Chapter 2: Bad date

Sarah and Liam arrived at the restaurant; Sarah went into the restaurant and told them her details as she had reserved a table for them both for 5:25pm as it took them 20 minutes to get to the restaurant in the first place. "Right this way Madam" said a posh waiter pulling one of their finest chairs Sarah had never seen such a posh restaurant in her life, Sarah and Liam got given both a menu.

"May I take your order" asked the waiter "Yes please if you don't mind" replied Liam "We will have one of your Salad bowls, a Cherry tore, a portion of your Selo Chicking, a Mipto Breast and for pudding can I have a Likky lips trifle of joy and a Rolo chocci please" said Liam " Do you want to order your drinks as well" replied the waiter "Ohhh yes sorry I thought you straight ordered them from the bar" said Liam "You do but you need to order them from me and go pick them up from the bar, otherwise the bar gets overcrowded and causes a fuss" replied honestly back to Liam "Okay then" Sarah said butting in "We will take a bottle of your posh red wine I heard it is the best" replied Sarah back to the waiter (Beep beep, Click click) "Here is your receipt" said the waiter to the both of them. "I will go to the bar and collect the drinks" said Liam "Okay babe" replied Liam. (Ring ring) "Hello" said Sarah "Hiya its Olivia" "WHAT why are you ringing me in the middle of my date... IT BETTER BE IMPORTANT" "It is calm down Hun" "Go on then what is it" "Tamara's met someone" "Ohhh wow who?" "I don't know him propley yet but I know his name is Henry" "Cool tell her I said good luck and LEAVE ME ALONE FOR 5 MINETS" shouted Sarah (Bzzzzzzzz) "Who was that hunnie?" asked Liam "Only Olivia hanging up on me, I swere she is sooo dead when I get home she has already stole my best shoes that I was meant to were tonight they were gouges they were pure white stilettos and now look what I'm wearing bright green flip flops" sobbed Sarah "It's Okay babe" said Liam. Liam tried putting his hand on her hand and accidently knocked her glass of red wine over onto her, "oops I'm so sorry I didn't mean to" said Liam Sarah grabbed her bag and legged it to the girls bathroom crying "SARAH" shouted Liam. Sarah was in the toilet looking in the mirror looking at herself, "My 1st date couldn't have got any worse" Sarah told herself Sarah decided she was going to change her total look to something different so she locked the toilet door. Sarah took her River Island bag and popped her hand in side she pulled out a nice bright (I mean bright) Orange top shoved it on, then pulled out her skinny short bright Green skirt shoved that on and last but not least she pulled out 1 Orange high heel and 1 Green high heel. Sarah redid her makeup and quickly pulled her curlers out of her bag and curled her hair as much as she could, Sarah packed everything back into her bag put a smile on her face and told herself "This 1st date will be the best date I will ever have", Sarah unlocked the door an saw Liam with his head in his hand's she started to walk over and he slowly lifted his head and she gave him the biggest grin she could stretch her mouth to, "Whoa" you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life, "Even Shelly Rescore", Sarah could see the clocks ticking in Liam's head and then he slowly lifted his head and smiled "Even better that Shelly" Sarah sat down and they tucked into their starters and started to talk.

(1 hour later)

The posh waiter came over and said "Here is your bill"

"I'll pay for it Sarah" suggested Liam "No its okay ill pay for it" replied Sarah "NO I insisted in paying as it is your birthday" Insisted Liam That night was the best night of Sarah Molly Gidley but was it about to get better or WORSE!