Behind Closed Doors

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Kim was fully settled into her apartment. It was weird at first, living on her own, but she was getting accustomed to it. She didn't miss family a lot, it was only a twenty minute drive to her parents house and she talked to them everyday over the phone. Her relationship with her friends hadn't changed much; her apartment was farther away from where they lived but closer to where they worked then her parents house. They would usually stop in before or after work to visit, but the one person she had most wanted to have visit had been absent. Kim figured that she would rather enjoy living in this apartment. She would especially enjoy the privacy it enabled.

There was a week in between moving day and the start of classes, and Kim had intended to use the time to the fullest. Unfortunately, certain events had conspired against her in that regard. Some idiot had actually tried to steal something from Drakken and now he was being extra paranoid. Kim was tempted to go a beat the thief up, but Shego had already done a number on him. They made sure to talk over phone as often as possible and Shego had promised a visit before Kim's life was consumed by class work. Kim still hadn't come out to her friends and family and Shego still wasn't pushing her to.

It was just two days before the start of classes that Shego showed up at Kim's door. It hadn't taken them long to get into the bedroom. There was a trail of clothing leading to the bed from the front door, which they had barely managed to close and lock in their frenzied state. Shego pined Kim to to the bed in a position that reminded them days when they fought each other on a regular bases. Warm pale green hands ran down Kim's sides as black lips attacked her throat. It hadn't even been a minute and she was moaning and near to begging for more of her lover's touch. The black lips began their journey down Kim's body. Kisses were planted on every inch of her flesh, followed by licks, sucks and nips. Every kiss downward brought Shego closer and closer to-


"God damn it! I'm going to kill them!"

"You can't kill them Kimmie, They're not worth wasting your pardon"

"My pardon? What are you... oh. Ha ha aren't you funny." It was only a few weeks ago that Kim had used that line on Shego when she threatened to kill Drakken.

"Yes I am... are you going to answer that? Or should I continue?" Despite what she had said, Kim had not moved off the bed.

"No, I-" Ding-Dong! "Argh! Just a minute!" Kim hoped that who ever was on the other side of the door heard her and would stop ringing the door bell. "It doesn't sound as if they are going away anytime soon."

"I suppose not... you want me to get into the closet?" Shego asked with a chuckle, but was only half joking. She would hide in a closet, again, if Kim asked her to; she would do anything for her princess if she asked, even though Shego made a point to always argue.

Kim opened her mouth to respond, but stopped herself. She looked down at her girlfriend, they had been together for only a few months, but Shego had always been there for her, even when they were supposed arch-enemies. But, they were only a couple in private, never in public. Kim tried to think of why that was, but she couldn't anymore. ""

"No?" Shego was a bit surprised, but she figured so long as they were both dressed they could pretend she was there for just a friendly visit.

"No, get dress. We are going to answer the door, together, as a couple."

"Um... OK, if you're sure."

"Yes, I'm sure." They got dressed in silence, but it still took them longer then it would have if they had each been alone, they couldn't help but watch each other. Once finished they shared a quick kiss before Kim grabbed Shego's hand and pulled her towards the door. Still hand in hand, Kim reached out and opened the door...

The End

AN: Whose behind door number one? I have no idea, which is why this ends here. I am not against the idea of a sequel (or prequel) to this, I just don't really have any ideas as to what would happen. As you can see on my profile I have plenty of ideas for other fics, so continuing the BCD series probably won't be happening anytime soon unless I get a truly brilliant idea.