Dear Readers: I wrote this focusing from a new view. I am bringing the past and connecting it to the future of this series. All I have to say, is the weather of today plays a role in the future of my stories!

A month had past.

Things were looking brighter, but still, empty of that happiness Leslie once provided for both of us.

I curiously sat in my office chair thinking about the past.

Maybe I could find something in the past, to help me in the present...

Chapter 3: Sunny Days, Not So Long Ago

It was Tuesday, August 31st.

Leslie and I had flown home from San Antonio the previous week.

The two of us, had just been married. Even so, life would return to normal. Except for one thing: I knew for sure I was the luckiest guy in the world.

I lay in my bed, feet pressed against the wall, reading a magazine. To me, nothing in the magazine was important. All I was thinking about was Leslie. She was currently at her house though, doing chores. I knew she was thinking about me just as much I was about her. *Maybe even more.*

I looked at my watch and tapped it impatiently, hoping time would go by faster.

I heard May Belle knocking at my door.

"Come in." I said in a normal voice.

"Jesse, can I use your computer?"

"Sure, just don't stay up too late playing games, or dad's gonna kill me for letting you."

"Ok." she answered to confirm what I had said.

May Belle adored me a lot because she could look up to me as a figure of trust worthy behavior, and kind attitude.

If there was anything I was glad over right now, it's that May Belle didn't follow after Brenda and Ellie

Brenda use to be a total...well, I won't say it. But she was mean. After Les and I got married, she seemed less aggressive.

Still, I wonder what goes through her mind at night. Even more so, why is she being nicer than before to Leslie?

The doorbell rang. Without hesitating a second, I bolted out of my room, nearly jumping down the stairway to open our house's front door.

"Hi." Leslie said in such a cute way, while standing outside the door. "Got everything?"

"Yeah." I replied with a case in my hand. I had packed some clothes, movies, and games within it.

Using my other arm, we interlocked together, and walked over to her house.

I didn't say anything, as we both enjoyed the peaceful walk in the now night-time evening. It was a starry skied night.

I saw her breath exhale in a form of vapor. It was cool out, and slightly humid. Crickets chirped, and the wind blew softly in our faces. She looked chilled, so I pushed nearer to her.

Once we were inside the Burke's house, she took me up to her room. I slummed myself onto her bed, and lay there tiredly.

"School is in two days." she said, starting a conversation.

"Yeah...I'm going to miss all this time off we had."

She noticed my face looked distraught.

"What's wrong?"


"What is it Jess!" She demanded. She stood looking down at me as I buried my head away. I decided not to hold in my thoughts that I had been building up all day long.

"How are the kids going to treat us at school?" "We're going to be the only 10th graders in all of Lark Creek to be married."

Her gaze shifted away slowly, as she was hesitant to reply.

"So let them be that way!"

I nodded my head in approval, but still had doubts on my mind.

She paused again, sitting down on the bed.

"You're right though." Leslie spoke in a softer tone. "It's going to sound funny being called "Misses Aarons, instead of Miss Burke by all the teachers." "It's going to be difficult..."

"We both got through marriage didn't we?" I joked.

"Yeah, you're right Jess." She said in a sarcastic tone and slammed down beside me. "I have you, and that's going to make all the difference in how much I suffer."

"Nobody makes me suffer like you do..." I said now uncontrollably smiling.

"You're such a pain in my a..."

I pushed onto her lips softly, and she stopped talking. When I pulled back, her eyes were closed.

"..arm.." She finished her sentence.

I nudged her and fell backwards onto the bed. She exhaled lightly, and lay beside my legs.

After a brief moment of quietness, I heard Bill calling us down.

The two of us hurried down to see what we were being called for.

"What is it?" Leslie asked to her father.

"IJudy and I are going out for dinner." "I 'm just asking if you two want to come along.

"No thanks Dad." "I want to spend time with Jess."


"Of course Dad, it's not the first time Jess and I have been on our own." Leslie smiled widely.

Both Les and I looked at each other, and then back at Bill.

"I'll try to be home in a few hours, but we might be staying up very late."

"Okay." I heard Leslie say, and I quickly exclaimed the same thing.

We watched from the lounge room as Bill and Judy left the house, and drove away. I sat dumbfounded on what to say.


"So!" Leslie blurted and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Anything good on TV?" I asked since I wanted to start a conversation.

"How should I know stupid?" "The TV isn't on."


"Did you bring any movies?"

"Yes, they are in my bag."

"I don't wanna watch any of your movies." She spoke, and then changed to a softer tone. "Let me put one of my movies in.". "Something cool."

That night, Leslie and I watched a movie together. We had both never seen the IMAX Hubble film before, but were shocked by it's 3D effects.

"Wow" Leslie kept saying. I was awed by it as well.

I didn't quite understand the concept of looking at stars; their light being millions of years old, and a way to look into the past.

Leslie explained that since light traveled a certain speed, it took it a certain amount of time to reach Earth, and even longer as the universe stretched apart.

She always knew stuff I'd never find useful in life, but I was proud of her for knowing it anyhow.

"Mmm" Leslie moaned as she leaned against the wall after just eating an entire box of popcorn, and starting on mine.

"There's still half a box left." I noted.



"I'm sorry..." "I can't eat anymore."

"Mind your manners." I laughed. "You shouldn't eat so quickly."

"I was hungry...and I can't help to think that we should have gone with my parents."

"I thought you wanted a romantic night with me."

She paused and closed her eyes. "I did...I mean I do." "But I should have asked you first though, instead of making the decision."

"I want to be with you."

"Oh Jess..."

Leslie just smiled at me in a really funny way.

Then I had an idea.

"Let's play a little game. I name the biggest foods I can think of, and you name the restaurant that serves them!"

"No Jess!"

"Pasta with Shrimp Linguini" I spoke.

"Er...-burp-" "Red Lobster."

"Correct." "Now something more filling."


"Ice cream sundaes!"

Suddenly, she jumped up and ran to the restroom.

I laughed watching her, and then immediately felt sorry after I heard her throw up.

I know I could be cruel to Les, but she wouldn't hesitate a second to pull the same trick on me.

It was one part of our relationship that we both secretly enjoyed.