Due to demand for a sequel. Summary: Barnaby tries to make amends with Kotetsu after their match, because even in victory, he hasn't quite gotten what he wanted from Wild Tiger.

Note: I'm not writing another one. -_-

Barnaby's post-sex haziness continued long after his victory over Wild Tiger. The stagehands somehow ushered him away from the ring, into a dressing room, and got him to shower and clothe himself all before he started to gain a clear understanding of what had just happened. Through all of that, in his mind, he was still lying in the middle of a wrestling ring, kissing Kotetsu as the world drifted around him. However fantastic it had felt at the time, after, a strange… emptiness took hold, something he wasn't quite sure how to explain.

It didn't help that, midway through tying up his boot, Barnaby's daze started to fade, and he realized what his victory might have serious consequences for Kotetsu's career. Barnaby just shattered an incredibly long streak of wins over rookies. What did it mean for Kotetsu's future if he didn't have that record to rely upon? On the site, Kotetsu's win-loss ratio with experienced actors on the site, including ex-rookies that he had defeated before, was very even. Barnaby didn't favor the videos where Wild Tiger lost, because it weakened his fantasy of Tiger as a complete dominating force, but he could always fuck the rookies on their first time out, no exceptions. And Barnaby just made himself an exception. What did this mean for Kotetsu's reputation at WrestleSexxx? What if this sparked a catastrophic dive in popularity? What if, at his age, he couldn't be hired elsewhere? Did Barnaby just destroy his idol's career?

Barnaby shook himself. He knew he was worrying out of control—for one, male porn actors were usually hired for their dicks rather than age or looks. The heart of the issue, the thing that bothered Barnaby the most, was if Kotetsu was angry at him. He hadn't gotten that impression just after the match when he had kissed Kotetsu, such a chaste gesture after that unrestrained fucking, but now that he had a minute to think clearly, how did Kotetsu feel about his loss? Did he resent Barnaby? Hate him?

Once he had his clothes on, Barnaby found the dressing room set aside for Wild Tiger and knocked.

"Yeah?" a voice called from inside. Barnaby cracked the door open and gingerly poked his head inside. Kotetsu was sitting in a folding chair, stretching his arms. And not wearing his shirt.

"Hello," Barnaby said, closing the door behind him but not quite stepping into the room. Kotetsu looked up at him, then tugged a bit harder on an arm folded behind his head.

"What do you want?" he asked.

Well, Barnaby had a fairly firm handle on what he wanted, just not quite what to ask for. "How are you?"

"Fine," Kotetsu grunted.

"Does… does your ass hurt?"

Kotetsu stared at him a second. "Duh," he said. "But you wanted it that way, right?"

"Not… excessively."

"You said you wanted to fuck me until I couldn't stand. You said that, at the office."

Barnaby shifted. "I didn't exactly mean it like that," he said. Kotetsu snorted, disbelieving, and switched to stretch his other arm. "Are your ribs all right?"

"I said I'm fine. Seriously, what's with you?" Kotetsu snapped. "You broke my streak. Go get drunk and celebrate and shit."

"What will you be doing?"

"What the hell does that matter to you?"

Barnaby bit his tongue, organizing his thoughts into something that at least resembled a plausible reason. "I don't feel comfortable celebrating my myself," Barnaby said. "The only person I know here is Ms. Agnes, and it would be very awkward to celebrate with her."

"So you think celebrating with the guy you just fucked in the ass is less awkward?" Kotetsu pointed out.

Barnaby did not reply. Kotetsu had a point.

Shaking his head, the veteran released his arm from the stretch, rested his hands on his knees and stared at Barnaby for a second. "I just can't figure you out," Kotetsu said. "You basically admitted to me your only reason for doing WrestleSexxx was so that I could fuck you, but you took your best chance and threw it away. And then you fucked me instead, and at the end, you kissed me. Kissed me! What the hell was that about?"

"I did promise that I wouldn't let my match end the same way as my audition," Barnaby reminded him.

"Shitty job you did at keeping that promise for the first half."

Barnaby's cheeks heated up a bit. "I know."

"But why didn't you just let me fuck you? That's what you wanted, right?"

He looked away, that strange emptiness clawing at his stomach. It's what I still want. he thought. On some level, simply having sex with Tiger wasn't enough. The desire to lose still remained.

"I don't like people disrespecting me," Barnaby answered rather vaguely.

"You're a porn star now. Even if your friends and family never find out, hell, even if they do and they accept it, do you think the people in the audience respected you? Do you think the guys jerking off to you in a week when this hits the web, are they gonna respect you?"

"I understood all of that before I signed my contract," Barnaby told him. "I just knew I couldn't allow myself to become another of your popped cherries."

"So you broke my winning streak to protect your little bunny-ego?"

Barnaby fidgeted. Kotetsu just had a way of framing all of Barnaby's thoughts in a way that put him in the worst possible light. "…I'm sorry," he said at last.

"What the hell are you sorry for? You're supposed to try and win. That's the point of wrestling. Honestly, I don't know what pisses me off more, the fact you won or the fact you're trying to apologize for it."

Kotetsu's words did little to ease Barnaby's sense of failure, even in victory. He looked anywhere but at Kotetsu, toes curling in his boots. Kotetsu did have a point about people not respecting him. He had only half-planned for what he would do if, at some point in the future, it surfaced that adult video actor Hard Rider was Barnaby Brooks Jr. Someone like Kotetsu had already reconciled such a future, with ten years experience under his belt. And combined with this odd feeling that he still hadn't done what he came here to do, the prospect of losing his whole reputation seemed even grimmer.

"Wait…" Kotetsu said slowly, coming to a realization of his own. "You actually came here to apologize?"


"To apologize. For beating me."

"I just answered, yes."

"And what if I don't accept? You gonna try and make it up to me?"

"If you feel I've offended you, and there's anything I'm able to do, then... yes," Barnaby said.

"Damn, you're weird," Kotetsu chuckled. "How about this. People in the normal world usually do dinner and a movie before a fuck like that."

"What do you mean?"

"Buy me dinner and show me a movie. Don't worry, I'm a cheapskate. Take-out and any old movie you've got at your place is fine. I just wanna see a little more about what it's like to be a freaky little rookie like you."

Barnaby managed to smile. "I can do that."

In another half an hour, Agnes let Barnaby and Kotetsu leave, the executive producer still distracted by how best to capitalize on the evening's stunning upset. Kotetsu passed his car keys to a friend that Barnaby recognized from a few videos—Bull or Buffalo or something—and rode shotgun in Barnaby's car to his apartment, a little space that Barnaby had used as an alternative to dorming during his last year of college and just never quite moved out of. Kotetsu poked around the space a bit, checking out the art Barnaby had chosen, the family photos framed on the coffee table, and some diplomas hanging on walls.

"You're pretty smart, aren't you?" Kotetsu scanned the various awards and certificates. "How hard was it to get these fancy papers?"

