A few days later, Todd and Ramona found themselves screaming at each other. It was highly unusual for them; usually they agreed with each other on everything. But now, in the middle of the street, they were loud enough to be heard three streets over.

"What, you don't want me anymore?" Todd's eyes narrowed, his usual smug expression had contorted into a scowl.

"I just...I just think it's wrong, Todd!" Ramona's fists balled at her sides.

"So, it was right when we destroyed stuff? What's your PROBLEM, this isn't any different."

"But no one got HURT, when we did that crap, this is completely different!"

"He was ticking me off, Ramona!"

"So you toss him over your shoulder with your brain powers? What a way to solve your issues,


"Scientifically, it's called Psyc-"


"God, would you calm down? You've been acting like such a-"

"SHUT UP." Ramona looked like she was about to cry. She fought back tears, and tried to remember the last time she got this upset. She couldn't. Ramona looked down at the ground, gathering words. She took a breath, and looked up at Todd's eyes. "I don't know if we can make this work any more."

Todd rolled his eyes. "Well, we can talk about it tomorrow, or whatever."

Ramona stood by the curb, once again staring at the skaters. Todd had been gone for two weeks, with no explanation. The last time she had seen him was when they had argued in the street.

Todd Ingram was a vegan, which apparently gives one psychic powers.

Ramona had one day stumbled upon Todd arguing with a stranger. The stranger seemed to be trying to convince Todd of something, but Todd didn't want to hear it.

Todd had held his arm out towards the stranger, a strange green haze surrounding his arm. Ramona watched as the man was launched up into the air and on the ground behind Todd.

Ramona ran out to the man.

"Don't touch him, Ramona." Todd stood in place, the haze still swirling eerily around him, illuminating his green eyes. Ramona looked at the man.

She stood up and walked away, from both the man and Todd. Before she had gone too far, she stopped and turned. She looked at Todd inquiringly.

"Hey, baby, I'm a vegan!" He grinned.

Ramona had turned back and walked away, trying to make sense of what she just saw.

The day after, they had gotten into the argument.

Now Ramona was confused, alone, and late for school. Maybe she could make it if she ran.

She wasn't in the mood. One of the skateboarders had stopped and was watching her as she stood. She cast a grimace at him, causing him to fall off his skateboard.

She would go do school, but she would take her time getting there.