This was my home. I couldn't think of a single place that I felt more comfortable in then right here. The forest was my solace. And this was all my mind allowed me to focus on for the most part.

At some time, and I honestly didn't know when, I had stopped thinking…well….human. There were only moments, tiny pieces that allowed me to think somewhat logically. But they were few and far between and the only thing I did think about when given this small window was where I resided, my forest.

I always felt an overwhelming sense of ownership over this land, and maybe it was the reason why I felt so calm here. I knew that I had a connection here and I felt that there were things, significant things, which happened here also. But the harder I tried to will my mind to find out what it was, the fuzzier it all become.

I couldn't remember a thing.

So as far as I knew or could remember, I had always felt this way. My mind never going passed fuzzy little bits of memory from my past. I didn't know the time, the day or the year. All I knew was that I was a wolf and I spent my time and my days and nights with him. I could barely remember what it felt like to walk and run on two legs or what cooked food tasted like and the only reason I knew I use to do these things were from one of the shorts clips I got from my head. It didn't matter much to me though, I felt most comfortable and calm like this

It was something drastic and huge that had happened to make me want to completely give myself over to this other side of myself, but every time I tried to push myself to try and remember, I couldn't. It was almost like I literally tried to block out that specific part of my past out of my mind. And I had probably been doing it so long that when I allowed myself that one short glimmer, I was shut out, as if I was trying to protect myself from what I might find in the deepest, darkest part of my mind. The human side always protested, always pushing for more. But the wolf side always won out, being the more aggressive and hostile of the two. The little bit of human left in me usually cowered away and kept quiet, long enough to make me almost forget that he was even there, but not enough to make me completely forget.

It was a back and forth battle that I endured on a daily basis but I never let it consume me, my wolf wouldn't allow it, he was too stubborn and arrogant for that.

So this was my life now I guess. My mind way too far gone to think about what I did before coming here. Why would I ever want to leave this place anyway? I had everything I needed here. Fresh dear and bear whenever I wanted, a fresh water stream not too far away and a nice soft spot of grass that laid under the cover of a tall, old pine tree.

This was my home. And I planned to be here for a while.

A branch snapped in the distance, followed by a soft curse and a thump. My head shot up immediately, my ears erect and my nose sniffing the air.


My wolf was not happy. Someone was trespassing on our land. We didn't like visitors. We didn't like humans. We were going to make them leave or make them pay.

I followed the smell without a problem. I moved slowly, my paws not making a sound. I was completely acting on every one of my predatory instincts.

There was a clearing up ahead and the smell got stronger. I slowed my pace down until I started to creep. With my nose low to the ground, I moved closer until the trees began to thin and then I stopped, becoming almost completely silent.

In the middle of the clearing was a girl, and she was holding her ankle with a grimace on her face. I realized then that she was what smelt like strawberries. It triggered something in my mind that I couldn't control.

I knew that smell.

My wolf didn't like me remembering things, and before I noticed I started to growl. It was low but could still be heard none the less. The girl whipped her head around and stared into the trees where I stood silent. I could begin to smell the fear that rolled off of her in waves. The wolf was satisfied with this. But the human kept pushing. He wanted us to go to this human girl. For what I didn't know, but the wolf wasn't having it and again a low growl escaped my muzzle.

The girl gasped and tried to scamper backwards but winced when her ankle got caught underneath her.

"Who….who's there"? She stammered.

The wolf growled again, but for the first time since I could remember, the human pushed harder and my paws started to move and I was going forward.

I watched as the girl's eyes scanned the thin bushes in front of her, trying to catch what was moving. And when my massive form came into view, her brown eyes became huge.

I knew those eyes.

The wolf was angry, but the human held strong, holding him back. He was trying to get my attention. Again, for what? I didn't know.

The fear I smelt coming from this girl subsided somewhat and my wolf howled in outrage. He wanted to be feared and he needed her to be frightened of him.

She wasn't.

She got up on her knees and reached out a hand towards me and I recoiled away from her, my teeth bared and my ears flat against my head. Some of the fear came but not as much as it was before. She looked almost saddened by my actions. Then she spoke to me.

"Jake"? She said timidly.

I growled again, the wolf not liking being subdued this long. The human was starting to struggle. The girl spoke again.

"Jake? Don't you recognize me? It's me Jake, its Bella".

The human pushed back with renewed vigor and silenced the wolf for the time being. I stopped growling and stood to my full height, completely taking in her scent. I knew there was something familiar about her smell. I wanted to move forward but I couldn't. I was stuck, wondering how this girl seemed to know me.

Because I had absolutely no idea who she was.

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