"Very hard," Barnaby answered.

"Make many friends at college?"

Barnaby bristled a bit. "I don't see how that's any of your concern."

"C'mon Bunny, I'm just trying to be friendly. Treat me right tonight."

"Are you really going to insist on calling me 'Bunny?'"

"You didn't complain back in the ring…" Kotetsu looked 'innocently' off into the distance.

Barnaby sighed. "I made a few friends, but I generally consider them colleagues. Nobody that I would feel comfortable admitting to that I just appeared in a pornographic video. Then I had a few physical relationships, a few significant others, but nothing stable or lasting. Satisfied?"

Kotetsu held up his hands in mock surrender. "Just asking, just asking," Kotetsu said. "You got any beer?"

"Some, why?"

"Let's get this night started."

With the alcohol opened, their restaurant options contracted severely to what would deliver to Barnaby's apartment, so Barnaby ordered a pizza—meat lover's, at Kotetsu's request—and waited for it to arrive. In the meantime, Kotetsu shared a bit more about his life, too. No degrees like Barnaby, but a slew of eccentric hobbies and a much more active social life, and a rainbow of crazy stories of his exploits as young, handsome Casanova. He got into porn when he realized that he could get paid to have sex with sexy people, and then made the jump to WrestleSexxx when he got bored with predictable scripts and staging. But, occasionally the job bogged him down, because WrestleSexxx was just one of Agnes' many pornographic projects, and since it needed an arena, audience, and specialized character actors that she couldn't just hire and drop, she usually kept her wrestle-actors in the office and worked them through paperwork in the lulls between updates.

"I mean, I didn't sign up for this to be a salaryman," Kotetsu took a swig of beer and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "They know what I'm good at. They sell fucking videos of what I'm good at. And that's fucking. Why the hell am I at the fucking photocopier five days a week?"

"It's not that bad," Barnaby said. "That mundane work protects your job as an actor."

Kotetsu sniggered. "Actor," he repeated. "That's cute you think of it like that." As Barnaby took another sip, Kotetsu changed the subject. "So, you're seriously a fan of mine?"

Barnaby's hand paused suddenly. "Pardon?" he said, feigning distraction.

"Don't think I wasn't paying attention, back in the ring," A wide grin broke out on Kotetsu's face. "You said you'd been watching my videos for years, and you never watched anyone else. That true, Bunny?"

He could feel it on his cheeks, a bright and burning blush, and Kotetsu's wheezy little giggles proved that he noticed and correctly interpreted Barnaby's embarrassment. So Barnaby opted for the simplest solution, and said, "Yes."

Kotetsu laughed in victory, before he realized that Barnaby didn't plan on following his statement with a story. "Well? Spill!" Kotetsu urged. "When did you find me? How often do you jerk off to me?"

"What sort of question is that?" Barnaby protested.

"I just wanna get to know you better!" Kotetsu's Cheshire Cat grin stayed firm. "No matter what you did in the ring, I bet you're a huge fan of my cherry-popping videos. Seems right up your alley, if you ask me."

"Why do you say that?"

Kotetsu hummed. "I've got a hunch," he said. "I think a guy like you likes the matches that go on and on. Wearing away the loser's patience until he just can't take it anymore. Something like, oh, I dunno, me versus Hammerman, 1970."

Barnaby remembered that video. Vividly. And shivers ran down his spine at how Kotetsu had correctly guessed his favorite WrestleSexxx video, for exactly the reasons he listed: slow, relentless domination, toying with his opponent until he lacked the will to be anything but a toy, the arc that Barnaby envisioned for himself when he pretended Wild Tiger was there with him in his bed, matching his struggle move for move until he couldn't resist, and then Tiger would pounce, and—

He was spared the embarrassment of confirming Kotetsu's guess by a buzz from downstairs. Barnaby left to retrieve the pizza, and just stood in the elevator for five minutes taking deep breaths to calm himself. Honestly, Barnaby remembered his intentions for this night quite clearly—redress any wrongs he or Kotetsu felt had transpired during their match earlier that day—but the reality taking shape up in his apartment was not what Barnaby had in mind when he intended to apologize to the veteran.

When Barnaby returned, he found that Kotetsu had rooted around in his kitchen and brought out a new round of beer for them and a bottle of mayonnaise, the latter of which he proceeded to slather all over his slice of pizza just before each bite. As if the cheese and greasy meat didn't contain enough fat on their own.

They continued sharing bits and pieces of their past as they came naturally. Kotetsu seemed to consider his 'youth' to be anything after high school and before the present day, which for his age did cover a substantial amount of time. Barnaby's youth was mostly his college days, though he steered away from the sexual elements that he knew Kotetsu was most interested in, distracting the older man with stories of science fairs and recitals (dumbed down a bit) and informal backstreet brawls, all of which Barnaby won.

When they slowed down to chewing on their last crusts, at a lull in conversation, Barnaby brought up, "Which movie would you like to watch?"

"Right! Movie!" Kotetsu crammed the rest of his crust into his mouth and wolfed it down. Barnaby politely looked away, wondering if such a gesture actually had meaning, considering just a few hours earlier he had fucked Kotetsu screaming. "Um, how about you pull out a few favorites, I want one last beer."

Kotetsu stood and turned to the kitchen, taking his mayo bottle and used knife with him. Sighing at the old man's misaligned priorities (the beer will still be there for him after he picked a movie) Barnaby left the table anyway and kneeled before the TV and his collection of DVDs. He didn't actually have much by the way of 'movies,' or at least not movies that he thought would appeal to someone like Kotetsu; mostly dramas and classics. He should have thought ahead and rented a movie on the way home, an action flick or something. He heard Kotetsu's footsteps approaching, so he quickly settled on a mafia film, one hailed for its intrigue and impact, but hopefully with enough gun duels to keep a leisurely viewer interested…

"You're welcome to pick something else, but I think you'd enjoy—" Barnaby began, but he never got the chance to finish his sentence. Kotetsu placed a hand on Barnaby's shoulder, where it swiftly trailed up his neck and to his chin, tilting his mouth up for Kotetsu to kiss. Barnaby gasped a little, shocked, as Kotetsu's hand shifted to cradle the back of his head, supporting Barnaby as he kissed upward, his neck straining at the odd angle. Barnaby reached out one arm to grasp Kotetsu's shoulder, but Kotetsu grabbed it with his free hand, twisted it, and pinned it behind Barnaby's back. A sudden feeling of helplessness welled up in him, turning his other arm into a dead weight, and he just knelt there, already trapped and gently swaying back and forth as Kotetsu moved him with just his mouth. The motion, the shortness of breath, and the way Kotetsu eased their tongues together just right all contributed to a feeling of dizziness that made Barnaby's whole body tingle.

Kotetsu broke after a minute, staring down at Barnaby with a small smirk.

