So I don't want to tag EVERY episode individually, but I wanted to write a G/A/T fic that sorta deals with their relationship through all the seasons. It starts out as just friends, and then I plan to weave it through all the major events (and some minor stuff too). I've got it rated 'T' for now – because it'll mostly be around that level. Each chapter where the rating is higher, there will be a warning.

So… as long as NCIS is going, this will kinda be never-ending. No regular posting schedule (I am 22,000 words into it though. And I won't specify which eps are tagged/not tagged – and like this chapter, two episodes might be smooshed together.

I hope you enjoy!

*side note – totally looking for some good/deep Gibbs/Abby fic ideas if you've anything you'd like to share*

"So wait, did you hire her or not?" Abby eyed Gibbs curiously as she pulled a long sip from her beer.

"Good question, boss, did you?" Tony pulled the bowl of pretzels closer and nibbled on one. He was equally attracted and annoyed by Kate, but he appreciated the fact that she wasn't a push-over.

Gibbs shrugged. "We'll see if she shows up on Monday or not."

"I hope so," Abby bounced happily in her seat. "I need someone to balance out all your manly-man testosterone."

Gibbs tried a glare, but glanced away when all it did was make Abby smile.

"What? I liked her."

"You hardly talked to her, how can you be best friends already?" Tony asked.

"We're not, but she seems like a good person. We can never have too many good people at NCIS, right? But anyway, tell me more about Air Force One? Let me see those pics again, Tony."

"Pics…?" Gibbs glanced at Tony, his eyebrows raised.

"Uhhh," Tony stuttered, "Ducky and I just wanted to… you know, remember the experience…" he shot a glare at Abby. "We only took one picture each, honest boss. Then we got our work done. Plus, I mean… you did send me in a body bag with the FBI, you can't possibly be upset that Ducky took a pic of me at the President's desk."

Gibbs fought a smirk. He'd gotten hell from Tobias when they had discovered Gibbs hadn't given them the body, but Tony instead. "Fair enough."

Tony breathed a deep sigh of relief and dug out his cellphone and handed it to Abby. He preened as she squealed and told him how handsome and professional he looked. Very official.

Gibbs drained the last of his beer and stood. "Alright, time to get going. Either of you need a ride home?"

"Nah, I caught a ride with Abby from the navy yard, she's headed back that way and can drop me off so I can grab my car."

Gibbs nodded and pushed a few extra dollars toward the bartender. "Don't be late tomorrow," he said gruffly.

Abby and Tony waited until they saw his truck pull out of the parking lot before ordering another beer. "So, who you think the mystery redhead was that picked him up the other night?"

Tony shrugged. "I dunno, getting that man to talk about his personal life is like…"

"Like getting you to shut up?"

"Ha, funny."

"Only kinda kidding, Tony, but good for him if he's found someone to go home to at night. We all need a little love and his last divorce… I think it really set him back, you know?"

"I don't think he's going home to her – he wouldn't have been out for a beer with us. Can't see him picking a shady place like this over her soft curves."

"Tony!" Abby smacked his shoulder. "This place isn't shady, just because you aren't seated by someone in an over-priced suit like yours…"

"This is worth every penny," he grinned.

"Right…" Abby downed the last of her beer. "Come on, Gibbs was right. It's past your bedtime."


They paid their tab and Tony followed Abby out to her car. They weren't far from NCIS, but Tony was glad for the ride back to the navy yard. Abby always had fun stories to share (that were much more relevant to his college frat-boy days compared to Ducky's stories) and it was nice to be around a woman that he didn't feel like he needed to impress with everything he said and did. "Thanks for the ride, have a good night."

"Oh I will, I guess there is a party down at Trinity tonight, I think I'll check it out."

"You planning on sleeping at all?"

"Sure, while I wait for you guys to actually give me something to work on tomorrow. Bye Tony!" With a wink and a wave, Abby was gone.

The following weekend, Tony was looking forward to his usual after-work drink with Abby. There weren't many people he could discuss the stresses of work with besides the people he actually worked with. Most of the women he dated didn't want to hear the gory details of the latest victim they had dealt with. And while he didn't like talking about it, sometimes he just needed to go over things to be able to put it to rest.

"Hey Abbs, we still…" he trailed off as Abby pulled Kate by the hand as she past his desk.

"Sorry, can't tonight… I've convinced Kate to check out the new club downtown."

