Falling Stars

Sarah Thomas graduated from the top of her class at the age of sixteen. It was not uncommon for students from New York schools to be high achievers. She was on almost school committee and club. She had been on the school newspaper since her freshman year. She also helped put together each school year book.

After Graduation it was no surprise to anyone that she wanted to attend school in another country. For unknown reasons she chose Japan. She wanted to get as far from her old home as possible and start out new.

Getting a degree at one of the Universities in Japan was one of her dreams.

Every time Sarah set a goal she made sure that she reached that goal. No matter what she had to give up in order to reach what she wanted. Friends, Family, Lifestyle none of it mattered unless she got it.

In Japan she moved to Kyoto so she could be near the University which she had heard was one of the best Universities in Japan.

Genichiro Hashiba was one of the top professors at the University. Everyone wanted to be in his class and there was a waiting list to get in.

Genichiro came from a very respected and traditional family. All the female students were in love with him and loved flirting with him. However since he was old oldest son of his family, he had to honor the Hashiba name by getting married to a Japanese woman from another respected traditional family, who was chosen by his family members.

The class was full of women as usual when Genichiro entered the room. He took no notice of them as he approached his desk. However one of the students caught his attention.

She clearly was American. Her blond hair was cut short and framed her face in ringlet curls. Her eyes were a deep blue. She gave him a smile, when she noticed he was looking at her.

Now this was totally unexpected. Usually when Genichiro looked at a female student she would blush and have a fit of the giggles. He hated that type of girl.

Sarah looked at her professor with great interest. This man was good looking. Much better than the other losers who had pursued her while back in the States. Once class was over she gathered her things and headed to the door.

"Have a nice day Sensei" she said respectfully and bowed to him.

Weeks had passed and Genichiro was looking forward to seeing Sarah each day in his class. Soon those classes went on to study periods. Private study periods that it. This was something Genichiro never had done in the past with any of his students. He never offered extra credit assignments or help to his students. His motto was if you can't handle the work load then you don't belong in my class.

Sarah and Genichiro were becoming closer and closer to each other. However he did keep their relationship a secret. His family would cut him off if they knew what was going on between him and Sarah. His family would never approve of him being with an American woman.

Being with an American woman broke all the rules and traditions of his family. So they were careful when they had their "study periods". Sarah would dress up as a women from Japan complete with a wig and contacts that changed her eyes from blue to brown. She would arrive at his place in the evenings with a bag of food so the neighbors assumed she was a housekeeper.

The relationship got more and more intense. When Sarah was Seventeen, she was living with Genichiro having moved out of her cramped apartment which she had taken near the university. She wore her disguise all the time. No one ever suspected that Sarah and Genichiro were living together. At school they were very discreet about it.

Another year came and went. Sarah took a job as a teacher's assistant in Genichiro's class. Rumors were started that perhaps they were lovers, but with no proof the rumors died and soon were forgotten.

Sarah tried talking Genichiro into marriage, but he always flatly refused. This was the first time in her life that when she set out to get what she wanted and she wasn't getting it. She tried everything she could think of expect for the ultimate trap. If that is what it took for them to be married then so be it.

They started to have relations when Sarah was eighteen. She lied to Genichiro and told him she was taking all the necessary precautions to prevent pregnancy. Genichiro swallowed the lies and they continued to have relations.

It was a few months later when Sarah realized something was off with her body. First of all her monthly cycle was off. This wasn't anything new as she had never been regular before.

Her breasts were getting really swollen and tender, so she started wearing a big shirt size and bra.

She was always tired and taking naps. She just said that her workload was getting to her a little bit. Genichiro accepted that as well.

Though Sarah knew it would not be much longer before he discovered the truth. He had never harmed her, but she knew he had a bit of a temper. He would get angry and shout at her then later bring her flowers and apologize.

Soon it was backaches, frequent trips to the bathroom, back aches, and got sick at the sight of certain foods and preferred to eat nothing, but ice chips.

The biggest indicator was that she had severe morning sickness. She couldn't keep anything down. After three or four days of this Genichiro got concerned and took Sarah to the hospital.

The staff ran all sorts of tests on Sarah while Genichiro waited in the waiting room as there was no room in the room where Sarah was at having all sorts of tests done.

