery and sipping at a glass of champagne. Overall, they did not appear very welcoming and pleasant.

Before I could let Harry take my arm and guide me towards them I took a step back and said, " No, I'm alright thank you," I saw the disappointed look in his aged face and tried to remedy it by saying, " I just need to use the bathroom, so, you go ahead and enjoy yourself."

Harry, bless his soul, looked doubtful, disbelieving for a moment, " Will you join us when you return?"

I nodded, " You bet," I lied easily, " Don't get partying without me." I joked lightly to him and he chuckled at me.

Satisfied with my answer, I watched as Harry turned away and moved towards the small group and began to talk with them. In the meantime, I pushed forward, trying to slide my way through the forest of bodies until I reached the grand curved staircase at its centre. My heeled shoes tapped against the marbled surface as I took each step to the top.

When I reached the top I took a deep cleansing breath and glanced over the banister to down below. From here I could see everyone, all the people conversing and laughing with one another. I could see the band of violinists playing from the side of the hall. I could see the buffet table, the front doors, the various large thick columns that stood throughout the hall and the large crystalline chandelier above. From here, I felt safe, like a bird watching the world from its nest. I no longer felt suffocated or strangled with people.

This had been a mistake, I stated it mentally to myself, I should have stayed at home. I was not really a 'party' or 'people' person. As a child, I grew up in the quiet villages of Cornwall in England my parents. Most of the schools I attended were either 'all girls' ones or ones where all the other rich kids were educated. I spend most of my free time alone, reading or painting some ridiculous piece of art to stick in the little gallery room we had at the time. I hardly made any friends; I was too shy and too quiet for that. And now, here I was, in a building teeming with people and I knew none of them, and they did not know me. They only knew me as James Manning's spoilt little girl who had every she could possible want in life.

I hated it.

I sighed lowly to myself and turned heading towards the bathroom where I cool my face off and spend most of my time sitting on the toilet, wondering when this nightmare would end.

My feet where light against the carpet underneath them, I could barely hear a sound as they stepped across the hallway. I glanced over the white balustrade again, watching warily to see if anyone was looking up at me. No one did, they were so involved in one another that they did not notice me slinking away to my hiding spot.

I took another couple of steps, a few escaped strands of my hair billowed as I moved. A small smile stretched across my lips.

And then came the footsteps.

They were sharp, echoing and heavy around the hallway. The sound resonated around me drawing my attention away from the hall below to the person who had suddenly appeared and was making their way towards me from the other side of the hallway.

It was a man. He was tall, very tall in fact, even from a distance. He wore a black suit consisting of a dark pair of trousers, a black waistcoat and black jacket that hung down to his legs. His hair was long, to his shoulders, and was styled in a slicked back fashion that made the ends look like the tips of a raven's feathers. Around his neck was tie that matched it dark clothes. Along with the tie was a scarf like piece of material that was green with various strange designs on it. As he stepped closer I realised he was not looking at me, but over the railing to the people murmuring below.

I took the time to examine him further. As he stepped nearer, I noticed he was surprisingly handsome. His features were pale, slender and soft looking. Though even from here, I could see dark shadows gracing the planes of his face, giving him an almost haunted or otherworldly appearance.

His hands were bare, but in one hand was a strange hip length cane. On its tip was an odd, almost glowing, blue emblem.

He was strange. In all the times I had come to these fancy parties, I had never seen someone like him before, not ever. He looked calm and confident in his step, yet I could see the fierce determination gleaming from his face as he watched the people below us. It was a cold look, sneering, almost calculating.

In that very instance, I suddenly felt like I did not want to be in same building let alone the same room as him.

I glanced about look for a door to step through, wanting to move away without drawing attention to myself.

But, before I could take another step forward, the man's head turned and his gaze landed onto me.

I felt a chill run through me, engulfing me, trickling over me like the fine sheens of a spider's web.

His eyes were green. Not just 'green' green. But stormy and dazzlingly vibrant green. Their brightness took me aback for a moment and before I could help myself, I found myself staring at him.

He was beautiful.

I felt my body heat up as I realised he was staring at me just as intently. Though my heat soon gave way to a trembling iciness as I noticed he was also smiling at me.

No, not smiling. He was smirking at me. It was a hollow and chilling motion of the lips that made me feel very small and insignificant in comparison to him. I felt like I was no longer the spoilt little rich girl, but a mere prey, a servant beneath him, and he the master.

For some strange and obscure reason, this irritated me. I felt my back stiffen indignantly and before I could stop myself I was lifting my chin and glaring at him full on as we stepped closer together, almost within reached distance. My dislike for his behaviour fuelled me as I challenged him. Hell, I may have not like parties, I may be from a well-resourced family and I may be shy in personality - but I was not a push over, or a coward.

I heard him chuckle, lowly. It was a light but chilling sound from the cavity of his slim chest.

I took another step. And then another. And then another.

We passed each other but did not brush against one another. I felt the air around me stir as I moved passed him; It felt colder, almost threatening. I turned away, facing forward towards the bathroom door, my destination, my sanctuary.

" Good evening." It came from him, from behind me now. His voice was airily light, almost playful but with a crispness to it that caused me to shoot around and look at him.

Only… he was not there. The hallway was empty.

I felt my spine tingle with unease.

Where has he gone? I pondered to myself silently, glancing around to try to catch a glimpse of him, but I could not see him at all. Now that, was freaky. One moment he had been there, standing beside me, and now suddenly he was gone. I was half thinking I had imagined it all, that I had conjured him up in my head, but the tell-tale chill in the air and the racing of my heart beat told me otherwise.

Unease rippled at my spine and before I could think anything else of it I practically ran towards the ladies bathroom door and shot inside. I stepped into a cubicle and locked the door behind me, leaning against it as I tried to gather my thoughts.

That had been so strange. It was almost as though he had just… disappeared!

I shook my head to rid myself of those ridiculous thoughts.

Get a grip of yourself Jessica, you're twenty years old, people do not just vanish into thin air. That is impossible! …Isn't it?

I lifted a hand to my head, feeling for the heated skin but only found coolness. No, I was not ill. I had not imagined it. I knew that, more than anything. The guy had been so strange. He had been gorgeous, yet at the same time chillingly frightening.

Whoever he was, he had seemed important. He had held himself with an air of arrogance and pride that not many actors could have mustered easily. However neither of it mattered, I was safe in my cubicle for the next couple of hours until the party finished. After that, I would not have to come here for another few months and I would not have to meet him again.

I frowned slowly to myself, feeling puzzled.

Yet then why did I feel like this was only the beginning. I felt something stirring, in my mind and in the core of being, telling me that this was just the start of something. I had a funny feeling that I would meet the emerald eyed man again, and when I did something was going to happen.

Something spectacular…

Something terrifying.