A can rattles down the crooked sidewalk of the narrow street. A girl with shocking purple and black hair is kicking all her frustrations into Chef Boyardee's face. A few boys are skateboading nearby, flipping and twisting down the street. The girl scowls, and kicks the can so hard it flies up into the air and out of sight. The girl stops and stares into the distance, as if she were waiting for the can to boomerang back, but of course it doesn't, and it never will.

"Hey." An unfamiliar voice calls to the girl. She turns slowly. A tall boy with hair so blonde it looks almost white is standing in front of her, with concern in his eyes."Hey," the girl replies, sounding a bit distant. Her gaze flits back to the skateboarders. The boy follows her gaze.

"I heard you were dating that jerk-on-wheels Lucas."

"Not anymore," the girl replies tonelessly, as if they were talking about the most trivial of things. The boy smiles as if he heard exactly what he wanted to hear.

"Better without him though, right?"

The girl seemed to become more aware of her surroundings. "Yeah, I guess so."

The boy grins widely and asks, "So...you wanna go out with me?"

The girl looked dubious, but then she glanced back at the skateboarding boys one last time. "Sure," she says to the blonde boy.

"Sweet. My name's Todd Ingram."

"Ramona Flowers."

"Pleasure to meet you, Miss Flowers.