Rowen was depressed.

Ever since Sage Date had come to school and stole his best friend his existence had gotten worse.

School was hard. Serenity continued to leave him food, but other than that nothing. She use to give him a reassuring smile throughout the day, but it had stopped when she had made a new friend.

Marika was pleased with this turn of events. Now she could have Rowen all to herself. He would never know that SHE was the reason for the distance Serenity had placed between them.

Once Rowen was at home though, things had gotten worse.

At night once he was asleep the terrifying nightmares began. Even more terrifying then his father.


Despite the fact that it was raining heavily there was still enough light for Rowen to look around the forest.

He was certain he had never been here before. Genichiro and Sarah never had gone camping before and after his mother left, his father preferred leaving Rowen behind while he went out and did whatever he wanted.

At his side was Serenity.

She seemed at ease in the forest. Almost as if it was her home.

Turning her head, she gave him a sad look. Tears streaming down her face, she leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

Quick as a flash she took of running without a backwards glance at him.

Opening his mouth to call after her he clutched his throat as nothing came out. Horrified she tried to follow her. Finding that she couldn't move his legs she looked around wildly for something. Anything to catch her attention again and bring her back to him.

Darkness started to surround him. Shadows stretched out and crept towards him. Noises that were unfamiliar reached his ears. Taking a deep breath he let out a scream as he had finally found his voice.

~End Nightmare~


Rowen bolted up in his bed.

Panting heavily and sweat running down his face. Clutching his chest he could feel the thudding of his heart beat against his chest. It hurt so much. However the pain that he knew that was coming was nothing compaired to Serenity leaving him.

The door banged open and Genichiro stormed in the room. Yanking the covers aside he dragged the child from the bed and threw him to the floor. Growling he stood over him and looked down his face full of anger and hatred.


Grabbing the child by the arm he lifted him. His feet were dangling as he was brought to Genichiro's face. The Bastard had an odd gleam in his eyes. It was frightening.

"So is this Serenity a girlfriend of yours?"

When Rowen didn't answer, Genichiro shook his body roughly.

"Answer me you pathetic excuse for a human being. I want to know who this Serenity is!"

Still holding the child he left the room and descended down the stairs. Rowen left out a whimper thinking that he was going to be locked in the basement again. However he was not taken to the basement as he feared, but outside.

It was pouring rain just like it had been in his dream. Dropping the child to the ground Rowen landed in a pile of mud. Roughly his clothes were ripped from his body and tossed aside. A dog collar was fastened to his neck. Attached to the collar was a chain. The chain lead to a small dog house.

Now this was new. 'Genichiro must have recently put it in while I was at school'. Rowen thought to himself miserably.

The crate would have been better. At least there he was warm even if it was uncomfortable.

"Now you can scream all you want like the animal you are" Genchiro spit in his face. Turning on his heel he stomped back into the house and slammed the door shut.

Shivering and whimpering softly Rowen got to his knees. Crawling in the dog house he sat on the ground, wishing he was dead. His father often told him he should have been.

He thought of Serenity and remembered a story she had once told him.

Magic. That's what she had spoken of when she told him stories during their break from school.

Taking a stick that was in his shelter he drew a circle around him. Once finished he laid down . Hugging his knees to his chest he began to cry and cry.

"Serenity, Serenity, Serenity"