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Plot: Takes place after Season 2 when they defeated Debonair and save Cephiro once again and they brought peace throughout the land… they think it's over BUT it's not…

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Lightning Heart

Chapter 1: Wish came true

'No! No! Please stop! Stop! Don't destroy Cephiro!'

'Ha ha ha! You magic knights are WEAK! Without your other member you have no chance to win against me! Ha ha ha!'


Hikaru woke up from her nightmare with fear on her face. Ever since she returned to Tokyo she has been dreaming the same nightmares all night. Hikaru, gasping for air, was sweating and she to look herself in the mirror and said, "I think it's time to awaken him. I can't stand this anymore."

It's only six in the morning and today was Friday so she decided not to go back sleep and began to prepare herself for school. She went downstairs to prepare breakfast. When she went downstairs to prepare breakfast, her mother was already awake and she was just sipping her hot coffee.

"Ohayo Okasan"

"Ohayo Hikaru" she gazed at Hikaru noticing the dark circles beneath her eyes. "Have you been sleeping well? You look tired" she said with a concern tone. (When the same person is speaking it should be kept as one paragraph.)

Hikaru didn't want her mother to be worried about her so she decided to make a big smile and said, "I'm alright, Okasan! Nothing to worry about. I just had a nightmare that's all."

"A nightmare? …. What kind of nightmare?"

"Umm just dream about a monster attacking us that's all."

"Hahaha ohh Hikaru your so childish as always."

Hikaru smiled and gave her mother her breakfast. After a while she noticed the time and dashed to her bedroom to get her bag for school.

"ohh look at the time it's now 7:45 am I'm going to be late! See ya' later!"

"Bye Hikaru! Have a good day in school!"

When her mother bid her goodbye, Hikaru was already gone and she decided to clean up the house.

While Hikaru was running to school she bumped into someone and flew backwards form the impact. "Watch where you're going!" Hikaru said.

"Oh I'm sorry miss. I didn't see you there because I'm a bit dizzy all of a sudden" said the stranger who was a bit pale.

Hikaru was mesmerized by her beauty. Her beautiful long straight and curly ends of pale lavender hair smoothly slipped from her fingertips when she helped her up. Her pure innocent blue eyes that were the color of the sky was pooled by a single teardrop that traveled down her pale white skin. Hikaru felt pity as she touched her smooth but cold hands as she was helping her to regain her balance.

"Are you ok miss? Your hands are a little bit cold and you can hardly stand on your own," Hikaru said.

"Oh I'm fine miss. I'm like this all the time. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go now. Thank you for your kindness" She took her bag and walked away. As Hikaru was gazing at her she thought that maybe she didn't eat her breakfast or something… I'm worried for her. I didn't even ask her name. She was so beautiful like Umi. As the bell rang she returned to reality and realized that she was late again. She took her bag and dashed to the school.

As the bell rang, everyone in Yumogi High School went to their respective home except for one girl. Sumire Inori, an 18 year old Senior High School girl, was wandering around the city of Tokyo. She was not planning on going home early, unlike other students that have a happy family waiting for them. She envied normal students who have parents that love them and care for them. Unlike Sumire, she has many family problems at home. Her parents are always fighting because of financial problems, her little brother is starving because their parents don't have enough money for food. All of their financial resources are used by her father on alcohol and drugs; actually her father is an allied friend of a drug lord. She doesn't like her father at all and she doesn't want her classmates and the school to know about her father, because it might ruin her reputation as an honor student and she might lose her scholarship. She hates her father so much that she doesn't want to respect him as a father. Her life was ruined because of him! That's why she doesn't want to go home.

While she was wondering around the city, with no money in her pocket, she decided to go to the tower to see the beautiful sunset of Tokyo to cheer herself up before going home. She stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the last floor of the tower. Ting! The elevator opened itself and she stepped out and stood in front of the large glass window that she usually looked out of. She always went to the tower whenever she felt sad or troubled. She loved the view, especially when the sun is setting. Her heart began to enlighten whenever she gazed at the view. It was heart melting and she even cried all her worries out.

"Oh I just love this view. It makes me want to stay here and glance it forever… but I can't…"

As she was gazing at the beautiful view she decided to play her violin to soothe her worries. The violin was all she had to live happily in the world. She opened the case, grabbed her violin, and began to play. Since no one was in the tower to listen her to music, she confidently played her violin with all of her passion and skill. As she was playing, she began to dream about a peaceful place where she could share her passion with everyone and live peacefully with no worries. She even dreamed of herself and her brother dancing on fields full of blooming flowers that scattered through the hills. Oh if only this dream was real, she could finally be at peace.

After she finished playing, she kept her violin in her hands, and began to remember about her past that her grandmother use to tell her about when she was little. 'If you wish on the tower at sunset with all of your heart your wish will come true' 'Is it really true grandma?' After she wonders, she decided to give it a shot. She closed her eyes, held her hands together as if she was praying, and she began to wish.

"Oh I wish I could live in a peaceful place… A place where I can live again. I know fate is not cruel; it's just that waiting for the right time to live again is so hard. I've been longing to live in a beautiful place…" as she wished, she began to cry. "Oh where can I find this place? I've been looking for so long… Please answer my prayers!" she shouted out those last sentences and then suddenly a big flash of light appeared before her very eyes. She was blinded by the light and closed her eyes. The light took Sumire and then the light vanished.

