Chapter 1: Prologue: Lurking in the Dark

Yeh. So I had a sudden inspiration for a vampire Laven fict cause I don't see many of those and I thought I'd give it a try! I can't think of a good tittle so please tell me if you have a better idea! And if you've read any of my other stories before you would probably be wondering where the heck did my chat box go.^^ Let's just say I just woke up from a nap and can't think of anything to say! Please R&R!

A figure launched itself from the roof of the building, unseen by all except for a man who was currently running down the quiet streets, panting and shaking in fear. Only his gasps of air could be heard, making it all the more easier for the figure to locate him. Slowing down, the man leaned against the wall, satisfied with his hiding place to get sufficient air into his lungs. He stayed low, hearing footsteps approaching. He held his breath, not a single muscle moving. Slowly, the footsteps faded. The man sighed, relieved, and made his way out of the barrels at the corner of the alley. No sooner had he taken 5 steps, something hit him in the stomach and he collapsed in pain. A hand, as cold as ice, pulled him up by his collar, pinning him to the wall.


A low voice breathed down his neck, sending tingles up his spine. A strong hand covered his mouth, preventing him from making a sound as he struggled in the person's hold. The person grinned, visible under the light of the moon. He moved his head towards the man's exposed neck, fangs glinting menacingly, as they got closer and closer. The man struggled feverishly, giving out a muffled gasp when he felt two sharp fangs pierce into his skin. His fate was sealed when those fangs touched his neck, and slowly his life seeped away together with the blood flowing out his body. Eyesight blurring, the last he saw was a single emerald in the darkness before he closed his eyes for eternity.


Lavi once again found himself feeding from a prey once again. He pulled away from the limp girl's neck. He dropped her body to the ground with a thump, and wiped the blood away from his lips. 'Her blood was bitter.' He thought disdainfully. 'Probably impure.' Walking out the alley, he continued his way down the streets, looking for another prey. 'I'm still hungry.' He walked aimlessly around the abandoned stretch of road, hoping that some unfortunate human will be wandering the streets.

"Every time I go out this is what happens…" A murmur caught Lavi's sharp ears. A voice, soft and child-like. 'A human?' Lavi thought joyously.' His blood smells good too.' Slowly, he followed the scent, which led him to a small, white-haired figure wearing a white shirt and black pants. He seemed to be lost, glancing around each turn and corner. Lavi grinned. "I just found my dessert." He muttered to himself. Quickening his pace, he followed the boy silently until they reached a road with an alley nearby. Reaching out his hand, he clamped the person's mouth shut and dragged him into an alley way. The mortal struggled in his hold, kicking and thrashing about, trying to rip the hand off his mouth. Lavi pinned him to the wall, and felt his jaws drop, Mentally.

This mortal, is probably the cutest thing he'd ever seen in his life. Snow white hair framed his face, still with his baby-fat, making his face seem like a small child's. Big, bright silver eyes with a tint of blue to it stared at his own emerald one. The one thing standing out was a bright red scar, unlike of any Lavi's seen before in his immortal life, starting with an upside down pentacle just above his eyebrow going down his left eye, moving outwards slightly below his eye, before slashing down his cheek. A wavy line parallel to the bottom of his eye finished the design of the scar. Lavi was intrigued by the peculiar design, unconsciously tracing it with his free hand. The boy tried pushing against him, fear evident in his eyes. Lavi felt himself chuckle. "What is such a young boy like you doing out here at 3am in the morning? Don't you know how dangerous the night can be?" Lavi trusted the boy won't scream, and slowly loosen his hand that was over the boy's mouth.

"I-I know… I go-got lost a-after w-watching a midnight m-movie with m-my fr-friends…" The younger stammered. Lavi smiled when he sensed the shorter's fear. "Who are you?" The red head avoided the question. "What's your name?" The boy stayed quiet for a little while. "A-Allen W-Walker… Who are you?" Lavi smirked. "Well, I am one of the dangers of the night."

With that, Lavi once again covered the boy's mouth and sank his fangs into Allen's neck. He let out a muffled cry of pain and fear. He could feel the older drinking away at his blood, a strange feeling to say the least. Tears welled up in his bright silver orbs. Was he going to die?

Lavi slipped his hand away from Allen's mouth. The boy's blood was so sweet, so pure. He couldn't stop himself from drinking. Until he felt Allen's hold on his getting weaker. "S-S-S-Stop…" Allen muttered weakly, as he felt his energy being drained away. Lavi pulled back. He felt the urge to keep the boy alive, maybe because of his face… "Shit." Lavi hoisted the nearly unconscious boy into his arms, and dashed to the nearest hospital. Hammering away at a door that indicated 'Staff Only', the door slowly opened, revealing a nurse rubbing at her eyes. "It's three in the morning! Why are you here?" She yawned in between. "My friend had lost a lot of blood. Can you help him? Please?" Lavi was surprise to hear himself sounding so desperate. He'd only just met the boy! The nurse took in Allen's paler than usual state and called the other nurses to come over and help.

"We need blood type O!" A nurse exclaimed. The nurses ran around the room, looking for type O blood. "Sir, do you think you can give him a blood donation? We're currently looking for more O blood but we can't seem to find it. I'm afraid that he might not survive with we don't find it soon." Lavi quickly replied in a panicked tone. "Oh no! I can't! I mean, I don't have type O!" Well, technically it wasn't a lie. He can't give Allen his blood, or he'd turn into a vampire. But he had blood type O too… Should he risk it? The nurse looked at him suspiciously. "Head nurse! I found it!" Lavi sighed. They gave Allen a blood transfusion and Allen was kept in a ward to recover. Lavi sat next to Allen's sleeping figure and stood up. "I'll see you soon."

When Allen woke up, Lavi was gone.

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