Do not steal!

Shape Shifter

The crackle of the fire surrounded Drew in a blanket of warmth. He was ready to doze off, and soon enough, he did.

The villagers were running. Running from the fire that was burning their homes. Running from the growls and roars of the dragons. However, Drew was not running, but fighting the dragons with other warriors, called shape shifters. These warriors were very powerful and could change into anything they had the ability to change into. One turned into a kraken, a terrifying monster. The Kraken only killed a number of dragons until it was destroyed. The rest ran in terror as their comrades next to them were being dragged to their death. And then...

Drew woke up dripping of sweat and tears. He just remembered the event that changed his life forever. Luckily, he ran off with his best friend Matt, another shape shifter.

" Drew! We got some dinner!" screamed Matt. Drew approached Matt and moaned as he saw another chicken. " ugh, again?" reluctantly Drew sat down and respected what his friend hunted.

" We have to get help. I know there is not a lot of people to go to, but we have to find someone." Matt said with his mouth full. Matt was a bigger boy that had blue eyes. He was also had red hair. Drew on the other hand was taller and stronger than Matt. Drew had green eyes as well. " I know. In a few days we will find someone, I promise" replied Drew.

Drew lost his Mother and brother in the attack. He never met his father in his life so his mother and brother were all he had. Matt lost everyone though. His Dad, sister, brother, and mother.

All of this was good in a way. Now, Matt and Drew held hatred in their heart. Something that was a key in fighting. Something that would help them defeat their enemies...