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Christmas Eve with Amira brought out the inner children in both Abby and Tony. With a smile, Gibbs glanced at Layla before they both returned their attention to Tony and Abby playing on the floor with Amira and a few of her new toys. "I think we might be the only adults in the room, Gibbs." She laughed softly.

"Now you know what it feels like to be me at work most days."

"Amira," Abby said sweetly. "I think Gibbsy wants to play twister with you again."

Amira's eyes lit up as she spun around to face Gibbs. Despite how excited she was about all her new toys, twister was still her favorite whenever she could convince him to play.

Gibbs paled. "Maybe another time, when I'm not full of Christmas dinner and dessert," he sent an over-dramatic glare in Abby's direction. "But Abby might like to play."

Amira shrugged. "She always wins, she's too flexible."

Abby sent a glare over her shoulder when Tony snorted at Amira's innocent comment and even Gibbs struggled to keep from laughing.

"Amira darling," Layla reached for her, "not much longer before you need to getbed. Santa won't come while you're awake."

Amira crossed her arms defiantly. "I'm going to stay up all night to wait. I'll surprise him," she announced.

"I used to try and stay awake," Abby added, leaning back against the front of the sofa, just beside Gibbs' legs, curing her hand around his ankle. "I was certain I could stay awake, but never could. My mom told me that Santa drops sleeping dust down the chimney first to make sure all the kids were asleep. Never saw him."

Amira's eyes went wide. "Really?"

"I don't know. Never heard it from anyone else, but I could never stay up late enough and on a regular night I can stay up all night if needed."

The little girl seemed to think it over a moment before nodding. "Can I leave these out to play with tomorrow?"

"You can push the doll house to the side, but clean up the rest. You don't want Santa to trip, do you?"

The four adults watched as she was quick to tidy up. "Say good night and then go brush your teeth. I'll be in to say goodnight in a few minutes," Layla pointed toward the hall the led to her bedroom.

"Can Gibbsy read me a story and tuck me in?"

Gibbs nodded. "I can do that."

"Yay!" She jumped up with a cheer and then wrapped her arms around Abby's neck in a tight hug. "Thank you so much for the Christmas presents!"

"Oh you're very welcome. And have fun tomorrow, I hope you've been on Santa's nice list." Abby hugged the girl back. "Merry Christmas, cutie."

Amira pressed a kiss to her cheek and then went to hug Tony. "Thank you Tony!"

"You're welcome, kiddo."

"Night mama!" Amira hugged her tight and then reached for Gibbs' hand. "Can you help me pour some milk for Santa too?" She had already put a couple cookies that Abby had made onto a plate during dessert, but wanted to wait to pour the milk until later.

"I can do that."

Layla, Abby and Tony watched quietly as Gibbs walked with Amira first to the kitchen to pour a glass of milk and then up the stairs toward her room.

"He's so good to her," Layla smiled. "Mike would be pleased to know that he's around for her in Mike's absence."

Abby nodded, suddenly overwhelmed at the idea that this had been Gibbs' life once before. "Sorry," she muttered, wiping at her eye when Tony reached out to give her arm a squeeze. "They aren't even my memories and I can't help but feeling sad."

Layla reached out as well. "It's understandable. You know him better than most, I imagine. Mike has told me some… he's been through a lot. Can't be easy to do this, she gestured to all the toys and decorations, again after so many years."

"But he does love spending time with you and Amira."

"And we enjoy having him around."

"Think it's good for the both of them," Tony added. Eventually the conversation changed and Layla asked about the rest of the team. It was nearly half an hour before Gibbs appeared.

"She twist your arm into several books?"

"Nah," Gibbs smiled. "Just two. But she's sound asleep. So much for waiting up for Santa."

"I appreciate it, thank you." Layla stood. "Well it's getting late, but thank you for sharing your Christmas Eve with us," she thanked them all. "And you really didn't have to spoil Amira so much, so many new toys she won't know what to do with them all!"

"It's good to be spoiled every now and again," Gibbs hugged Layla and went to grab their coats from the closet. They said good night and headed out to Gibbs' truck. "It's snowing," Abby said, pausing as Gibbs opened the door for her.