"How about we watch Hammerman vs. Wild Tiger, 1970," Kotetsu murmured. "I wanna see how much you really like that movie."

"That's—I can't—" Barnaby protested, but he was having a very hard time convincing himself that anything Kotetsu suggested was a bad idea. To prove his point, Kotetsu leaned down for another breathless kiss, pushing further in and claiming Barnaby's mouth. Barnaby moaned into the kiss, leaning fully into Kotetsu for support.

He pulled back again. "C'mon, Bunny. It's such a hot movie. Your favorite hot movie, right? I just wanna see it too, okay?"

I don't want to see the movie, it'll be embarrassing. Barnaby thought, but Kotetsu kissed him a third time, this time leaning him even further backwards, and faced with the actual threat of falling, Barnaby squirmed and finally anchored himself to Kotetsu with the forgotten free arm. The old man compensated by kissing deeper, more furiously, dislodging Barnaby's glasses and sending his mind sparking.

"You're alone, Bunny," Kotetsu urged. "It's just me. It's okay."

And in his arms, everything felt okay. And when everything felt okay, it had to beokay, right? It's not like Kotetsu had never seen Barnaby naked, either. And literally every meeting they've had thus far included some sort of sexual contact, so why break the pattern? The logic felt a fuzzy even to Barnaby's dizzy brain, but he couldn't quite muster logic any firmer right then, so on the next break, Barnaby nodded and groaned, "Okay."

"We'll watch the video?"


With one last deep kiss, Kotetsu left Barnaby, light-headed and shaky, heading for the door that he correctly assumed led to Barnaby's bedroom. His presence gone, Barnaby got a bit of a better grasp on what he was agreeing to. Kotetsu wanted Barnaby to watch an adult video, one that featured Kotetsu himself, while Kotetsu was present. This had to be some plot to humiliate Barnaby in kind, to watch him get more and more aroused, and to take advantage of—

"You coming, Bunny?" Kotetsu called.

Barnaby blinked, hastily restored his movie collection, and then approached the bedroom. Kotetsu had already found his laptop—and opened it, and set it up on the bed, on the bed—and stripped off his shirt, leaving him in nothing but his pants. He clicked around Barnaby's laptop, searching for the video in question.

He glanced up at Barnaby, and said, "Hey, put your p-j's on. Get comfy."

Don't order me around. Barnaby thought, but that odd helpless feeling from the kiss persisted, so he found his ignored drawer of pajamas and grabbed the pair on top. He usually slept in his underwear, but he wasn't about to leave himself in such a vulnerable state of undress when he still didn't have a firm read on Kotetsu's goals. His familiarity with Kotetsu's porn character, Wild Tiger, could only help him so far. How much of it was an act? How much of it was his true personality? What was Kotetsu trying to do?

Only after he slipped out of his black t-shirt did Barnaby realize that these pajamas were a Christmas gift from last year: a pale blue set of silk pajamas, complete with buttons down the front and lapels and cuffs at the wrists and ankles. Even as Barnaby cursed his own stupidity, he knew he couldn't go back to the drawer, not without alerting Kotetsu to his embarrassment over this set. And besides, the conservative body coverage help Barnaby survive whatever humiliation Kotetsu was plotting.

Dressed in the pajamas, he turned around to see Kotetsu staring at him, one hand clapped over his mouth and struggling to contain laughter.

"What?" Barnaby demanded. He knew perfectly well 'what,' but he wouldn't let Kotetsu mock him for it.

"Nothing," Kotetsu sniggered. "Just when I thought you couldn't get any nerdier…"

"I'm sorry, pussy cat, if I have a non-conformist style," Barnaby retorted. The mention of 'pussy cat' shut Kotetsu up quite nicely as Barnaby sat on the other side of the bed, but just as he had his back turned to the veteran, Kotetsu reached out and turned Barnaby's head into another bruising kiss. Realizing that Kotetsu favored sudden-shock kisses as a rule, Barnaby grabbed hold of his shoulder for that token display of control as that lovely feeling washed over him. Even as Kotetsu pulled Barnaby's knees onto the bed and eased him back to lie against the pillows, torso propped up a few inches, Barnaby just let his stress melt away into the mattress as Kotetsu kissed him… and kissed him… and kissed him…

And then suddenly flopped beside him, rolling into Barnaby's arm and resting his head against the younger man's shoulder.

"Ahhh, you're a good pillow," Kotetsu sighed contentedly. "Better than Nathan, for sure."

A little taken aback by his sudden change in attitude, Barnaby adjusted his glasses and asked, "Are we honestly going to cuddle during this?"

"C'mon, let an old man have his fun! I miss out on a lot of cuddling with my job," Kotetsu pouted up at Barnaby. "Pwease~ can I hab a cuddul~? Pwease~, widdle Bunny~?"

"Only if you stop that stupid baby talk."

"Deal!" Kotetsu's voice dropped back to normal as he reached out for Barnaby's computer with a single toe, tapping the trackpad and starting the video. Kotetsu had found the video easily; since no one else used Barnaby's computer, Barnaby hadn't seen the need to disguise his collection of WrestleSexxx videos beyond tucking them away in an unassuming folder. And then he had it pre-loaded the whole time, while he teased Barnaby about his pajamas, made out with him yet again, and then annoyed Barnaby into letting them cuddle during a porno.

All Barnaby could think to say to Kotetsu in this sort of situation was: "You're unbelievable." Kotetsu chuckled.

The video began much like Barnaby's match, the announcer addressing the audience, introducing the rules of WrestleSexxx, and then bringing out the rookie, Hammerman. Barnaby didn't care much for Hammerman—he had a bland, forgettable face, and couldn't really be considered particularly especial in any other physical features, either, but his genericness, and the way that he fought until the bitter end and forced Wild Tiger to wear down his will, made him excellent projection fodder. Through the years, Barnaby had no trouble imagining himself in place of the rookie wrestler about to have his ass claimed by Wild Tiger.

As Hammerman performed his workout-themed striptease, Barnaby glanced at Kotetsu out of the corner of his eye. Nestled against his side, Kotetsu stared at the video, too, either ignoring or not feeling subtle shifts in Barnaby's pose as he tried to find the most comfortable and least arouse-able position for the night. Kotetsu's presence didn't help at all, warm and solid and so, so close…

Is this what he intended from the beginning? Back in the dressing room, when he said 'watch a movie,' was he already planning on asking for an adult video?

And Barnaby agreed?

Wild Tiger took the screen next, fur-clad and feral. Barnaby crossed his legs as subtly as he could. He knew there was no way to get through this movie without at least getting a hard-on. A hard-on that Kotetsu would see. And then tease him about, and then challenge him over, and this was all boiling down to a match just like before, with winners and losers, and given how narrowly Barnaby avoided defeat before, he wasn't sure he could pull off that same miracle twice. And another possibility crossed his mind—what if this was a challenge to see who would lose resolve and resort to masturbating first? Kotetsu knew Barnaby had a weakness in this situation, a long history of Wild Tiger videos, this one being his favorite of the lot. But that completely defied the point of masturbation—solitude and privacy. Letting someone in, having someone there to see him and hear him…

"Listen, Kotetsu," Barnaby said, his last chance to save face. "If you'd like to have sex with me, fuck me this time, I'm perfectly all right with that. Eye for an eye."

