Chapter 1 part 1 of the Prologue

Narrator: Our story begins in the large city of Verona in Italy.

Sampson:(servant to the House Of Capulet) Is seen walking with a fellow servant (Gregory) in a street market picking up some tomatoes for later in the day for a snack.

Narrator: The camera pans in on the two servants

Sampson: I hate those Montague bastards said Sampson to Gregory.

Gregory: I know your mad that your wife is cheating on you Said Gregory to Sampson , but that gives you no right to talk ill about the other most powerful House in Verona.

Sampson: Gregory you know we could easily best those Montague's in a fight said Sampson with vigor.

Narrator Looks like we are about to have a fight scene everybody I will grab the popcorn.

Sampson: I think I see two servants of the Montague approaching said Sampson to Gregory.

Sampson: Let see if we can come up with a way we can start a fight with those Montague without breaking the law.

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