Tony and Gibbs looked toward the street light to see the tiniest of flakes starting to fall. "Feels like Christmas," Tony smiled, getting in to the back seat.

They were all quiet as Gibbs drove them home, all lost in thought.

When they arrived back at Gibbs' place, Abby was certain he was going to want some time alone in the basement and she wouldn't blame him. Christmas with a child around had to be hard on him – memories of Christmas past and what might've been. Kelly would have been old enough to have a child of her own by now – all things Gibbs would never get to experience.

"Was thinking of lighting a fire," Gibbs said as he unlocked the door. "You two still awake enough to enjoy it?"

"I'll get the coffee going," Tony nodded.

"Of course, let me change into something more comfortable." Abby had gone to an early church service and was still dressed up. She headed upstairs and changed into Gibbs' red hoodie and Christmas underwear that matched the red hoodie in color. It was chilly in the house, but with the fire Gibbs was starting and the warmth of her two boys, she figured she'd be fine. Plus, there was always the blanket Gibbs kept folded over the back of the couch for the rare times he racked on the couch.

She was still thinking about Amira when she came downstairs. She came around the corner quietly and paused in the doorway.

The fire was slowly building, Gibbs' efficiency at building up the fire meant he didn't have to baby it much. The coffee table had been pushed back and Gibbs was sitting on the blanket he'd grabbed from the back of the couch and spread out in front of the fire and the Christmas tree that stood a safe distance from the fire. With his legs stretched out in front of him, Tony straddled his lap and was kissing him, using the advantage of being a bit higher to control the kiss.

She hung back to watch. The kiss wasn't about sex, it was about comfort. Gibbs was holding tightly to Tony as the younger man kissed him. She was hesitant to interrupt, but the slightest shift of her weight caused the floor to creak and both men turned to look at her. "Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt."

"You're not," Tony reached out a hand, asking her to join them.

Abby shook her head, feeling a little guilty at interrupting their moment. "I'll go pour coffee."

"Abbs…" Gibbs trailed off as she disappeared into the kitchen. He looked back to Tony with a raised brow.

Tony shrugged. "Holidays are hard."

"Not for Abby." Abby loved the holidays and was the most spirited one on the Navy Yard.

"No, but for you they are. For both of us. I don't have happy Christmas memories and the memories that you have are tainted by loss. And when things are hard for you, they are hard for Abby." Gibbs started to interrupt, but Tony stopped him. "It's the way she loves you, loves us. She feels what we feel. Just… don't bother her about it, okay?"

"I'm happy, here with the two of you. She should be-"

Tony leaned in for a gentle kiss. "I know, but every so often… we know the pain is still there and I think it hurts her that she can't do anything about it. If we're hurt or have a difficult case, she always makes us feel better. And your… your girls are the one thing she can't fix. She knows that, but on a day like today, Christmas Eve…" Tony frowned unsure how to explain what he'd seen earlier in the evening. "Seeing you with Amira was a reminder of the one thing she can't fix for you."

Before Gibbs could answer, Abby was carrying a tray with three steaming cups of coffee in toward them, setting it on the coffee table. This time she took Tony's out-stretched hand and lowered herself to her knees beside them.

Tony moved off Gibbs' lap and leaned in for a kiss before reaching past her for a sip of coffee. They always knew which coffee was theirs. Gibbs' was the darkest, and Tony's the lightest with the most milk and sugar and Abby's somewhere in between with plenty of sugar and just a dash of milk.

"Looks good on you." Gibbs tugged at the hem of his hoodie she was wearing.

"No," Abby grinned. "Looks the best on you, makes me want to crawl over you and nibble on your neck every time I see you in it. Tony and I have had long conversations about the effects of you in this hoodie."

"Well in that case, maybe I should be wearing it." He tugged her closer and pulled the hoodie over her head.

"It's too cold," Abby protested mildly as she helped Gibbs pull it over her head.

Tony set his coffee down and moved in behind her, wrapping her up tightly in his arms and pulling her back against his chest. "We'll keep you plenty warm, promise."

"That because you're so full of hot air?" She grinned back over her shoulder at him.

