Hello Readers! SOLmaster is here with a new story series. Well…this is actually an old series that was posted a long time ago by Dannyfangirl based on her old Nicktoons Unite story "Time Fixers". This is a spin-off series of that story centering around the cast of characters living in the distant future; the Nicktoons and their descendants. Her series was discontinued after a while and taken off. But now, we're both re-writing the whole thing and this time, I'm posting it. For those who have read and remember, it's the same story, but now it has new adventures and the same cast, but new characters added. For those who have never heard of this story, here's the basic plot…

Plot: Twenty years into the future, the Nicktoons are now grown up and have retired their team. However, there is now a new team of Nicktoons that have assembled: Half-ghost and leader, Darry Phantom; Twins, Tommy and Tammy Turner, along with their fairy godparent, Poof; and robot clone, SpongeTron. Under the command of Jimmy Neutron, the four go on adventures, taking on dangerous villains and criminals with the help of each other and their friends, while following in the footsteps of their parents to be the next generation of Nicktoons.

Sound interesting? Well, here are all the character bios for the major and supporting cast…


Darry Fenton: The fourteen-year-old son of Danny Fenton and leader of the next generation of Nicktoons. Like his father, he too is half-ghost (technically 1/4) and uses his powers to fight ghost and villains as "Darry Phantom". Darry is immature and reckless for his age, and often decides to take immediate action rather than plan anything out which would get him and others into trouble. But he strongly supports his team and comes up with plans when serious or necessary, and is always willing to protect his friends and family from any threat or danger that comes their way.

Tammy Turner: The ten-year-old daughter of Timmy Turner, and sole female member of the Nicktoons. She serves in Jimmy's old place as the brains of the team, and uses her godparent's magic to make weapons such as magical jump ropes and batons to use in battle, and can hack and decipher computer codes. Tammy is a bit of a tomboy, but is most of the time a girly-girl, and considers herself the most mature of her friends and older than her brother (by three minutes) despite being the same age. She is president of the Jimmy Neutron Fan-Club and has a crush on him much to the disgust of her brother.

Tommy Turner: The ten-year-old son of Timmy Turner and fraternal twin of Tammy. He is much like the way his father was at his age right down to personality and looks, but often times is a bit smarter and has a bit more common sense than Timmy did. Tommy uses his godparents' magic to make projectile weapons to use in battle as well as the same fairy dust medicine Timmy used to heal his injured teammates. He is best friends with Darry and often bickers with his sister, but deep down cares a great deal about her and is very protective of her. He also has ailurophobia.

SpongeTron 001: Is the first model in a line of robotic clones of SpongeBob SquarePants created by SpongeBob and Jimmy nine years ago. He has tons of robotic gadgets and weapons that he uses in battle and to help his friends. SpongeTron is able to disguise his robotic form into the friendly appearance of SpongeBob, and due to being a clone, contains much of his personality, but often displays more temperament and wisdom than his creator did, and tends to get overly defensive of robotic rights if his fellow SpongeTron robots are ever threatened by humans. He is claustrophobic, and is in love with Danny's coffee maker which tends to disturb his human friends.

Nicktoon Cadets

Yuki Fenton: Danny's twelve-year-old daughter and Darry's younger sister. Unlike her father and brother, Yuki is not half-ghost, but is able to communicate and see paranormal beings as well as sense when one is nearby. She is the self-proclaimed leader of her own band of younger Nicktoon heroes called "Nicktoon Cadets" and has a much more mature personality than her older brother. She has the agility and stamina her mother has, and is interested in fortune-telling as well as voodoo and witchcraft which her brother and friends refuse to believe and often find "weird".

SpongeBob SquarePants Jr.: (Often called "Junior" by his friends and family) is the five-year-old youngest son of SpongeBob, and is named after him. He is much like the way his father used to be in more ways than one, and is very naïve and childish due to his age. Because of this, the older kids cannot stand being around him, but Junior can never seem to take a hint. He is almost always seen hanging with his older brothers, Crash and Twitchy, and has inherited his mother's strength which can be used as an advantage on the Nicktoon Cadets team, but Junior does not enjoy fighting or any kind of violence and can often cry when something troubles him.

