Chapter one :

The Shadow :

It was dark and all her senses were alert, she was trying to comprehend what was happening to her.

Her vision was blurry and her eyes were trying to get accustomed to the obscurity and all she could distinguish was a shadow slowly moving on top of her. It was too dark for her to figure out who the shadow was but the naked body riding her was perfectly shaped, the stomach was toned and the chest was voluptuous, rising and falling following the rhythm of the shadow's heavy breathing.

She was lying on her back feeling that slim but yet heavy body pinning her on her bed keeping her from moving. Reaching out for the shadow, wandering her fingers on that firm stomach she couldn't believe how soft that skin was.

Starting down around the belly all the way up to the imposing chest she started to draw small circles with her thumb, feeling the drop of sweat streaming down the shadow's shivering skin and between her shaking fingers.

Slowly reaching out for that gorgeous mouth she gently started to stroke the wet lips hoping it would give her a clue about the identity of the shadow. Unfortunately a quick bite reminded her to lay back, enjoy herself and stop questioning what was happening.

Nodding she laid her two arms on both sides of her body and suddenly felt the shadow disappearing between her legs, its tongue outlining every single one of her ribs, its lips kissing her skin all way to her inner thighs.

The attack on her folds was brutal and unexpected. The strokes of the shadow's tongue were quick and precise and she could feel the warmth streaming down her folds.

Bucking her hips pressing her inner thighs against the shadow's mouth she could feel her entire body burning up, shaking under the shadow's touch.

Her head was pounding and could barely breath. This was too intense, she was about to come.

A few minutes, it only took a few minutes for her to release her pleasure in the shadow's mouth into an earth shattering wave of pleasure that ran through her entire body.

Breathing heavily it took her a few seconds to put herself together before feeling the shadow's lips pressing against hers making her taste her own warmth. It tasted sweet but not as sweet as she shadow's lips .

Wandering her fingers on the shadow's back all the way down to her firm back side feeling its naked chest against hers it finally hit her.

"You were so were for me tonight." The shadow panted breathing directly on her face making her inhale that very particular sent that was so familiar.

"What the fuck?" Suddenly waking up to the obscurity of her bedroom Detective Jane Rizzoli could barely believe what had just happened.

Spreading her legs lifting the covers up the large dark spot on her sheets confirmed her first thought : she had just woken up from the wettest dream of her life, dream that was her best friend : Dr Maura Isles .

"Oh my god, what am I gonna do?" Falling back on her pillow covering her face Jane could feel the warmth still streaming down her legs and her clitoris throbbing.

What did this dream mean? How was she going to look at Maura tomorrow morning at work? Would she actually be able to look at Maura in the eyes without making her suspect something? Because Maura was an expert in facial expression and always knew when something was up and was she was hiding something from her. Bouncing out of bed and walking towards her bathroom a million questions came crashing Jane's brain.

Jumping in the shower that night trying to cool herself down Jane Rizzoli started to think that this had to stop, that all that frustration she was accumulating was driving her nuts. She could not continue to live like this anymore. Allowing the cold water to stream down her body Jane for the first time finally admitted to herself how she truly felt about her best friend. Was she going to confide in her about her dreams and her feelings or would she continue to be a coward and allow the frustation to continue to build up?

She didn't have the answer to any of those questions yet but wearing a satisfied smile on her face Jane realized that having her feelings for Maura haunt her in her dreams wasn't that bad after all and certainly most enjoyable than dreaming about Hoyt...

Yes, Jane Rizzoli had done some embarrassing things in her life but this was probably the worst of them all and the problem was that she couldn't control it and considering been so good it was she knew that it was going to happen again.

So guys, I know this is very different from what I usually write…I tried to use all of Jane's senses to described her experience you know hearing, sight, taste….

I guess you all guessed that the shadow was Maura right?

This is actually one of the first story I ever wrote but I never published it because…. I don't know why actually and I had forgotten about it until I read Sasha's interview a few minutes ago. So I decided to dig up that old story, refresh it and publish it.

Maybe I will continue it. It could be interesting to see how Jane is gonna behave around Maura afterwards.