E/O Challenge Wow: Crush : Double drabble combining the 2 drabble challenges set for us.
Word Count (Based on above) : 200 exact!
Spoilers : None

First challenge response, dialogue only & not my usual style (hopefully)

Disclaimer : Diss person disastrously having to disclaime any rights. Disturbing, ain't it?

A.N. When reading "Dean", please picture scene in black and white.
When reading "Sam", please view in full Wizard of Oz colour. Thank you.


When Sam attacks with his favoured weapon, Dean has no defence.

It was one of those weeks….You know, no chicks in distress, no lost pooches.
Evil was on vacation. I could see Sammy was getting antsy and, between me
and you? That spells trouble.


(A.N. Please compose your own tune).
It's a lovely sunny day
An' I should be happy and gay…
But I'm not.
Dean keeps glancing my way
An' I don't know what to say…
But I should.
Oh Looooorrrrddd!
I'm booooorrrrddd!
ONNNNNN…..this beautiful sunny day.


Grabbin' my piece I head out the door to catch me some air. But Sammy?
He follows. Walkin' off, I'm thinkin' maybe I should cut him some slack? But
I got my own issues. So I turn….give him the old dead-eye…..cue trouble.


Oh NOOO…Dean's walking away from me
He's goin' to leave isn't he?
I'll follow.
Oh my! That stare! He's givin' me that glare!
I'm crushed…I'm hushed,
An' I can't see a thing for my haaaaaiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr.
Oh Loooorrrrddd!
I'm floooorrrrddd!
BUUUUTTT….I can't let him walk away.


Usually I face trouble with weapons drawn, but there ain't no defence
against this attack. It's just me an' Sammy. He makes his move, flashing
them big baby…hazel...eyes, an' I'm a gonner. Hit in the heart….I surrender.
Damn those puppy dog eyes!