While Sumire was still blinded by the light, she began to feel a strong wind blowing around her entire body. She couldn't understand why there was a strong wind inside the tower and why she didn't feel the floor beneath her feet, so she decide to open her eyes to see what happened. She was falling… Falling? She then realized that she was indeed falling…

"Ahhhhh! W-What just happen? Why am I falling? Where's the tower? Where the hell am I?" she shouted like she never shouted before.

"I didn't mean I wish to go to heaven! Oh my! Please help! I can't die yet! I have plenty of things to take care of!" Sumire shouted.

As Lantis and Ferio were sword fighting Lantis felt a strange presence that he felt when the magic knights came to Cephiro. Ferio stopped to ask why Lantis stopped. "Why did you stop Lantis?"

"Could it be?" Lantis mumbled. Lantis began to run leaving the confused Ferio behind him. "Guru… Guru…" Lantis said heading towards the throne room. Lantis immediately barged in without knocking and went towards Clef.

"What is it Lantis?" Clef asked.

"Have you felt a strange presence?"

"Yes I did."

"Then why didn't you do anything! They might get killed by just falling from the sky!"

"Relax; I've already summoned Fyola to catch them. Maybe we should go out and see them"

Lantis began to calm himself and both of them began to run outside to meet them. Ferio saw the Madoshi and the Mage knight dashed outside the castle, and Ferio follow them. "What's going on Clef?" Ferio asked.

"They're back" Clef said simply.

Ferio who was still processing what Clef just told him, now realize who was back. Then Ferio ran behind them.

"I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna DIIIE!" then suddenly she saw something flying towards her. "What's that? A- A flying fish?" she exclaimed. "No! Don't eat me!" she cried as the flying fish flew toward her. Sumire landed at the back of the flying fish and the fish flew toward the castle. Sumire was surprised by what just happened. "Are you here to save me mister flying fish sir?" Sumire asked.

Fyola squealed in reply.

"Arigato~! I thought I was gonna die there."

"There they are," Clef exclaimed while Fyola was flying toward them.

"Huh? Why is there only one on board?" Lantis examined.

"Who is that girl?" Ferio asked not recognizing who's on board.

Fyola finally landed, and Sumire was gazed up at by unknown strangers wearing strange outfits.

"Uh hello," Sumire said with nervousness.

"Wait who are you anyway? Where did you come from?" Ferio asked furiously.

"Uhh…umm… I-I'm Sumire Inori. I'm from T-Tokyo," she said with a scared look.

"Tokyo?" Ferio asked confused.

"It is where Hikaru and the other live, Ferio," Lantis said.

"So young girl, do you know Hikaru, Fuu, or Umi by any chance?" Clef asked with a confused look.

"Actually I don't know Hikaru and Umi but I do know Miss Fuu," she said still afraid to face them.

"Really?" Ferio asked happily.

"Uh yeah. Uhmm I met her during a science fare. She won a certificate by winning the quiz show," she said while hiding behind Fyola, still afraid to face them.

"Come out young girl. We have no intensions to harm you," Clef said with a soft voice.

"No!" she said stubbornly.

Clef sighed. He waved his staff and then the giant fish in front of them vanished giving them a good look of the girl. Sumire gasped and she asked, "What? Where did the flying fish go?"

"I took her away so that we could get a good look at you," Clef said simply.

The trio began to examine the girl. Sumire was very uncomfortable by the way they were looking at her. "Will you stop examining me? And anyway where am I? And what's with the floating mountains?" She said while turning around so that they could not see her front.

"Young Lady from another world, you're in Cephiro. Cephiro is a Land of the Will, where Will is power. And the floating mountains are just part of Cephiro. It is floating by magic," Clef said.

"Magic? Is that possible?" She said confused, still not turning around.

"Yes. It is possible. What you saw earlier when my pet disappeared was done by magic," Clef said simply.

"Will you just turn around? You're making me feel annoyed," Ferio shouted.

"Ferio! Will you quit shouting? Can't you see she's afraid to face us?" Lantis said with a calming voice.

"Uh ok. Sorry about that," Ferio said shyly.

"Can we continue this conversation inside the castle? It's getting late," Clef said.

"Yeah! I'm starving! Let's head home," Ferio said while walking away.

"Can I go home now? I mean my real home?" she said facing to them.

"Let us explain this later. Right now, we should head to the castle first. It's getting darker now," Clef said while lending his hand to her. Sumire was hesitant at first but she decided to go with them anyway.

"You're very polite for a kid," she said while accepting his hand.

Clef chuckled. "Actually I'm not a kid. I'm seven centuries old you know."

"What?... Really?... Are you joking?" she asked not believing him.

"Yes. I'm not joking," Clef said simply.

"Sugoi ne~!" she said with a happy face.

Clef's eyes widened with those words. "You really think it's amazing?"

"Of course it's amazing! You've been living for so long! I've never met a centuries old man before," she said with amazement.

"Uh well thank you, I guess," he said. They continued to talk while walking towards the castle.


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