Crash SquarePants: The ten-year-old son of SpongeBob, and speaks in a southern drawl a lot like his mother. He enjoys doing dangerous stunts and living life to the fullest which usually causes him to get injured and is always seen with bandages on his body. He decided to become a Nicktoon after hearing about all the exciting adventures his father used to go on when he was younger, but due to his inexperience, Crash is forced to go on the Nicktoon Cadets team along with his two brothers. He has a crush on Yuki which he tries (and often fails) to keep a secret from everyone.

Twitchy SquarePants: Is the eleven-year-old son of SpongeBob, and older brother of Crash and Junior. He is a zany squirrel who often twitches his eye hence his name. Due to his love of eating sugary foods and drinks, he is usually always hyperactive and talks in a really fast voice that can usually only be understood by Crash. Twitchy is usually always seen hanging out with his two younger brothers, helping Crash with his dangerous stunts, and is part of the Nicktoon Cadets team, using his speed and agility to help out his friends. His favorite food is Fudgy Nut Brownies.

Kida of the Pupununu Tribe: The only daughter of Tak, and is six-years-old. She has inherited the ability to summon Juju magic from her father and is now a shaman-in-training in order to learn how to control it. However, Kida's powers are unstable to the point of being dangerous that she carries a staff crafted by her father to help channel her powers. She can be a sassy tomboy much like her mother, but is usually more kind and caring. She becomes best friends with Yuki after joining the Nicktoon Cadets to use her magical abilities to help out the team. She gains a crush on Darry and Tommy, and later on Buster. She also suffers from motion sickness.


Jimmy Neutron: Commander of the Nicktoons HQ and secret agent of BTSO who stars in his own spy movies after the retirement of Jet Fusion, and is the co-creator of the "SpongeTron" programs. Jimmy has become much more laidback and easy-going though is still an intelligent scientist and inventor. Unlike his comrades, he is single with no children, but has a mysterious reason behind it. He still actively helps the Nicktoons if they're ever in trouble and assigns the team missions, often hangs out with Danny, and gives Darry advice on how to lead a team.

Timmy Turner: The father of Tammy and Tommy, who is now married and the owner of a wishing company that helps anyone in need. He enjoys playing with his two kids and is not afraid to be both a kid and an adult, sometimes siding with the youngsters than with Jimmy or Danny. He still owns Cosmo and Wanda, but gave his children Poof for their ninth birthday, believing they should enjoy having magic on their side like he did at their age. He still likes to help the Nicktoons with whatever trouble they're in and assists Jimmy in giving them whatever they need.

Danny Fenton: Darry and Yuki's father who now works at Axiom and NASA, and is known as the famous hero "Danny Phantom". Danny has become rather strict, serious, and overprotective of his children due to a dark incident that happened years ago that nearly cost him his loved ones' lives as well as his own and left him literally and mentally scarred. Though he is now retired from ghost fighting, he has become stronger as a half-ghost and helps his son and his friends with his powers whenever they are in danger. He is usually seen hanging with Jimmy, and still enjoys SpongeBob's company whenever he's around.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The new manager of the Krusty Krab and is married to Sandy with seven children, as well as the co-creator of the SpongeTrons, whom they all refer to as "Creator". Due to his work, he is unable to help the Nicktoons most of the time and is rarely seen, but would sometimes step in to help if the situation is dire. Surprisingly in the future, SpongeBob has become much more mature and serious with his duties as a parent, Nicktoon, and manager, though he is still friendly and kind-hearted and can still show signs of retaining his past personality. He has become much more skilled at karate, but still remains physically weak and can't drive a boatmobile.

Tak of the Pupununu Tribe: The shaman of the Pupununu Village, father of Kida and husband to Jeera. He is now smarter, wiser, and an experienced shaman and tries to train his daughter to be the same, but still has the tendency to procrastinate and goof off. Like SpongeBob, due to the duties he must attend to in his village, Tak is rarely seen, but sometimes visits and helps his friends whenever he can or if there is ever an emergency. Like Timmy, he usually lets the kids do whatever they want and likes them to have fun, but tries to make sure what they're doing is safe.

