Name: Sophia Joe Thorne

Age: 21

Appearance: Fairly short , 5ft 5 and skinny after not eating a lot as a child she has a very small appetite, she has shoulder length flame red dyed hair with a long fringe and dark brown eyes with pale skin and freckles across her nose. She has multiple scars and one tattoo of a phoenix across her back. She wears piratical clothes, mainly just skinny jeans and baggy tie dye vest tops and boots.

Personality: Because of her past she is easily afraid of large and sudden movements, she secretly hates most conversations in her day to day life but she likes to come off as confident so she masks it with sarcasm. She detests loud noises and much prefers the peace and has an eidetic memory which means she remembers everything she reads, making her feel as if she's trapped in a simple world but she wouldn't say anything in fear of someone finding out her past. She doesn't really trust anyone but secretly craves to be loved but freaks out when anyone gets too close to her. She only ever talks to most people when they directly talk to her. She's often felt rejected and betrayed by society.

"Skills": Because of the scientific tests her own mother pushed her through, when she is scared her skin becomes red hot to touch, which hurts Sophia as well as anyone touching her, when she's afraid she becomes hypersensitive, she can see, hear and sense more than she usually can. She is also a relatively good fighter because her mother wanted to see how far she could push her during the experiments she'd been subjected to since a child. She also has a small amount of telekinesis, but she finds it hard to control.

Just a bit of information here, I think her and Loki will either destroy each other or be very happy. This is set after the avengers movie and let me know if she sounds okay? Hopefully not too "mary sue"

I'll update tomorrow, hope you enjoy.