"Dinner and a movie, Bunny," Kotetsu replied smoothly. "Pizza was dinner, and this is the movie. Besides… don't you like my dance?"

Swallowing thickly, Barnaby looked back to the computer screen as Tiger danced, hips swiveling, hands running across his body, smooth, seductive. Every inch of that body radiated power and lust, from hands to arms to shoulders to torso to hips to long, long, sculpted legs. He loved this dance, lavishing attention on every part of Tiger's body, a taste of what was yet to come. Barnaby's breath already started to deepen, slow, heavy exhales as Tiger shed his clothes and danced, casting a familiar spell and drawing Barnaby in.

The dance finished, and Barnaby remembered himself a little bit. He checked Kotetsu again, who showed no sign of acknowledging whether or not Barnaby 'liked' his dance. Barnaby swallowed again and pinched the bridge of his nose with his free hand. He couldn't let Kotetsu see this video undo him. It was just a video. Pictures on a screen, data on a hard drive, nothing like actual sex.

Before long, the video burst with violence as the bell rang; Tiger charged forward and his opponent dug in his heels. Barnaby's heart pounded, even though he knew what was going to happen and who the winner would be. He knew what it all felt like now, the strain of muscles, the force of Kotetsu's grip, the arena under his feet. With knowledge of what it actually felt like to fight Wild Tiger, the match took on a new realism that made it all the more exciting. It was already getting a little painful to keep his legs crossed. He just couldn't stop his reaction, and all the times he had laid back on his bed, almost just like this, teasing himself with these sounds and images.

Kotetsu shifted his head a little bit, just to readjust his position. His beard scraped lightly against Barnaby's skin, just enough to tease him, but Barnaby couldn't tell if the motion was deliberate or not. Nor could Barnaby get a good look at Kotetsu's crotch to check for the other man's arousal, not without craning his neck and making his interest obvious. You must have planned this. There's no way you didn't plan this.

Hammerman had a strong defense, a very strong defense, but though Tiger attacked him again and again, each of Hammerman's attempts to turn the match around failed miserably. Unable to truly gain the upper hand, Hammerman's fate was already sealed. After chasing the other wrestler around the ring, Tiger finally caught up to him, used a similar feint to Barnaby's, but rather than taking his opponent down, Tiger sank his teeth into the wrestler's neck, nipping and sucking fiercely.

Barnaby bit his lower lip. He knew what that felt like, too. In Agnes' office, in the wrestling ring, he knew Kotetsu's teeth and tongue against his neck, the way he bit, released, licked a little around the teeth marks, soothing, then bit a little harder, licked, bit even harder, and sucked, oh, what Barnaby wouldn't give to have the veteran neck him again, cover his neck in hickeys and pleasure him until it hurt, pleasure him until he couldn't think of anything else.

Yeah, Barnaby officially just lost the battle against becoming aroused. His stiff erection pinched painfully between his legs, but he held firm anyway and kept his ankles crossed, dangling his arm off the side of the bed so he could curl his fingers in the sheet out of sight.

Hammerman broke from Tiger's hold and retreated, holding one hand over his neck like a wound. Tiger let him go for a second before resuming his hunt, engaging him in a grapple again. Kotetsu shifted a second time—or was it just Barnaby's imagination?—angling himself a little higher on Barnaby's shoulder, his breath ghosting down his collarbone in light, teasing puffs. Kotetsu could kiss his neck right now. Barnaby wanted him to kiss his neck right now.

Barnaby knew how this match continued: Kotetsu attacked, Hammerman blocked, but those blocks put Kotetsu close enough that, every so often, he added an erotic advance, a kiss somewhere, hands groping, hips grinding, something to remind his rookie opponent exactly what their end goal was—one of them getting fucked, screaming and begging for more, and it was already starting to become apparent exactly which would last until the end. But Barnaby had to last, too. It didn't matter if he felt so much more like the loser Hammerman than the winner Wild Tiger, he needed to last.

I don't want you to make fun of me again. I don't want to be someone you look down on.

The fight reached a tipping point—Hammerman let out his first moan, a sound that Barnaby subconsciously copied. He caught himself after a second little groan, biting his lower lip and holding back, but it was just too much. His legs parted at long last, and in that action, his hips twitched—and twitched again, because that felt good, even with nothing to stimulate him, the action of thrusting gave him a little relief, and if he twisted his fist tighter into the bedsheets, it got even better, his arm around Kotetsu tensing just a little—

"You okay, Bunny?" Kotetsu asked. "Like the movie?"

Barnaby opened his mouth to reply, but had to gasp a few breaths. "What… what do you think?" Barnaby said. "You picked this on purpose. You want me to lose."

"Lose?" Kotetsu repeated, his pose and face completely innocent, but Barnaby could hear it; that dark, sultry Wild Tiger tone seeping into his voice. "Lose what, Bunny?"

"…Lose it," Barnaby answered lamely.

"You think you're gonna lose it?" Kotetsu blinked with false innocence.

"No!" Barnaby insisted. "Just, you want me to. That's what I meant."

Kotetsu chuckled. "Bunny, if I wanted you to lose it, then I'd actually touch you. Y'know, like this."

Kotetsu twisted his head that half an inch and parted his lips a little wider to suck on one of Barnaby's pulse points. Barnaby gasped as his eyes slid shut, leaning his head away to give Kotetsu better access to his neck, shivers running down his spine at the wet kisses, peppered with bites and sucks. One of Kotetsu's hands threaded behind his neck to cradle his head slightly, letting Barnaby lean further without straining himself. His breath hitched as Kotetsu found just the right places to tease him, his mind going fuzzy as his eyes opened again and he stared ahead at the video—it was Wild Tiger's first big breakthrough, the moment he got Hammerman's arms twisted just right, letting Tiger lavish attention on the man's throat just as Kotetsu was doing to Barnaby. The line between that video and Barnaby's reality started blurring a bit, and Barnaby didn't know which response he needed to use: fight Kotetsu off? Tell him to stop? Which one would get Kotetsu off of him?

…And which one would make this pleasure increase, because as good as it felt, Barnaby knew it was just the tip of the iceberg, Kotetsu could do so much more to him, for him, and Barnaby wanted it all…

"How you feeling, Bunny?" Kotetsu whispered in his ear, his other hand sliding under Barnaby's pajama shirt and tracing around one of his nipples. No more pretending; Tiger was hunting now, moving in for the kill. "Feeling good?"

"Mm…" Barnaby's lips quivered as Kotetsu pinched him, a tweaking little motion, just enough to tease.

