I woke up and all I could see was white. There was nothing but white. I stood up and looked around, but I could see nothing. I began taking small steps backwards, and I bumped into something. I shot around, and there stood Cato, who looked just as surprised at seeing me as I was at seeing him. His hand was raised like was about to hit me, but he quickly lowered it.

"Well hi." I said softly. He snorted at my feeble attempt of a hello.

"Hello to you too, fire girl." he said, smirking. I noticed that he was still in his arena outfit, and I looked down and saw that I was too.

"Where are we?" he asked. Before I could answer, I felt as though I had fallen through a huge hole. I felt like I was falling, I turned to Cato who looked shocked. We grabbed each other's hand and then we were on the forest floor. I sat up, but Cato was already on his feet and was looking around at our surroundings. I stood up and I immediately recognized this place.

"We're in District 12. I hunt in these woods." I said and then I set off running. I heard Cato running behind me, and he was soon at my side. We continued running until we saw a crowd of people. Yells and screams filled the air and I saw my people fighting Peacekeepers. I looked around at the crowd, horrified that I saw several dead bodies littering the ground. Cato had grabbed me and was pulling me away from everything. But then I saw Greasy Sae. I ran to her, my hand out. But when I reached her, my hand went through her arm. I gasped and yanked my hand back. Cato was beside me and he reached out to a person… and his hand went right through them. His eyebrows shot up in surprise and he turned back to me. We were completely invisible. I began trembling… I was dead. We both were.

"Katniss," Cato said softly and reached for me but I began running. I needed to get back to my home. I ran past the mob of people, and I finally reached my home. I ran through the door and I saw my mother and my sister. Prim was sitting on the couch, Buttercup in her lap. I ran to her and kneeled down in front of her.

"Prim, look at me! Prim it's me! Prim, I'm here! Please, please look at me!" I cried. I was trying to hug her but my hands went through her. I stood up and ran to my mother who was sitting on the kitchen chair. She looked lifeless.

"Mom, please. Mom, please look at me! I'm here! I am right here!" I cried. She stared at me but then stood and walked over to Prim.

"Come on sweetie." she said and Prim stood up and they walked out the door. Cato had been standing silently by the doorway. He walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"They can't see me," I whispered.

"I know." he replied. He pulled me closer and rested his head on mine, but then we were falling again. We landed on the ground, and Cato was once again on his feet in a matter of seconds.

"Where are we?" I asked him.

"District 2."


We were in my home. I knew we were invisible. We were dead. But like Katniss, I broke out running and began to go back to my home. But like District 12, everyone was fighting. Peacekeepers fought back the crowd, which was harder because we were raised to be Peacekeepers. But I couldn't focus on that, because there was nothing I could do. I ran through the familiar streets, past Clove's house and eventually reached mine. I ran through the door and saw my family. They were sitting around the kitchen table and they were all in tears. They were broken. I watched them for a while, but then I turned to Katniss who was standing by the door. She was still in shock and she was still crying.

I realized then what we had done. The Districts were fighting the Capitol. If we hadn't eaten the berries, if we hadn't made a fool of the Capitol, this would not have happened. But we did. And now we are being forced to watch the mess we made. I looked at Katniss and extended my hand, and she took it. We will watch together, forever silent.