Test after test was done. Finally one of the nurses asked Sarah "Could you be pregnant?" Sarah shrugged her shoulders "I don't know. My cycles have never been normal. The nurse scribbled something down "I'm ordering a pregnancy test" She left the room and returned with a cup. "Just leave it on the counter when you are finished" The nurse told her and left the room.

When the tests were finished expect for the last one Genichiro was allowed in the room where Sarah was in the bed.

"Hello my love" he kissed her forehead "How are you feeling?" He stroked her hair "You've had me worried love. You're not eating anything, but ice and you keep throwing up"

Sarah gave him a weak smile and shook her head "I'm sure it's nothing Genichiro" she murmured taking his hand in her own "You worry too much. I'm sure everything is fine"

She hoped that she was indeed pregnant. Then she and Genichiro could get married, have their baby and be a happy family. Maybe when the child was older they could travel the world. Sarah would be an International Journalist and Genichiro could home school the child. Everything would be perfect.

The doctor came in after a few more minutes. He was reading her chart. "Well Miss everything seems to be in order. Your blood count suggests you are anemic so I would like you to start taking Iron pills." He looked up and gave the couple a smile "Congratulations. You're going to have baby. Your due date is around the twelve of October. Make sure you take good care of yourself and start staking some prenatal vitamins. Oh and you'll need to start your prenatal care." He handed her a paper "Here is a list of some OB-GYNS. You can leave now"

Genichiro left the room so she could get dressed. He was so angry. How could he have been so foolish. Sarah had lied to him and now he was trapped. It was shameful to get a woman pregnant and then cast her aside. He had no choice to marry her now. He knew there would be no way she would consider any other options. She wanted to marry him and by doing so he had trapped him.

They said nothing as they headed to the car together. Sarah sat in the passenger seat and stared out the window not saying a word. She wondered what Genichiro was thinking about all this. She desperately wanted to ask him, but she didn't dare. Not now anyways.

Once they arrived at the apartment. Genichiro got out of the car and slammed the door shut. He didn't even bother waiting for Sarah. She waited a few moments giving him time to cool off before heading inside.

After what seemed like an hour, but really a few moments. Sarah got out of the car and quietly shut the door. She made her way to the apartment. To her surprise the door was open. She entered the apartment and quietly shut the door. She turned around and found herself slammed against the wall.

"You filthy little whore" Genichiro spat grabbed her wrist and holding it tightly. Sarah gasped in pain "You think I would marry you because you got pregnant! You are nothing, but trash. Now because of you my family is going to cut me off. You caused me to bring shame to my family name."

He let her go "Keep the damn baby if you wish. Remember this and never forget it. I WILL never call that child my own. The child will be nothing, but blood spawn to me" Genichiro raised his hand as if to slap her, but dropped it.

"I hope you're pleased with yourself you little hussy. I have no choice, but to marry you" he turned and started to walk away. Sarah timidly moved forward and approached Genichiro from behind. She rested her head on his back and let the tears flow "I'm sorry" she whispered. Genichiro said nothing. He simply pulled himself free from her and walked off.

In the following months Genichiro and Sarah were married. The Hashiba family true to their traditions cut of Genichiro. To them he had died and no longer was a part of their family. This made Genichiro even more angry. He would take no part in decorating the nursery or choosing a name. He even refused to take her to any of her doctor appointments.

Sarah chose the name "Rowen" for her baby when she learned she was having a boy. Her family from way back had been from Ireland and Rowen was a good strong Irish name.

She attended class up to her due date. When the time came for the baby to be born she took a taxi to the hospital explaining to the staff that her husband was out of town at a seminar and asked that they would take picture for her. She hoped that maybe once Genichiro held the baby or even hold him, he would come to love the baby.

Her husband had not raised a hand to her since that evening when they discovered she was pregnant. Instead he had become gentle with her, but refused to hold Rowen or even look at him.

"Can't you shut that kid up" he would demand when Rowen was colicky and kept everyone awake with his screams"

Sarah loved her baby, but as he started to get older she started thinking of finishing school so that she could fulfill her dream as an International Journalist. Life as a mother did not suit her and she decided to make the one choice that would affect the life of her child and husband forever.