"That a yes? This feels good?" Kotetsu switched nipples, coaxing the other nub to harden. Not waiting for Barnaby's reply, Kotetsu resumed nipping at Barnaby's neck, and with his cock already hard and straining in his pants, and the sounds of Hammerman's eminent defeat growing louder, Barnaby's surrogate for years, he just couldn't keep his head straight. He knew there was something inherently bad in just giving up, lying back and letting Kotetsu pleasure him like something directly from his dreams, but he couldn't find the will to reject his heart's desire twice in one day.

The hands shifted again, deftly undoing the buttons on Barnaby's pajama top, giving Kotetsu free reign to trace tantalizing lines across Barnaby's chest, pinch and twist and tease his nipples as he saw fit, run along the defined lines of his pecs, his abs, dipping and just barely brushing against the waistband of Barnaby's pajamas. His hips rolled whenever Kotetsu's fingers passed his navel, silently coaxing him to dive beyond and touch him already, but Kotetsu never took the bait, tickling him just enough to keep his straining erection at the front of his cloudy mind, but not to actually please him.

"This is how you like it, right?" Kotetsu murmured. "Until you can't take it. I'm in no hurry."

"Haa—please," Barnaby gasped. "Kotetsu, please…"

"Do it yourself," he ordered. "You've got a free hand. I wanna see you touch yourself, Bunny."

Barnaby tugged on the bedsheets even harder, struggling to resist Kotetsu's suggestion. His other arm, the one Kotetsu had been using as a pillow, found a patch of blanket and clutched it, too, in solidarity. He burned. In just a few minutes, Kotetsu turned him to a quivering mess, but he wouldn't give in. He couldn't—because if he did—

Tsking a bit, and apparently displeased by Barnaby's self-control, Kotetsu lifted himself from Barnaby's side and leaned over his chest, the very tip of his tongue nudging one of Barnaby's nipples. Barnaby whimpered, and Kotetsu took that as a cue he enjoyed it—I love it, I want it, more, more, please—and flicked his tongue, fast, fast, and with another hand rubbing little circles right above Barnaby's waistband, he just couldn't take it. He just couldn't. Kotetsu knew exactly how to turn Barnaby on and then obliterate all the limits of what he thought he could feel. Kotetsu had done what, necked him, groped him a little? And it was already too much.

Kotetsu leaned further across Barnaby for his other nipple, threading one leg in between Barnaby's knees. Barnaby didn't need telling; if he lifted his hips off the bed, he could reach Kotetsu's upper thigh, and even if he barely had an inch to move without crashing back down onto the bed, it was better than nothing, and Barnaby moaned, seeking as much friction as Kotetsu's body could provide while the man himself just kept teasing and tweaking his nipples, making him twitch and jerk.

"Look at you, Bunny," Kotetsu taunted. "What happened to Hard Rider? Where's that guy?"

"Hnngh… Hn—nnngn," Barnaby's hand on the top of the bed let go of the sheets tangled in his fingers, and instead threaded them through his own hair, tugging. This torture, holding him on the brink, refusing to give him what he craved, too much more of this, and Barnaby would die unless someone touched him soon, he knew it.

"That guy was a lie," Kotetsu said. "In the ring, that's not what you wanted at all. You wanted me to fuck you."

"Yeah," Barnaby agreed. "Oh, yeah!"

"No, not now, I know you want me to fuck you now. Tell me about then." Kotetsu grabbed hold of both of Barnaby's wrists and pinned them to either side of his torso, then with his legs, held Barnaby's thighs against the mattress, rendering Barnaby's hips immobile. "What the hell was going through your head? You wanted me to fuck you then."

"Yeah?" Barnaby gasped. Why won't he just do it?

"And then you didn't let me."




"Why?" Kotetsu's grip tightened. "No bullshit fancy answers this time. Why didn't you let me win?"

"Weak," Barnaby choked out. He barely even knew what he was saying, all decorum completely out the window. "I can't be weak—you—you hate weak…"

"I hate weak? No, that's not it," Kotetsu told him. "Sometime I lose, too. It's not weakness when you lose."

"You called me names! Lightning Bolt—Wet Dream—You hate me," Barnaby blinked, and tears gathered at the corners of his eyes. "You don't want me. Just your job—just for the videos, that's the only reason you wanted me!"

"We're porn stars," Kotetsu said. "We want who we're told to want."

"Respect me!" Barnaby cried, the tears finally falling, uncontrollably. "I don't care if everyone else thinks I'm an easy slut, but I want you to respect me… and want me… for real… I'm different because I want you… All of you… I want you to think that I'm—I'm—"

His words died away, and Barnaby just lay there, pinned beneath Kotetsu, crying and hiccuping a little, his body still burning for release, but with his secret out, he might as well say goodbye to Kotetsu forever. He'd never stay with someone as pitiful as Barnaby, even if just for the night. He tried to earn Kotetsu's respect and all it did was make him angry. He tried to show Kotetsu his heart and all it did was scare and disgust him. Why else would Kotetsu just stop and freeze, still as stone, if he wasn't somehow offended by what Barnaby said? What sort of twisted freak became so obsessed with a porn star that he'd go to Barnaby's lengths? What sort of weak loser cried over it? What madness made Barnaby think that this would ever turn out good?

Kotetsu moved at long last. He leaned in closer, pressed his lips against Barnaby's cheek, and kissed the trail of salty tears.

"Don't cry, Bunny," he whispered. "There's nothing to cry about. It's okay. Everything's okay."

Barnaby garbled his reply, choking on another sob, but Kotetsu just kissed his cheek again, catching tears as they fell, then switched to the other cheek, kissing up more salty droplets.

"You're right," Kotetsu said through his kisses. "When I met you… in the office… I thought you were a cocky brat… A weak little pretty-boy… Dime a dozen, like the others."

Barnaby whimpered, his fears about Kotetsu hating him at least a little bit true. The older man paused and nuzzled Barnaby's neck a little, hushing softly, before he returned to kissing up Barnaby's tears.

"But then… you proved me wrong," Kotetsu explained. "You're the first rookie to fuck me… You're the first to apologize for winning… You're the first I asked out on a date…"

This time Barnaby managed to speak. "Huh?"

"This was a date, yeah," Kotetsu said. "You're the first I couldn't stop thinking about… And you're the first that—" Kotetsu pulled back and kissed Barnaby in the middle of his forehead, through his bangs, before staring down at him with warm amber eyes. "Well, the first guy I ever wanted to fuck without being told. So here I am."

As that realization dawned on Barnaby, Kotetsu wormed his arms under Barnaby's back and pressed their fronts together in a tight hug. Barnaby's freed hands grasped Kotetsu's bare back, too, clinging to the old man with all his strength, his tears running out as he just breathed, in, out. He could feel Kotetsu breathing, too, right there with him, holding him close. If he focused, he could feel Kotetsu's heartbeat, too, warm, solid, and steady.

