The baby bottle fell to the floor with an unmistakable clatter that it caused baby Alexandria to wail loudly in protest. Ashley gripped the sink so hard she would have sworn her knuckles had turned white.

What the hell that's not my name. Its Ella! I remember now! Wait…so if I'm… where's… oh gods!

"T…. Thomas… Thomas!"

The cry from her throat didn't even sound like her own. The last time she had seen her husband was in capturing Rumplestiltskin and the imp's treacherous deals that had taken him away from her and their newborn baby.

Baby…. My baby! Oh gods my baby!

Ash- no… Ella now, forced her body to move, to put one foot in front of the other and go into the living room. Hope and dread washed over her as she peered around the corner from the kitchen to see a shocking sight.

Thomas was kneeling in the middle of the floor rocking the baby- their baby gently in his arms. The prince had his eyes closed, mouthing silent prayers of gratitude towards the gods all the while hugging their baby daughter tightly to his chest. Ella could see the tear stains on his face, and immediately felt her own cheeks and felt the tears flow.

They had found each other after all.

Ella walked slowly across the room, afraid if she'd rushed, she'd lose both of them or this was one of the imp's cruel jokes. Going to her husband's side, she gently touched his arm and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"T- Thomas…" she managed to croak out. Startled by the touch, Thomas quickly placed a loving kiss on his daughter's forehead and turned to his wife.

"Ella." He breathed in shock. " Ella!" His giant arms wrapped tightly around his wife, drawing her close. Ella collapsed happily in her embrace, now openly crying unashamedly and happily. Thomas rubbed her back in strong soothing circles, whispering sweet nothings, and neither one of them could say 'I love you' fast enough.

"She did it. James' and Snow's daughter… Emma…. She broke the curse!" Ella whispered through her tears.

"Yes… she did… and reunited us with our little girl." Thomas echoed. He knew in his heart he owned the Charming family- all of them a debt neither he nor Ella could ever truly repay. Their old memories of their Storybrooke personas will flittering away, as if one was suddenly awakening from a horrible nightmare but had no real recollection of it. Of course there were things to do, finding love ones, finding Rumplestiltskin, Regina, finding James, Snow, Emma, reuniting with their own families respectively.

But all of that could wait for now. Now, all Ella and Thomas wanted to do was spend time with each other and their baby girl, enjoying for the first time in twenty-eight years since the curse was cast, their own little happily ever after.