Ho shit, I actually wrote something. 0_0 Damn you Homestuck, damn you.

It iSn't aNy tRoUbLe jUsT To s-m-i-l-e.

Gamzee cowered in the tiny cupboard, thankful his tiny eight year old frame could fit in it. A loud crash rang out and he clung to his stuffed goat in one hand, and the metal of a horn in the other, careful not to set it off. He was softly whispering the lyrics to his favorite song.

iT IsN'T AnY TrOuBlE JuSt tO S-M-I-L-E.

It had come from one of his favorite shows about a big purple dinosaur. The kids were always laughing and smiling on the show, even when they had a bad day.

So sMiLe wHeN YoU'Re iN TrOuBlE. iT WiLl vAnIsH LiKe a bUbBlE
If yOu oNlY TaKe tHe tImE To sMiLe.

He forced himself to smile as another crash sounded, followed by a curse and the shattering of glass.

It iSn't aNy tRoUbLe jUsT To g-i-gG-L-E.

"Where did that little shit go this time? Answer me, you stupid slut." There was silence for a few moments before a loud clap broke it.

iT IsN'T AnY TrOuBlE JuSt tO G-I-Gg-l-e.

Gamzee kept singing as there was a soft thud, not far from his cupboard. He clutched the horn tighter, nearly denting the cheap metal frame. It would all be over soon, he just had to wait.

So gIgGlE WhEn yOu'rE In tRoUbLe. It wIlL VaNiSh lIkE A BuBbLe
iF yOu oNlY TaKe tHe tImE To gIgGle.

Normally he would have giggled, but the sound caught in his throat as the door to the cabinet was wrenched open. The hatred pouring from every pore of the man in front of him made him shrink farther in.

It iSn't aNy tRoUbLe jUsT To hA, hA, hA, hA, lAuGh.

A hand shot out and grabbed the collar of shirt. The man, not his father, he could never call him that again, dragged him from his hiding spot.

It iSn't aNy tRoUbLe jUsT To hA, hA, hA, hA, lAuGh.

He slid him across the glass strewn floor, red droplets speckled the linoleum and pooled around his mother who was bent over, coughing, as she tried to get to her feet again

So lAuGh wHeN YoU'Re iN TrOuBlE. iT WiLl vAnIsH LiKe a bUbBlE

The man dropped Gamzee and went back to the woman, shoving her into the wall with his hand at her throat. She clawed at the hand, struggling to breathe. Gamzee shifted and accidentally leaned on the plastic bulb of the horn. He cringed as it let out a resounding 'honk.'

If yOu oNlY TaKe tHe

The man turned, letting the woman fall to the floor and advanced on Gamzee whose eyes had fallen to the floor.


He was nearly on him when he froze.


It started softly, as nothing more than a giggle, and then it grew to a laugh, and finally to a near scream. The horn was in his hands, squealing out its sound with the shrill laughter as frozen hands suddenly moved again, wrapping around the throat and cutting of the sound. The horn fell and settled on the ground with a final soft honk.