Don't go. Barnaby prayed. Stay with me. I'll fuck you, I'll let you fuck me, I don't care, anything to make you stay and want me, I'll do anything…

They might have stayed there longer, but Kotetsu moved a leg to get a stabler stance, which sparked a bit of a chain reaction—Kotetsu's body pressed closer, yes, but his hips met Barnaby's, and Barnaby felt Kotetsu's own long-ignored hard-on rub against his, and he gasped and twisted, dislodging Kotetsu and rubbing their hips together even firmer, until Barnaby groaned.

"Ah—hey, just a second, Bunny," Kotetsu pulled one arm free and brushed aside some of Barnaby's bangs. "I promise I'm not going anywhere, and I'll do whatever it is you want, but… there's something I want, too."

"What?" Barnaby jumped at a chance to give Kotetsu something he wanted, anything he wanted.

"I wanna see what you look like when you're jerking off to me," Kotetsu said, fingers still running soothingly through Barnaby's hair. "Just so I can know what it was like for you, before we met. That okay?"

The request still embarrassed him as much as before, if not more, but Barnaby nodded. Kotetsu kissed him on the lips—a light kiss, Barnaby craned his neck to follow, but Kotetsu just pulled away—and then he kissed Barnaby down his neck, to his shoulder, down his arm, shifting off of Barnaby's body, until he finally reached Barnaby's forearm, his wrist, the back of his hand, and with one final peck, Kotetsu broke contact with Barnaby completely.

Barnaby whined at the loss—of heat, of pressure, of presence—when Kotetsu scooted Barnaby's laptop to occupy the space the veteran just vacated. Hammerman and Wild Tiger were still 'wrestling,' though Tiger's victory was assured at this point. Barnaby was more surprised that they hadn't kicked the device off of the bed than he was that the video was still running—Hammerman vs Tiger 1970 was long.

But, Kotetsu couldn't have picked a better moment to pass him the video. Tiger had Hammerman flat on the ring floor, sitting on his chest but facing toward his lower body and legs, at the perfect angle to tease and torture his opponent's cock, balls, hole, all of it, as Hammerman clawed uselessly at his back and struggled to lift his chest against the weight. Caught in the perfect trap, but still fighting, Barnaby watched as the camera cut to an angle right in Tiger's face. The veteran licked his lips, savoring the moment as he tormented his opponent. Even as Hammerman struggled, it was all in vain. He belonged to Tiger.

I belong to Tiger…

Muscle memory moved him, legs spreading wide as his right hand pushed the waistband of his pants and underwear down and his left grabbed his cock and pumped with short, shallow strokes, making up for what felt like hours of neglect, but before too long, staring fixedly at Tiger's hand, he adjusted his pace to match the video, stroking the full length of his cock at Tiger's leisure, at Tiger's command.

"Hnnhg…" Barnaby groaned. He pressed his chest up against an imaginary weight, 'struggling' as Hammerman continued to fight, refusing to accept his own loss, as Tiger teased his cock, his balls—Barnaby's right hand slid into his underwear, cupping and toying with his own balls just as Tiger did, until Tiger pressed his first finger into Hammerman's ass.

Right. Barnaby couldn't maneuver with his pants still on. Regretfully, Barnaby withdrew his hands and pushed his legs back together, hooking his thumbs and pulling down his underwear. Once he passed his hips, a second pair of hands took hold and tugged, much faster than Barnaby could have himself, almost instantly freeing him from the clothes. Grateful he didn't even have to sit up, Barnaby's hands gravitated back to his crotch, but he found another unexpected gift—Kotetsu pressed a bottle of lube into his palm. Doubtless the veteran found it in Barnaby's nightstand, but at the moment, Barnaby wouldn't have cared if it came from the moon. He popped the lid and poured a generous dollop onto his fingers before dropping the bottle and pressing his slicked digits against his own hole and pushing one inside.

"Ahhnnn… Nnnngh—haaah—Tiger," Barnaby moaned, forgetting Kotetsu's presence in the room, just touching himself as he stared at the video. "Haaa, Tiger, more… More…"

As desperately as Barnaby wanted it, he held on to his self control until Tiger added a second finger, and Barnaby copied him, thrusting deeper. Tiger taunted his opponent, his voice a little tinny on the speakers, "You're getting loose quick… So much for being a tough-guy, huh?"

Tough guy. Barnaby would be a tough guy anywhere but here, anywhere but lying back on his bed with Tiger's fingers—no, his own fingers, sadly—sliding in and out of his ass, aiming for his prostate but never quite hitting, never hitting until—there, in the video, Hammerman's sudden lurch and cry, and Barnaby curled his fingers just a little more, his body shaking as he brushed against his pleasure center. Barnaby bucked into his own hand, writhing on the sheets, eyes squeezed shut in pleasure, now listening to the video, to the helpless gasps and pleas for mercy. No mercy—no mercy as Barnaby mimicked the video against his own body, fisting his cock and fucking his own ass with his fingers, not even pretending to protest anymore, he just wanted to come, he wanted Tiger to make him come, to splay him wide and dominate every inch of his body. And he felt almost there, too, just a little harder—a little harder, Tiger—c'mon, fuck me, Tiger! Ahhh, Tiger! Tiger, please!

The video suddenly cut out. Barnaby's hands continued, determined to reach orgasm with or without a guide, but Barnaby cracked his eyes open to see Kotetsu set the closed laptop on the bedside table. Sometime during Barnaby's self-pleasuring, he had stripped off his pants and underwear, revealing his own thick erection. He stared at Barnaby, eyes filled with affection, and hunger.

"If I had a video of you doing that…" Kotetsu mumbled, reaching for Barnaby and plucking his glasses off his face. The whole world blurred, even Kotetsu himself, just a few feet away from him. "You have no idea how hot you look right now."

Barnaby didn't quite know how to respond, but he rolled his hips onto his fingers and moaned, just to see if he could make Kotetsu think he was even sexier. He heard Kotetsu exhale, before he straddled Barnaby's legs and gently took hold of his wrists.

"Let me," he told Barnaby. "Let me touch you."

Barnaby obliged, fingers sliding out of his ass as he loosened his grip on his cock, letting Kotetsu move his hands away from his body. Kotetsu eased his hips closer until his dick pressed against Barnaby's. Barnaby gasped and groaned as Kotetsu gripped their two cocks with one hand, rubbing them against each other. Barnaby thrust a little, but held so firmly, there was nowhere for him to go, just feelthat hard, hot heat against his shaft, thumb running across his head, breaking contact for just a second as Kotetsu touched his own head, but back again, rubbing against his slit.

"Ahhn, Kotetsu…" Barnaby could barely think beyond this man's name. "K—Kotetsu…"

"Beautiful, Bunny," Kotetsu encouraged. "Just perfect. You're so fucking perfect."