"The one where-"

"Tony!" Abby cut him off. "Let it be a surprise…"

"Wait, what kinda club are you taking me to?" Kate pulled away from Abby and turned to Tony.

"Just a regular night club," he smiled sweetly. "Honest. I'll call you this weekend, Abby." He swung his bag over his shoulder and headed toward the elevator.

"Hope you like chains." Gibbs strolled around the corner, coffee in hand, and then took the stairs up toward the director's office.

"Wait, what…" Kate started to panic. "Abby, tell me he was kidding… please… Abby!"

Gibbs watched as Abby tugged a reluctant Kate toward the elevator. Despite Abby's interesting appearances, she was pretty relaxed when she went out, and wasn't a devil worshipper like everyone assumed. But there was something about Kate that made it so easy to tease her, and knowing her religious upbringing, the ideas of whips and chains was something that would put her over the edge. Just before the elevator closed, Abby glanced up at him with a saucy grin. With a little extra bounce in his step, he turned toward the director's office.

"You should've seen him in the basement yesterday." Tony sauntered into her lab and hopped up onto a clear spot on her evidence table.

"The basement? You hanging out at Gibbs'?"

"Ha, no. I tried calling him when the parachute-man took a nose-dive through the roof of that car. I don't think things with that red-head are going too well. His cell was in a jar full of… booze, most likely and he had ripped the landline out of the wall."

Abby's eyes went wide. "Did he say anything?"

"What do you think?"

"Yeah, okay… If he gives you the phone to reboot, if you bring it to me, I can maybe get a name and number from the chip."

"A name and number for what…?" Gibbs strolled into the lab with purpose and set a Caf-Pow! on the desk for Abby.

"Name and number for the maker of Caf-Pow! so I can get a machine in here for instant refills."

Gibbs regretted telling her the rule always be specific when you lie. "You don't appreciate my deliveries?"

"Oh, but I do," Abby grinned. "But if I had a machine down here, you wouldn't have to spend time going to get my drink, you could spend it down in the lab with me instead."

"Uh huh. What've you got?"

"Cocaine," she said, "found traces on the sabotaged shroud lines."

Gibbs nodded. "If I had to pick anyone to lie for me, it'd be you, Abbs." He leaned in with a kiss to her cheek and was gone.

Tony waited until he was sure Gibbs was gone. "He knows we were talking about him."

"Nah, he knows you were talking about him, just thinks I was lying to cover for you."

"It really isn't fair that you're the favorite," Tony complained. "It really isn't."

"Perfectly fair to me." Abby gave a wide grin.

"Oh Tony…" Abby welcomed him into a hug. "Gibbs told me you got pushed out of the plane. "Are you okay? You need some ice?" She pulled away and motioned toward her groin. "I heard things were a bit… um… tight."

Tony grabbed her hands before she could get too close. "I'll be okay. And what, did Gibbs call you to laugh about my misfortune?"

"Call to laugh? No. He was worried when you got pushed out, relieved that you're okay."

"He was laughing at me when I walked away…"

"Because now that you're safe… it's a little funny, you have to admit. But do you need ice? Should Ducky take a look?"

"I don't need ice, and I don't need Ducky. I'll be fine. The reason I came down… you think Gibbs' will be okay? I mean, he let it slip that today is his anniversary with ex-wife number three. Guess that's why the phone was pulled off the wall."

Abby frowned. "He's sad about it, or she won't leave him alone."

"He didn't look very sad," Tony shrugged. "My guess is that she starts hitting the wine, can't get over whatever it was that he did- ouch!" He rubbed the spot on his shoulder where she had punched him

"Tony!" Abby glared, "why do you assume he did something wrong. He's just misunderstood, I think that if his ex's saw the real him, they'd never let him go." She knew she wasn't like most people, in that she saw the good in everyone, but she just didn't understand how Gibbs wasn't a keeper. He was always doing nice things for her, and while he was a little gruff, he had to be with the job that he had. It wasn't easy to stare at death every day.

"Maybe that's the problem. He's not home long enough for them to get to know him. Does he even go home at night?"

"The boat…"

"Yeah, okay. The man needs a vacation. And so do I," Tony pouted. "I should get hazard pay if I'm going to be pushed out of airplanes."

Abby laughed and patted his shoulder as she moved past him. "I can't offer a vacation, but I can buy you a beer."

"I'll take what I can get. You ready?"

"All yours."