Gibbs chuckled. "You walked right into that one." He reached out to brush his fingers over the tattoo across her hip and then turned to add another log to the fire. Then, with his back to the flame, he settled on his side, his head propped up on his hand. "Want to start some new Christmas traditions with the two of you."

Tony rolled his eyes. He'd just asked Gibbs to leave it alone, and here he was, full speed ahead toward tackling Abby's emotions.

"Oh?" Abby asked curiously. "But we're not skipping the present part, right? I spent a long time figuring out your gifts."

Tony let go of Abby and stretched out on the floor facing Gibbs with Abby sitting between them, her arms wrapped around her knees. The goose bumps that had appeared across her shoulders when Gibbs had removed the hoodie had gone now and Tony loved the way the firelight flickered across her skin.

"No skipping presents," Tony confirmed. He was good at buying gifts – it was how his family showed their love.

"Nah, we can still do that," Gibbs didn't need any gifts, didn't much value into physical things the way most did, but he did like to spoil his lovers with items he knew they would appreciate. "It feels like every year we tip-toe past all the holidays. That's not what holidays are about, not for you," his warm hand first wrapped around Abby's ankle and then to touch Tony's cheek, "and not for you either, or else it shouldn't be."

"Gibbs I've got my lab decked out, I don't need-" She moved to lie on her stomach, resting her chin in both her hands as she looked between the two men.

"No, I know, but we shouldn't have to just try to survive the holidays. We should enjoy them."

"Okay." Abby didn't know what else to say.

"Thought I was going to spend a lot of time thinking about what I had, but have spent more time being happy and thankful for what I have now. Want to continue that."

Tony was surprised at how much effort Gibbs was putting in to putting Abby at ease without directly bringing her or their brief conversation into it.

"So what are you suggesting?"

"I don't know what he has in mind, but from right here…" Tony leaned in to press a kiss to her bare shoulder and get a better look at the firelight dancing across the massive tattoo on her back.

Gibbs laughed. "Yeah, making love to the two of you down here was my first thought."

Tony was already hastily undressing before Gibbs could finish. Keep her busy, he mouthed to Gibbs when she looked to the older man.

Gibbs leaned in for a kiss as Tony quickly undressed and then knelt beside her. "Abbs, I know this about all of us and the holiday and I want to take things slow… but seeing this," he trailed his hand over her back, "like this gave me an idea, a new fantasy, if you will."

Abby grinned against Gibbs' lips before turning to look at Tony. He was kneeling behind her, his eyes glued to her back. He was stripped naked except for the Christmas socks he was wearing, a present from Abby the year before. Her eyes started at his chest, watching it rise and fall before continuing down to his stomach where she vowed to leave some kind of mark of ownership. He was hard and his cock bobbed up against his stomach when he shifted under her gaze. The tip glistened in the glow from the fire and part of her didn't want to hear Tony's ideas until she had fulfilled her own. But she glanced up to his face and the hopeful look in his eyes made her change her mind. "Where do you want-" she started to get up, but Tony stopped her.

"Stay down." Tony reached for her underwear and pulled it down her legs, tossing it at Gibbs. Gibbs was still watching Abby and Tony laughed when the lacy underwear hit him in the face before falling in front of him.

Abby snorted with laughter making Gibbs laugh too. As much as he found himself wanting to join them in their nakedness, he was curious as to what Tony had in mind. So he settled for reaching for one of Abby's hands and linking their fingers together as he watched Tony's next move.

Pushing her legs slightly apart, Tony skipped the foreplay and reached right for her core, his fingers teasing her folds apart to find that she was deliciously wet already.

"Tony!" she gasped. Usually Tony preferred to take his time with foreplay, nibbling softly over her curves. It was Gibbs that liked to bring her to the edge at full speed, only backing off enough to keep her from finding release.

"Perfect," Tony muttered, pulling his hand away. Straddling her thighs, he leaned his weight forward on one hand while using his other to guide himself into her wet heat from behind. "God that feels good," he moaned. "And this…." He bent to press his lips to the top of the cross tattoo.

Gibbs cock took immediate notice as he watched Tony enter Abby. The look of shock on her face told him that she hadn't been expecting Tony to mount her right away, but the lust in her eyes told him it was most welcome.