"Hnnaaah… Kote… Kotetsu, fuck me…"

"You're sure? I won't say no if you want it the oth—"

"No! Fuck me!" Barnaby cried, reaching out for Kotetsu, but unable to reach anything but his hand on their dicks. "Fuck me so hard, Tiger, please…"

He heard Kotetsu smirk. "I like 'Kotetsu' while I'm not working," he said. "But I'll fuck you. Just the way you want."

Barnaby shuddered just imagining it. "Mmnnn, yeah… Fuck me now…"

He chuckled this time. "So impatient," Kotetsu said, shifting a half inch closer to Barnaby and reaching out to him. He couldn't really see what was happening until Kotetsu's hand was about a foot away, but he could see three fingers extended. Kotetsu trailed the fingers up his neck to rest on his chin.

"Suck them," Kotetsu ordered. "Hard as you can."

Barnaby parted his lips and tilted his head forward, taking Kotetsu's fingers into his mouth and sucking, stroking any part he could reach with his tongue—the pads of his fingers, the sides of his first two knuckles—coating his fingers thoroughly.

"God, Bunny, just look at you," Kotetsu said, a little moan seeping into his own voice. "Sucking my fingers like you're sucking my cock… You're just amazing, Bunny. So good."

Blinking hazily, Barnaby took Kotetsu's comparison to heart and started bobbing his head on Kotetsu's fingers, as much as possible, dragging his lips across them, lapping his fingertips, before pushing forward again and sucking hard, as if he could pleasure Kotetsu by licking his fingers. That wasn't how fingers worked at all, but it didn't stop Barnaby from trying to get Kotetsu off through his fingers, so long as Kotetsu kept praising him and rubbing their cocks together, the exact particulars of biology were irrelevant. He moaned and swiped his tongue along the underside of Kotetsu's middle finger, massaging the second knuckle before diving deep, pulling back, deep again, back, deep.

"Perfect. So good, Bunny. You like this, too, huh?"

Barnaby weakly moaned an affirmation around the fingers in his mouth.

"I thought you would," Kotetsu shifted the hand on their cocks, too, pressing more fully against Barnaby's to rub him harder. "I think I get you a little better, too."

He cared very little about the prospects of 'being gotten' at this point, just sucking on Kotetsu's phallus-fingers with all his skill and strength.

"You hate losing. You gotta be the best, at everything. And I know you like being a winner, but it's okay," Kotetsu said gently. "You don't have to worry about winning anymore. I'll stay either way. Just worry about feeling good. Let me take care of the rest."

Kotetsu pulled his fingers from Barnaby's mouth with a pop, then let the fingers trail down Barnaby's chest, leaving a wet trail as they targeted his nipples, rubbing and pinching and driving Barnaby that little bit more insane.

Just worry about feeling good? How could he worry about feeling good when everything felt good, the bed and sheets beneath him, the pillows at his back, the silk pajama top still hanging on his arms, and Kotetsu everywhere, his hands and legs and cock all touching Barnaby and stoking this blaze of mind-numbing pleasure ever higher. Everything was wonderful, and hot, and Kotetsu, the one responsible for this heaven. He honestly did feel fourteen again, confused but curious, aching for a way to feel what had been promised to him in the future: physical pleasure beyond ordinary fun. Adult fun. Back then, Wild Tiger had made those dreams real, in the way he touched others and taught Barnaby to touch himself. Now Tiger was here to give Barnaby everything he wanted. And he didn't even feel ashamed.

But he still didn't have what he truly wanted. "Kotetsu, fuck me," Barnaby moaned. "I can't take it, just—ahhh, fuck—fuck me!"

The hands shifted again. The hand on Barnaby's chest switched to stroking his cock, wet fingers rubbing along the sides, while Kotetsu's cock and his other hand vanished completely. Barnaby keened a little at the loss.

"Just a second, Bunny," Kotetsu soothed. "It's okay. Just a little more."

Trusting Kotetsu, Barnaby closed his eyes and waited for the other man, hips twitching a little as he tried to urge the hand on his cock to go faster. Please, Kotetsu, I can't wait anymore, I want you so much… I've wanted you for so long… And you're here, you want me, too…

Kotetsu placed his hands on the inside of Barnaby's thighs—one hand cooler than the other, and slick—easing Barnaby's legs into the widest split the young man could do. Then, Barnaby felt Kotetsu's cock press against his hole, and after another second, push its hard, lubed tip inside.

Barnaby gasped and shuddered, his eyes rolling back as Kotetsu thrust deeper inside of him. He'd been fucked before, he knew what it felt like, but for some reason, it felt like his first time. Not exactly like his first time, because it didn't hurt the way Barnaby remembered. All the pain of Kotetsu inside him still felt like pleasure, blazing fire and fullness and the feeling that Kotetsu literally possessed him—all of him, from the inside out, all of it belonged to Kotetsu.

"Haaaa! Haa—aah—ahh—Kotetsu!" Barnaby gripped the sheets again as Kotetsu rocked his hips slowly. "Hnnnngh, Kotetsu, mo—more!"

"Working on it," Kotetsu grunted, easing himself in with a practiced technique, little bit out, lot more in, working in deeper until Barnaby felt halfway torn to pieces. But Kotetsu was just getting started—once fully seated, he pulled out and thrust again, a little harder than before, a little faster. Barnaby cried out, a sound that just encouraged Kotetsu further, gripping the outside of Barnaby's legs and holding him in place as Kotetsu drove in, and snapped his hips against Barnaby's ass with a smack barely audible over Barnaby's moans.

"Shit, Bunny," Kotetsu groaned, and Barnaby could hear his breathlessness. "You're so tight… Bunny… Bunny…"

That dumb nickname. But as much as it irritated him, here, now, it just turned Barnaby's bones to jelly. Kotetsu had a name for him that no one else used (that Barnaby would never let anyone else use), a name that reinforced the power Kotetsu held over Barnaby, the big bad Tiger and the cute little Bunny, and all he wanted was to hear it again.

"Ko—Kotetsu," Barnaby lifted his arms, reaching toward Kotetsu, but he couldn't get a grasp on any part of Kotetsu above his waist—he was leaning too far back by a hair.

"Bunny," Kotetsu thrust a little harder, making Barnaby wince and moan, but his hands stayed lifted, searching. "Wha's wrong?"

"I—I can't reach," Barnaby whimpered. "Can't reach you…"

Kotetsu pulled out a bit—and Barnaby cursed himself, he ruined something so fantastic trying to ask for more—but the veteran leaned down low, threading his arms under Barnaby's shoulders again, and buried his face in Barnaby's neck. In this position, Barnaby could clutch the other man's back and rub his dick against his abs, all while Kotetsu's body weight pinned him down and made escape so deliciously impossible, but the true pleasure came when Kotetsu thrust into Barnaby again, and squarely hit that bundle of nerves.

