The stolen bride

Chapter 1: The birthday surprise

"Yes today was finally was here" thought Sarah, Sarah was going on a date for her 21st birthday to a restaurant in Drighlington witch was called the Cheese cake warehouse with her date Liam Payne, it was Sarah's favourite restaurant she could live there she loved it that much. Sarah was a young intelligent girl who got everything right in school and got the best grades you can get, Sarah had curly ginger hair, blue eyes and a button nose.

(Knock knock) "Coming" screamed Sarah excitedly, Sarah rushed down the stairs to the front door, Sarah didn't even bother to grab her dressing gown even though she had just being watching the weather 10 minutes before she went up stairs, and today was meant to be the coldest day on record. Sarah opened the door and before she could say anything "where is he" screamed Olivia "Shhhhh Olivia not so loud it's 6:00am and some people do have jobs unlike others" frowned Tamara "sorry Sarah" whispered Olivia "Ohhh shut up and come in" laughed Sarah.

Olivia and Tamara were the two of the closed friends anyone could know, they did everything together they went out together, they shopped together they practically lived together. Olivia was the funniest out of both of them she had brown short hair, blue eyes and a cute smile. Tamara was the loudest and she had the same hair as Olivia but longer and hers had blonde highlights, brown big eyes and straight teeth, where as Sarah was the bossiest out of all three of them.

"So what are you wearing tonight" asked Olivia "I don't know yet I thought I would were the dress I wore to your party Tamara" replied Sarah "Yeah I think you should were that it is a gorges dress" replied Tamara "I agree" replied Olivia butting in. "So what time you meeting him" asked Tamara "He is picking me up at 5:00pm tonight in his car" replied Sarah with a grin on her face.

"Ohhh she is getting picked up in his bat mobile hahahahaha" laughed Olivia "Hahahahaha" laughed Tamara " ITS NOT FUNNIE GUY'S IM BEING SERIOUSE" yelled Sarah "We know" replied Tamara trying to hold her laughter back but it was really hard as Olivia was wetting herself laughing. Olivia settled down within 15 minutes " Want a drink" asked Sarah "Please" replied Tamara "Yes" replied Olivia "What do you want" "Tea please no sugar" replied Tamara " Tea please two sugars" relied Olivia. Sarah was in the kitchen making drinks when "BOO" yelled the figure "ARGGGGGGGGGGGGG" screamed Sarah "What's happened" screamed Tamara and Olivia running to the kitchen, "It's okay it's just me" laughed the figure the figure turned out to be Liam making Sarah Jump by sticking his head through the cat flap.

"Sorry babe I didn't mean to make you jump" laughed Liam " YOU DIDNT MEAN TO SCARE ME YOU FRIGGING PUT YOUR HEAD THROUGH MY CAT FLAP AND SHOUTED BOO AS LOUD AS YOU COULD, YOUR AS BAD AS OLIVIA SHOUTING ON MY DOORSTEP AT 6:00AM THIS MORNING" screamed Sarah " I am really sorry please forgive me" frowned Liam "Ohhh how can I not forgive you babe" laughed Sarah " Ohhh Happy Birthday babe" replied Liam " Ohhh at least someone remembered" (She through a dirty look at Tamara and Olivia) "Ermmmm ermm ermm" stuttered Tamara and Olivia " I know I have heard it before you both would never forget my birthday just forget to say it". "I think we have to head off Olivia its almost 1:00pm" said Tamara "Ohhh my gosh we had better hurry up Meerkat manor is on in half an hour" Olivia said with a shocked face "bye Sarah hope you have a great night" said Tamara "Bye Liam" smiled Olivia.

Tamara and Olivia headed home, meanwhile at Sarah's, Liam had left her to get ready... Sarah took her best dress out of her wardrobe and ironed it, and tried looking for her best shoes but they had disappeared "Ohhh dam Olivia's being in my shoe box and took my best shoes SHE IS SOOO DEAD" Sarah looked at her One Direction clock she didn't have time to run over to Olivia's so she grabbed the first pair of shoes she could find and slipped them on, Sarah was in such of a hurry she grabbed her makeup bag which was wide open and flung it to her chest before her very eyes her pure white room was now painted bright Orange from her foundation. Sarah quickly put on layers and layers of makeup onto her face, grabbed her coat and ran as fast as she could downstairs she didn't even bother to clean up her room because it was already 4:51pm. Sarah rushed into the kitchen as quickly as she could poured the water that was left in the kettle from 1:00pm and quickly added coffee and sugar.

It was 5:00pm bang on, (Knock Knock) Coming screamed Sarah, she opened the door, Liam came in and took one look at Sarah and said "Whoa" Sarah had that much makeup on her face that she looked like a umpalumpa, she was wearing a White dress and bright green shoes "You look stunning babe" said Liam "Thank you Liam" replied Sarah. Liam and Sarah headed out to the car "Wow you never told me you had a Mercedes" Sarah said to Liam "Yes I call her Bessie" laughed Liam "Okay them" replied Sarah. They both got into the car (Bessie) and Liam drove to the cheese cake warehouse.