"This isn't a spectator sport, boss. Get naked." Tony groaned. He pressed a kiss to the back of Abby's head and then buried his nose in her hair as he strained forward. The glow of the fire across her back almost made it look as though her back was on fire.

Gibbs didn't need to be told twice, quickly shedding his clothing. Before joining them, he headed for the bathroom and dug around in the bottom cabinet until he found a small bottle of lube. Tony had done a good job of stashing their supplies in each of the two bathrooms and in the basement.

"There is some lube stashed behind the cooking oil," Tony called out when Gibbs didn't return right away.

"What?" Gibbs came out of the bathroom with his cock bobbing up against his stomach but a stern look on his face. "We're not keeping lube in the kitchen, what if-"

"Well I'll move it if your dad comes to visit," Tony grinned, keeping up his long, steady thrusts into Abby.

Gibbs stalked forward and dropped to his knees and nudged Tony aside. "My turn."

"But boss," Tony gritted his teeth. "I'm almost…."

"I know, move over."

Tony frowned as he pulled himself from Abby and moved back. He was speechless as Gibbs took his spot, making Abby moan as he sheathed himself in her. Gibbs held in a laugh at the look of disbelief on Tony's face. With a slight tilt of his head, Gibbs raised his brows. "You coming back to the party?"

It took Tony a moment to understand what Gibbs meant. "Wait, you want me… are you sure?"

Abby lifted her head to look over her shoulder as the guys stared at each other a moment.

"I'm sure," Gibbs nodded.

"Good, he's sure," Abby encouraged. "Come on, let's get back to the fun."

Gibbs bent forward to nip at the back of her shoulder and thrust into her twice more before pulling out. "Flip over," he instructed. As soon as she was on her back, Gibbs guided himself back inside, thrusting gently as he leaned in for a kiss. "Mm, good," he murmured. "Want to see you."

Once Gibbs was settled both in and over Abby, Tony moved in closer. It was then he realized what had taken Gibbs so long in the bathroom. He had been stretching and prepping himself. Tony squirted a bit of lube on his dick and then pressed the tip to Gibbs' tight hole. Gibbs shivered as he nuzzled against Abby's neck and Tony brushed a warm hand down his back. "I'll go slow, boss."

It took Tony a few minutes to work his way in so that he was fully sheathed by Gibbs. It was hard work to keep himself in check. Gibbs' tight hold on him made his hips want to move on their own accord and he had to be careful not to just take what his body wanted.

They moved slowly at first, all of them gasping at different times as their bodies responded to their different pleasures. Gibbs, usually on the quieter side, groaned at every thrust from Tony and as Abby tightened around him. He couldn't escape the intense pleasure and within minutes he felt as though he were floating, his body taking over as his mind was less able to process. Suddenly he tensed, shouting out as his body went rigid and then shortly after, collapsing over Abby.

Tony thrust twice more, enjoying Gibbs' body before he stared to soften and eventually slip from the older man's body. He'd already found his release, but had managed to stay hard, fucking Gibbs until the man couldn't handle any more.

"Abbs?" Tony moved off Gibbs to curl up beside them. Gibbs was still buried in Abby, his face pressed to her neck as he held on for dear life.

Abby looked at him with a happy, satisfied smile. "Hmm?"

"Did you come? I was so lost in my own head, I'm not sure if you got to finish before we broke the boss." Tony rubbed his hand up and down Gibbs' back.

She nodded. "Twice."

"That's my girl," he leaned in for a kiss.

"Think I did too," Gibbs murmured against her skin, his eyes still closed as his body still hummed with pleasure.

"Was that part of our new Christmas memories?" Abby murmured.

"Hope so, hope to make it a regular Christmas Eve thing," Gibbs pressed his lips to her forehead and then made eye contact with Tony, a true smile reaching his eyes. Slowly he slipped off of Abby and curled around her.

"But we don't have to wait until next Christmas for a repeat, do we?"

Gibbs chuckled and pulled her in tight, reaching past her to tug Tony in too, sandwiching her tightly between them. "Nah, more of a… winter theme with the fire."

Tony nodded. "A cold weather affair, not sure I want to be in front of a fire in the middle of July. You two melt my brain enough as it is, don't need to add the summer heat to it."