Barnaby tried to hold it back, afraid for Kotetsu's ears, but he just couldn't stop himself, wailing as Kotetsu pushed forward and struck his prostate each time. Far from wincing or turning away, Kotetsu's fingers curled around Barnaby's shoulders as he hit harder, daring himself to see how loud he could make Barnaby scream.

"That's good, Bunny," Kotetsu grunted. "This feels so good… Just like that…"

He knew it felt good—he felt it all over, and felt nothing else, not pain or stress or worry, and Kotetsu's affirmations in his ear just validated the whole experience. He was allowed to feel good. It didn't matter how he came by this pleasure, top or bottom, only that it felt fucking fantastic, and all because of Kotetsu. Barnaby's only job, his only wish, was hold on tight, and Kotetsu turned everything into pleasure. He could have had this earlier, in the ring—no, not really. Kotetsu wouldn't have wanted him then the way he did in that moment, in Barnaby's bed, if Barnaby hadn't managed that first victory. But here, now, he had perfection beyond his wildest dreams.

Then again, he could make one little, final request…


…If he remembered how to speak. He tried his hardest to slam on the brakes, loosening the legs that somehow ended up clamped around Kotetsu's waist, digging his fingernails into Kotetsu's back, struggling to work more 'nn' sounds into his helpless moans.


Kotetsu's body jerked and slowed, and Barnaby heard groans of effort as Kotetsu tried to still his hips.

"Bu—Bunny?" Kotetsu gasped. "Stop?"

"No!" Barnaby breathed. Stopping would be the worst thing in the world. "Keep going—but—growl… please…"

A soft bark of laughter in his ear. "Silly Bunny," Kotetsu chided. "Didn't have—to tell me that."

Before Barnaby could think of any sort of comeback, Kotetsu snapped forward again, and to Barnaby, it was as if he never stopped, just waves of pleasure slamming into him, driving him louder and louder still, just clinging to Kotetsu for dear life, just sinking and floating and flying in every drop of this fire that Kotetsu had to give.

"You're gonna come soon, Bunny," Kotetsu hummed in his ear. "Y'wanna come?"

Stupid question. Stupidest question ever, and Barnaby had heard this old man say some very stupid things, but the most Barnaby could do to convey his burning need to come was whimper more insistently in Kotetsu's ear.

"Y'sure? I dunno…"

Still no speech, but Barnaby's lust-addled mind reeled with, God, do it, do it Kotetsu, make me come, I need it, I need you, please! and he moaned and gripped all the harder, encouraging Kotetsu to make good on his promise to fuck Barnaby the way he wanted. But Kotetsu seemed to ignore his wordless pleas, as he slowed his motion to a stop and just lay there, braced an inch above Barnaby.

Despairing, Barnaby continued moaning, pressing his face against Kotetsu's shoulder, hoping against hope that Kotetsu still wanted him, that he hadn't lost interest, that he wasn't about to leave. Kotetsu hushed him again with a few soothing shhs, but Barnaby was beyond comforting, digging his fingers as hard as he could into Kotetsu's back, trying to thrust himself onto Kotetsu's cock, nearly delirious with want, but immobile under Kotetsu's body.

And that growl, right in his ear.

It's so brief that Barnaby almost didn't hear it, but hear it he did, and the sound electrified his already hypersensitive body. Groaning, Barnaby shuddered, struggling and clawing less and melting into the bed more—because what was left for him to do, once Tiger growled?

Kotetsu rocked forward, a slow, languid thrust accompanied by another, stronger growl. Barnaby moaned again and let his head fall away from Kotetsu's neck, back onto the pillows. Kotetsu took advantage of the angle to nip at one of Barnaby's hickeys-in-the-making before he thrust a little harder, a little faster, and growled again. Barnaby felt it rumble in Kotetsu's chest, that low, powerful sound, buzzing against his whole body. The pattern continued—Kotetsu's growl growing louder and stronger as he fucked Barnaby harder, and Barnaby was completely lost, his will to resist Kotetsu obliterated as if it never existed, and his body absolutely alive with pleasure and arousal. And Barnaby knew that he was never going to be quite the same ever again—nothing could to compare to sex with Kotetsu, from either side, taking him or being taken. And now there was no way that Barnaby would ever belong to anyone but Kotetsu Kaburagi. In a way, he had never belonged to anyone but him, from the very start.

Kotetsu's cock was relentless, pounding down on Barnaby's prostate until he felt like he couldn't see straight, the feral growl in his ear strangely soothing, like preparing him for the eventual end when Kotetsu devoured him whole. And with every breath he screamed, with every thrust he shook, just feeling, hearing, smelling, almost tasting Kotetsu above him, in him, around him, everywhere.

"Come," Kotetsu ordered through his sensual growl. "Now."

He couldn't resist. Barnaby's whole body clenched and pulsed with white-hot pleasure, curling every extremity as he writhed under Kotetsu's grip, screaming one last howl of surrender while his orgasm rocked through his whole body, harder than anything Barnaby had ever felt before. As his climax died off, he moaned Kotetsu's name, while the older man continued to fuck him furiously, thrusting into his oversensitive body until he came, too, gasping in Barnaby's ear and filling him deep inside with his hot come. Barnaby whined again, the sensation of Kotetsu's release mixing weirdly and pleasantly with his afterglow.

Finished, Kotetsu pulled out and lay beside Barnaby, breathing deeply. Barnaby got another good look at Kotetsu's post-climax face, calm and sated. Their bodies still mostly intertwined, Barnaby adjusted his grip for a more comfortable hold on Kotetsu, nuzzling him a little bit.

Kotetsu gradually roused himself, kissed Barnaby's cheek, but then tried to get up. Barnaby held firm.

"Don't go," he told Kotetsu, a little hoarse from screaming so long and loud.

"I'm gonna get a tissue, for clean up," Kotetsu explained.

"I'll clean everything tomorrow," Barnaby promised. "Just stay."

Kotetsu raised one eyebrow. "Can we get under the covers?"

Though adverse to much moving too soon, Barnaby agreed, keeping at least one arm around Kotetsu at all times and quickly resuming his tight embrace beneath the blankets, nestling close. This time, Kotetsu chuckled.

"So you're a cuddler, too," he said, humming a little and snuggling Barnaby a bit. "You're cute, li'l cuddle-Bunny…"

The humiliating title of 'cuddle-bunny' needled Barnaby, but he wouldn't be able to summon the energy to correct Kotetsu anytime soon. He just clung a little tighter to Kotetsu, astounded and ecstatic that the veteran was here with him, and wanted him without being paid, without being told. What Barnaby wouldn't give to stay like this forever, just lie in Kotetsu's arms and listen to him breathe, feel his heart beat against his chest…

The rhythm of Kotetsu's heartbeat eased Barnaby to sleep, curled up with the man who had always owned him, body and heart, regardless of how the particular positions fell. And after a night like this, Barnaby didn't see that changing anytime soon.