Other Characters

The Syndicate: The most common and oldest enemies of the Nicktoons, now consisting of Professor Finbar Calamitous, Denzel Crocker, and Plankton. Like they were years ago, they still plan to conquer their worlds, but are still constantly thwarted by their enemies, the Nicktoons, who are now the descendents of their archenemies. Professor Calamitous is still leader but with a robotic appearance, Mr. Crocker is now muscular, and Plankton still desires the krabby patty formula.

Cosmo Cosma and Wanda Fairywinkle: Timmy's two fairy godparents from when he was a kid. Wanda is the smart and responsible wife, and Cosmo is the dim-witted and reckless husband. Despite their godson being a full-grown adult, they were allowed to stay with him due to his love for them and selfless acts. The two still help Timmy in fighting against the enemies of the Nicktoons and will sometimes give Tammy and Tommy weapons they can use in battle.

Poof Fairywinkle Cosma: The son of Cosmo and Wanda, and fairy god-uncle to Tammy and Tommy. Despite being born over twenty years ago, Poof still has the appearance of a baby due to the aging process of fairies. But is still very smart and has adapted the ability to say a few sentences as well as talk in third person. He was given to Tammy and Tommy to grant their wishes and can give and transform into weapons for the two to use.

SpongeTron 911: One of SpongeBob's many robotic clones, who is head of the police force. He would sometimes step in to arrest the villains that the Nicktoons defeat. He often has paranoia and would make up exaggerated stories of what he deems is a dangerous situation or a crime even if the crime in question is a little thing or if person committing said crime is completely innocent. The Nicktoons have learned to ignore his tall tales even when he is rarely telling the truth.

Traloc: An enemy of Tak, who used to be an apprentice to Jibolba, and an on/off member of the Syndicate. Like before, Traloc is a capable shaman with extensive use and knowledge of magic who is always trying to gain control of the Pupununu Tribe and gain control of anything considered powerful, mainly Tak's daughter Kida and her powerful unstable source of Juju magic. He is always foiled by Darry and his Nicktoon team when he is solo or working with the Syndicate.

Goddard: Jimmy's pet robotic dog and one of his first inventions (as well as being the only one that hasn't backfired). He still remains Jimmy's most loyal and functioning assistant, who helps take care of Nicktoons HQ when he isn't sleeping in the corner of the room. Goddard has over a million functions except for cleaning up after himself. SpongeTron is the only one, other than Jimmy, who is always able to understand what he's saying, possibly due to both of them being robots.

Buster SquarePants: The oldest son of SpongeBob at thirteen-years-old. Despite being SpongeBob and Sandy's son, he is almost nothing like them or his siblings. He is anti-social, impassive, and rarely speaks to anyone. Buster almost always refuses to partake in any missions and deems the Nicktoons as a kiddie group, but is shy to admit that he cares for the safety of his friends and family. Buster has inherited his parents' fighting skills and, much to his embarrassment, his father's laugh.

Jazz Fenton: Danny's older sister, who is now a school psychiatrist at Casper High. Her frequent patient is her nephew Darry, who often gets in trouble in school and uses the opportunity to visit or share some of his stories with her, but can sometimes share his problems and seek her advice when something is troubling him. Jazz is kind and caring, but often lays a strict finger to those who need it- mainly her nephew to keep him out of trouble.

Java: A robotic squirrel, who used to be Danny's coffee maker until it was built into a living female robot by Plankton. Even before her transformation, SpongeTron gained a crush on her despite being an inanimate object. After becoming Plankton and Karen's "daughter", Java was programmed into a manipulative, deceitful, and seductive thief. She leaves Plankton to commit her own crimes after realizing how incompetent he is, but remains on good terms with SpongeTron and sometimes helps him and his team out, though often uses the robot sponge's affections to get her way.

I hope you enjoyed reading those bios and you got a great knowledge and interest in the characters. The series will be regularly posted here with each story in two parts (and four in some cases). Me an animyx both hope you enjoy this series just as you did before, and for those reading it for the first time, enjoy something new. And please leave your thoughts of the story in reviews.