Hey! I know its been months, but i just didn't have time to write. I'm back and ready to finish my other story, as well as continue this one. First of all, I know its short, this is mainly a transition chapter. Well, enjoy! There will be plenty of violence, and humor to come!

At that point, it seemed no one had an answer. We all looked at one another.

Trevor shrugged. "You're mom usually hits the rack around twelve thirty, right?"

I nodded in approval. "Yeah, around that time." My mom was a hard working single parent. My father had left when I was thirteen, so I kind of took up the responsibilities. With work, dinner, homework, and a healthy dose of Mafia Wars on Facebook, she usually goes to sleep from twelve, to twelve thirty.

He nodded and pulled out a roll of paper, contained by a rubber band. He took the rubber band of and tossed it behind him. Quynten caught it.

"Alright, so you're here, 5th avenue and 25th street. Union is usually dead in the middle of the night, so we won't have to worry about traffic. Then we'll head up 25th street to Bon Secours Hospital, and down the hill, and then we hit the train tracks…" He trailed off in the discussion, while I focused on my open laptop on the bed, attempting to read the small text, due to how I was on the other side of the bed.

"Ow! What the?!" I was snapped out of my trance my Trevor's choice of words. Quynten was laughing. He had snapped Trevor's bare arm with the rubber band he had so carelessly thrown behind him.

I couldn't help but chuckle.

After the two had settled down, and the discussion was over, we all split up. I sat on my bed on my laptop, listening to music, and scrolling through Facebook. Trevor and Gage sat in front of my television playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. Quynten sat on the laptop he had brought from home.

When the clock read 'twelve thirty-three, it was time to go.

"Trevor." I called to him. He looked at me, then the clock. He nodded, as a wide smile grew on his face.

Never before, had I seen a high school junior smile like he did. That strange, mischievous smile.

He stood up. "Alright Bitches!" He exclaimed as he started getting things together. In a matter of minutes, we were ready, ill dressed in black hoodies, except Quynten. He couldn't stand hoodies; instead, he wore a grey, long sleeve shirt.

Slowly, and steadily, we tiptoed down the creaky wooden steps, and out my solid metal storm door. Then we eased our way into the grass next to my house.

Just like we though, Union avenue was dead and we crossed it with ease. I glared back at Gage, whom was carrying the duffel bag.

"What?" He asked me, dumbfounded. I pulled my eyebrows together and continued to glare at him, then smiled. "Nothing, just fucking with you."

Trevor and Quynten laughed, while he just shook his head. My backpack was filled with ammunition, gun magazines, and cartridges, Trevor carried maps, Gage carried the guns, and Quynten carried a bag with chips, drinks, and other snacks.


Don't want to go hungry…do we?

After a few more minutes of silence, we finally made it to the train tracks. After checking that none were coming, we hopped onto the tracks and started walking to Mill run road. The only thing that was heard was the crunching of gravel and rocks under our feet.

After walking about 6 blocks in silence, we hit Mill Run road. We stepped down the slope of the tracks, and onto the sidewalk.

Last thing I remember was laughing at a joke Quynten had told me, then I looked to my side.

Where's Trevor?

I turned to see Trevor hiding behind a wall, and a telephone pole. I was curious as to why, till I looked down the alley.

A police cruiser was heading straight for me.

Like I said, transistion chapter!

Another thing. I know the language isnt the best. This story is sort-of based on my friends, and this is how we act all the time. R&R!